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Last Updated on: January 17th, 2017

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On this page, you will find a WELL of information! 😉

There is something for everyone here, so please peruse these informative resources at your leisure.

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There are 7 sections to this resource kit (+ FREEBIES above):

  1. Blogging (General)
  2. Blogging (Tutorials)
  3. Freelancing
  4. Writing
  5. Editing
  6. Author Stuff
  7. Business

This resource kit contains awesomeness. No joke! The tutorials include tons of images and videos. They are very easy to follow.


Why I Created this Resource Kit

Being a non-techie, I like to help others learn. Especially when I have learned the hard way. There’s no point in all of us struggling! 😉

Let me know which resources you find helpful. Tell me in the comments. Tell me on social media. Share my posts with others, too!

I want your feedback so that I can continue to create wonderful things for you!

1: Blogging (General)

5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know

5 Website Changes You Need to Make ASAP

The Essence of Blogging (+ How to Earn Money Online)

26 Phone Apps that Make LIFE Easier (for blogging or business)

6 Ways to Use Visuals to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

6 Tips for How To Improve Your Website Speed

Blogging Resources + How To Start a Blog (if you don’t already have one)

10 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Benefits of using “” (+ how to get the widget + social media buttons for your blog)

#HowTo Capture Audience Attention through Proper Blog Content Formatting

40+ WordPress Design And Development Tools & Resources For Savvy Bloggers

The Top 5 Deadly Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making (and How to Fix Them)

8 Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers (and how to find them)

SEO Rules for Blogging Success

2: Blogging Tutorials

How to Create Image Quotes for Your Blog Posts #tutorial with #video

How to Use “Click-to-Tweet” Links In Your Blog Posts (for FREE)

How to Customize the Size of Your Blog Post Images #video #tutorial

How to Highlight Text in Your Blog Posts: 4 Easy Methods

How to Add Images to Your Sidebar

How to Compress Your Blog Post Images (using 1. Bulk Optimize and 2. Pixlr Express) >>> These tutorials are found within the post 5 Website Changes You Need to Make ASAP 

3: Freelancing

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

Write Your Way to Your First 1K

Bamidele’s Lists of Where to Get Paid to Write (Websites that Pay Writers)

Resources for #Writers (#Authors and #Freelancers)

70 Freelancers Reveal Their Best Source of New Business

Earn $4K A Month like “F.I.T.S.” Series #freelancewriter Gina Horkey

How to Ask for a Raise (and Get One!) from your #Freelancing Client

Security Tips for Freelance Writers and other Entrepreneurs

10 Lessons Learned from My First Freelancing Client (who was both My Worst and Best Client)

5 Freelance Mistakes That Are Killing Your Creativity

CV and Résumé FAQs for Freelancers

6 Ways for How to Search for Clients as a Freelance Writer

4: Writing

Writer’s Block (+ the 10 Best Ways to Overcome It)

20 Ways to Be a Master Writer and Improve Your Writing Skills

17 of the Best Websites to Bring Back Your Writing Inspiration

Resources for #Writers (#Authors and #Freelancers)

8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

Some FUN Writing Tools to Get You In the #writing Mood

Readability: How “Readable” is YOUR Writing?

Why You Should (+ How to) Act IMMEDIATELY When Hit With Inspiration

5: Editing

5 Self-Editing Hacks to Boost Your Blog Writing (+ a FREE Checklist!)

6: Author Stuff

5 Ways for Creating an Awesome Book Title (+ Which Tools to Use)

4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)

7: Business

A 12-Section Guide to Branding Your Business Online

How To Make Money Blogging by Doing NOTHING but using AdSense 

6 Ways for How to Think and Act like an Entrepreneur

How Blogging Can HELP Your Business Thrive

7 Common Blunders to Avoid when Business Blogging

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