5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know

Last Updated on: March 11th, 2021

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So you’re a new blogger, huh? Cool.

I bet you have A LOT of questions.

I also bet you’re overwhelmed when you read a post that offers you blogging tips.

I mean, there’s SO MUCH to absorb, right? And you feel like you’ll NEVER learn it all.

That’s okay. You’re not alone!

Most new bloggers are in the same boat as you.

I know I once was.

That’s why I wrote this post. To help you. To teach you. To get you to benefit from MY experiences as a blogger.

Why? Because I’m an expert.

I’ve contributed to a ton of round-up posts by really famous bloggers. I share my knowledge here, and have also shared my knowledge in of guest posts, too (both for free and for pay).

Helping others is my thing. 😉

WHO I AM… and How I Can Help YOU

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lorraine.Lorraine Reguly, smiling

I’ve been blogging since 2013.

I’m a certified English teacher who taught high school Math and English for three-and-a-half years.

I’m also an author.

And an author assistant.

And an entrepreneur.

At this current time, I have two websites of my own: my author site (Laying It Out There), and my business site (Wording Well). I also have a free website, but I have been moving things from that site to my author site… slowly.

I’m a freelancer, too.

Yes, I’m currently available for hire, but that’s not why I’m here…

I’m here to help you. For free. No strings attached. (You can hire me as a mentor if you want to!)

Are You A Guppy Blogger?

I know you probably feel like a guppy blogger in an ocean of sharks. I felt that way once upon a time!

image of a guppy blogger in an ocean of sharks

I even wrote a guest post for the “shark” in the lower, right-hand corner of the above picture… (In fact, I’ve written posts for three of these people!)

In addition to using these 8 Action Tips For Guppy-Bloggers In An Ocean Of Sharks, I want to give you five more things you should know as a newbie blogger.

1. Ask Questions (Even Though You Might Not Get Answers)

When I began blogging back in 2013, I had no idea what I was doing. But I wanted to learn.

I started reading blogs about blogging, to improve my skills as a blogger.

When I saw someone do something, like use Click-to-Tweet links in their blog posts, I wanted to know how I could do that! (See point #3 below for links on how you can do this!)

I wanted to know how others created their images.  

So what did I do? Did I sit idly on the sidelines?


I asked questions! I wanted to learn. I was hungry for knowledge.

Very few people answered me.

Perhaps they didn’t want to take the time to help, maybe they are too busy, perhaps they simply didn’t want to share their secrets. Who knows?

I made it my mission to become a better blogger, and to help others.

I also began following SEO blogs, blogs about blogging, and I continued to ask questions while I tried to figure stuff out for myself.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy.

Learning took A LOT of time.

But I kept on asking questions, and so should you!

On a side note… I don’t have or use Photoshop. The pre-installed Paint program on my laptop was all I first knew how to use. Now I use Canva and PicMonkey (see point #3 below for links). I also use Pixlr Express, to optimize my images. 

Here are 5 things every new blogger needs to know ASAP. #newbloggers #blogging #bloggingtips

2. Persevere… Even When The Going Gets Rough

I persevered. I didn’t let anything deter me from learning.

In fact, whenever I learned how to do something neat, I wrote a post about it. My audience loved me for that. 

I didn’t let others and their vast wealth of knowledge keep me from pursuing my dreams or my goals. Even when things got rough, and I thought to myself  I’ll never be as good as they are, I kept at it… Learning. Absorbing new knowledge. Figuring things out for myself, then implementing them.

Because of my interest in blogging, I quickly began to be noticed by others.

I left comments. I asked questions. I offered solutions, too.

Now, today, I’m considered an expert!

All because I persevered!

So… my advice to you is this: do NOT give up, even when you feel overwhelmed. Instead, work through your pain and persevere!

3. Realize There is A LOT to Blogging

There is a lot to blogging… if you want to be a successful blogger.

These are only some of the things involved in blogging:

  • running your own website
  • learning how to install and update plugins
  • moderating and replying to comments
  • figuring out how to be noticed by search engines (hint: make sure you submit a sitemap to the search engines! You can use this free sitemap plugin to help you with this.)
  • learning how to create images for your posts (hint: use Canva or PicMonkey to help you — they are both FREE to use!)
  • learning how to take and then use screenshots in your posts
  • learning how to use Click-to-Tweet links in your blog posts (hint: read How to Use “Click-to-Tweet” Links In Your Blog Posts (for FREE))
  • figuring out who to link to within your posts
  • determining how to promote your posts on social media (hint: you have to have accounts everywhere!)
  • learning why networking with other bloggers is important
  • doing guest posting
  • providing value to your audience
  • figuring out how to monetize your site (hint: you can start by using AdSense. Read How To Make Money Blogging by Doing NOTHING but using AdSense)
  • determining which type of freebie to give away to get people to join your email list
  • creating content on a regular basis (remember, you can always hire someone to help you do this… such as me!)

There’s a lot more to blogging. The list is endless!

But… don’t let all of this stop you! Persevere (see point #3) and take it one step at a time (see point #4).

4: Take One Step At A Time

Taking things one step at a time is the only way to become a successful blogger.

Do what you can. Don’t worry about what you can’t do. Those things will come, in time!

When I began blogging, I knew nothing. That’s right, NOTHING.

But I kept at it, learning a little bit each day.

If you have the will, the drive, and the desire to be a good or great blogger, you will be.

Give yourself time and allow yourself to take a step in the right direction each day!

And NEVER stop learning. I didn’t. I am still learning!

5. Use 20 Blog Post Must-Haves to Help You

20 Blog Post Must-Haves ebook

This e-book is free. Written by me, it’s available from Wording Well to my subscribers.

It outlines the 20 components each blog post MUST HAVE, to be great.

I wrote it after learning how to become a better blogger.

Trust me; it’ll help you if you follow each of the steps! It even includes a printable checklist so that you can keep it near you as you create your content for your blog.

Want it? Good. Grab it here.



Have Your Say!

If you have questions (and I know you do), please ask them in the comments. I’ll do my best to help you solve your problems!


36 thoughts on “5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know

  1. Hi Lorraine.
    Yeah, that’s what you get when you choose internet marketing niche as your pool. You get to swim with the sharks, Neil Patel and Anna Hoffman.
    However, there are worse case scenarios.
    For example, there are areas in the ocean where there’s no life at all. Forget sharks, forget guppy fish; planktons can’t survive there!
    So be happy there are all these shares swimming around- it means that in the vastness of the sea there is space for you to thrive and who knows … become a shark?
    That is how I view it. Comforting, isn’t it?

    Anyway, metaphors aside.

    This (clever) image of yours actually shows people who can help you the most, and become your supporters in the ways of blogging.
    That is only if you can master the art of connecting with the influencers, which is by far the most important skill to have (of those you listed in your article).
    Second most important? Perseverance, so you don’t quit just when you’re about to hit your first success. (this is tragic)


    The ability to keep learning, one thing at a time, one day at a time. It compounds quickly.

    I noticed you have commentluv enabled. I put a link and I get “last post published by Nikola is…”

    I won’t do it this time.
    Because it’s my first comment on your wonderful blog and I just wanted to say hi.
    Hi Lorraine!

    • says

      Nikola, CommentLuv does not always work. You should’ve taken advantage of it. 😉

      I love the metaphor of bloggers as fish in a big pond. The strongest survive, too!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s a pleasure to keep running into you online!

  2. Malik Aarif says

    Really appreciated post. Awesome tips and tricks for new bloggers and beginers. This is my first time on your website and found a really helpful material. Thanks for sharing Lorraine. Glad to see you in your next post.

  3. Justin says

    Lots of good tips Lorraine! I’d say ‘persevere’ would be the big one.
    I see you’re also a dedicated social media butterfly based on all the
    icons – which one works for you the best? (I’m adding them one at
    a time, just started on Pinterest.)
    Justin recently posted…12 Successful Bloggers Crushing It In 2018

    • says

      Hey, Justin!
      Nice to have you visit my blog. 🙂
      I try to do reciprocal commenting too. At least, I did that A LOT when I first began blogging.

      I’m not sure which social sharing buttons my users use the most, but I always share my blogs posts everywhere!
      I really like JustRetweet, which I see you are using already, as that is how I found your blog posts lately! 😉

      How long have you been blogging for?

      • Justin says

        Just stumbled on this again checking backlinks in Semrush 😉 My first blog was actually in 1998 – if only I’d stuck with it! Only been doing it seriously now since early this year. Shame about JustRetweet, hope it comes back! (could save projects there too, would be good to see VCB do the same.)

  4. Emmanuel ogbe says

    This is informative for new bloggers. So many details that needs much attention.
    Your post was so helpful, not only for new bloggers but also for all bloggers. Thanks

  5. Prosper Ken says

    Lorraine, I am now in love with your website, these blogging tips is what everyone needs. thanks

    • says

      Sumit, I know you’re an experienced blogger, but these still come in handy! 😉

      Thanks for the visit! I hope you visit again. I publish new posts on Mondays.

  6. Saima Masood says

    Dear Lorraine

    I simply loved your post. You have absolutely shared some pretty neat tips in your post that could be beneficial for newbies, another thing that’s commendable about you is your willingness to help ppl, and yes you are also right about that not many bloggers want to help newcomers, they have to figure out everything themselves, no wonder many start blogging, but only a few remain with blogging for a long time, once again thanks a lot for writing this awesome post, keep up the good work.

    • says

      Saima, most people abandon their blogs withing the first year because they get so frustrated and don’t see results.

      That is why I offer coaching services!

      That is also one of the reasons why I blog. To help others for free, because I know not everyone can afford to pay my fees. 😉

      Thanks for your comment. Check the Resource Kit for more useful information that will help you and your friends! 🙂

  7. wooww…..That’s a great post…!!
    It’s really very helpfull fur new bloggers like me..
    so I just wanna say thanks to you for this post from all of the new bloggers..!
    Thank you Lorraine.. 🙂

  8. Stella Chiu says

    Hi, Lorraine

    A short time after I started my blog about a year ago, I came across your post “One blogger in Ocean of Sharks”. At that time, I didn’t play attention because I didn’t know anything.

    After a year, I agree with you, there are a lot to learn in blogging sphere. In fact, it is kind of overwhelming to a degree that I feel like to “Stop”. Take SEO as an example, I am intimated by it so much I don’t want to go on. Now your post did give me encouragement to move up to next level.

    Your post is bookmarked for my future references!
    Thanks so much! Will Share!

    Stella Chiu

    • says

      Stella, blogging can be overwhelming, for sure! I know I have felt like quitting many times. It’s tough having to learn so much… and then feel stupid when you see everyone else blogging and promoting (etc.) at a higher level than you.

      Totally been there, done that.

      It’s rough!

      But those who persevere and don’t give up will be much better off for having stuck through the hard times… and we all have hard times. That’s the comforting part. 😉

      Thanks for sharing, too!

  9. Lorraine,

    Love this post. This is so inspiring for new bloggers. It’s totally a challenge to learn everything required to set up a blog. I mean if I didn’t have my husband to steer me through WordPres and blogging, I wouldn’t be here.

    I’m truly amazed by all that you have learned on YOUR OWN! Amazing. I love talking with you and learning soo much about blogging! By the way, I am linking to other blogs more in my posts! And I just submitted a sitemap for my new TwinsMommy blog!

    I want to learn more SEO tips (maybe a series on this blog??). Thanks so much for your dedication and I hope to meet with you IRL life soon (this week is CRAZY, but crossing my fingers we can at least meet up for a big).
    Elna Cain | Freelance Writer recently posted…The 3 Secrets to Being a Well-Paid Freelance Writer

    • says

      Elna, thanks for the compliment! I wish I could’ve met you last week, but I’ve been super-busy and also I’ve been dealing with some back pain that even a trip to the emergency room couldn’t solve. (They told me to exercise it and take painkillers. Geez.)

      Yes, blogging involves a big learning curve, and it’s not for everyone! It’s great that you have your husband to help you out!

      I’ll think about doing an SEO post, too. 😉

      Talk soon!

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