How Blogging Can HELP Authors Reach More Fans

Last Updated on: June 12th, 2021


Blogging matters.

  • To businesses.
  • To entrepreneurs.
  • To pretty much everyone trying to make money with their site.


This infographic sums it up nicely. (Thanks to Will Blunt at Blogger Sidekick for creating it!)

Why Blogging Matters to Your Business

Let’s Explore These Points Further…

1. Search engines love blog content.

Naturally, search engines love it when new content is added to the web, especially if it’s GOOD. If it is EXCEPTIONAL, your post will earn a high ranking. (Many of Wording Well’s posts rank on the first page of Google!)

It’s actually pretty easy to attain a high ranking. Make sure you submit a sitemap of your website to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and ensure your post is better than anyone else’s out there.

2. Social networks crave blog content.

People love social media for several reasons. Sure, they like connecting with their family and friends, but people also like discovering new blogs to follow and new content to read.

3. Helpful blog content drip-feeds quality leads into your sales funnel.

You might not realize this, but each time you create and publish a blog post, you are helping direct others towards your product(s) and/or service(s).


If they don’t already know you, readers will wonder who the heck you are and what you’re all about. If they DO know you, they will continue to be impressed by you, and eventually will come to buy from you.

The important thing to remember is to always be helpful and forge relationships with others, whether they are your readers, your colleagues, your clients, etc. You never know who will decide to utilize your products/services… or when!

4. Blogging helps you stand out from the competition as a thought leader.

There’s no doubt about it: Blogging adds credibility to your expertism. By defining yourself differently from your competition, you’ll stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Take me, for example. Not too many people know how I used to earn money, but those that do won’t forget me because of it! LOL (And no, I’m NOT talking about me being a high school math and English teacher…)

Blogging regularly also helps your site rank higher in the search engines, as they love websites that add content on a regular basis.

All of this will give your business a boost!

5. Using blogging as a marketing platform decreases your overall spend.

Blogging is a very inexpensive way to gain exposure for your business. Aside from hosting costs, blogging costs can be kept at a minimum (unless you spend tons of money on many plugins, etc.) and is a great way for you to reach many people, especially when others share your content.

If your content is great and/or elicits an emotional response, others will want to share it willingly. By adding TWEET THIS content to your posts and including share buttons on your site, you make it easier for others to share.


The Verdict: Blogging creates trust. This trust then becomes the cornerstone for customer advocacy.

Creating trust is difficult, but can be done over time. Blogging regularly helps, as does being consistent across all of your social media platforms.

Repeat the same message everywhere. People will eventually get it… and sales will increase.

Your business will begin to thrive, and you’ll be the one reaping the rewards!


Do you blog regularly? How do you think that helps your business?

Please share your responses in the comment section!

If you are in need of a blogger for a post or two per month, let me know… because I offer blogging services!

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4 thoughts on “How Blogging Can HELP Authors Reach More Fans

  1. says

    In the past, I always heard about how important blogging was for businesses, but I never took the information to heart until this year.

    Before, I published MAYBE one post per month on my blog. I’ve since moved up to posting twice per week, but plan on taking that down to once per week. I’m trying out the 80/20 strategy of writing less and promoting more.

    Anyhow, all of these points are spot on. I have received so much more traffic and interaction on my website and through social media since I began updating my blog regularly.

    Blogging has allowed me to connect with people, and prove my expertise. Blogging has definitely done wonderful things for my business.

    • says

      Tiffany, it’s great that you’re experimenting and finding what works best for you. Everyone is different; it’s tough to find the “right” amount to blog!

      Sounds like you’re getting a handle on it, though, which is GREAT!

      Thanks for piping up. I love it when people take time to comment here!

  2. says

    I blog regularly and I know for a fact my promoting it on social networks has helped me create more visibility online.
    I’ve gotten lots of leads on Twitter and some gigs as well. While there’s talk about how a blog isn’t necessary for a freelance writer, I feel it’s integral to their growth and success.
    Great post!

    • says

      Elna, blogging is necessary to keep up appearances, too! It lets others know you’ve not fallen off the face of the earth… even when you’re on vacation (like me, right now).

      There are many abandoned blogs out there… some that have not had any content added to it for YEARS.

      Such a shame…

      Thanks for your comment, Elna. You’re right; freelancers need to keep a blog, too!

      P.S. See you next week over Chai Tea! *wink wink* (or maybe a smoothie)

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