8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

Last Updated on: May 3rd, 2021



Are you an UNMOTIVATED writer?

If you are, then I have some good news for you!

My guest today, Linda Craig, has compiled a list of 8 great writing resources to help you become motivated again! She’s also appeared on Laying It Out There; she wrote the post How Writers Can Use Blogging to Increase Reading Audience!

Take it away, Linda!

Motivation is KEY to Success

A writer’s motivation determines the success of his/her projects. You might be really inspired with an idea, but your motivation to devote hours, days, and weeks to it may evaporate as soon as you start working. The lack of commitment may result from improper time-management skills, distractive writing environment, improper idea-gathering techniques, or personal issues that don’t allow you to focus on the work.

There are different ways to surpass these issues. One of them is by using online tools and resources that keep you focused on the work and inspire you to write more content in less time. Let’s check out 8 awesome writing tools that will motivate you to bring your ideas to life!

1. Oflow (cost: $1.99 on sale)

The prompts and tips provided by this tool will push you towards the completion of a goal. Oflow offers 150+ creative prompts that will spark your imagination. It’s not a simple prompt generator, though. The tool also enables you to bookmark your favorite methods for surpassing a writer’s block; create ideas and share them with the community; set daily reminders, and more.

2. Steller (Free)

Sometimes you’re not motivated to write because you don’t have any good ideas. It happens. You are tied down to a deadline, but you don’t have an idea to start with. Here is a great way to get your mind into creative mode: see inspirational photos, videos, and text. That’s what Steller is all about – this is a social eBook creator that enables you to combine your writing and artistic skills into a single project.

The first thing you can do is browse through the eBooks featured at the website. You’ll find traveling journals, personal stories, and random thoughts accompanied with inspiring images. You’ll immediately want to create your own Steller projects as soon as you see how creative this community is.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

3. StayFocusd (a free Chrome extension)

This is a really effective time management tool that will block distracting websites during the work flow. You can set the tool to allow you to spend a limited amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other distracting website, so you’ll have no other choice than to spend your time writing.

4. Goal Buddy (Free)

So you know you need to accomplish some goals, but you lack the motivation to push you towards them? Try Goal-Buddy – an online goal tracking tool that will remind you of your plans. It also serves as a time management tool, since you’ll set some deadlines and try to achieve the results within the given time frame.

Goal-Buddy enables you to establish your vision and track your activities with user-friendly tools. You can make your goals private, but you can also share them with the community. It’s recommended to keep your plans public; that will make you aware of the responsibility you have. The accountability factor will push you to move forward with your goals!

5. Habit Streak (a free Google Play app)

If you’re a person who writes in moments of inspiration, I can only conclude that you don’t even try to develop a daily writing habit! Such behavior prevents you from achieving your full potential! Habit Streak is a project tracking tool that works towards improving your writing habits. According to experts’ opinions, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit or break an old one. (New information now suggests that this time is tripled!) The tool motivates you to stick to daily tasks that cultivate productive habits.

6. Clean Writer ($3.99 from iTunes)

Nothing can crush your motivation like distractions. You start your day with great enthusiasm and you’re ready to sit in front of your computer and spend hours in writing. Suddenly, you are faced with a writing environment full of icons and features that are disturbing your focus. Clean Writer is different! The full-screen mode enables you to keep your attention on the text.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

8 writing tools

7. Written? Kitten! (Free and fun!)

Taken from Lorraine Reguly’s contribution on Blogging Wizard, from the post 15 Top Bloggers And Writers Reveal Their Best Writing Tool For Killer Blog Posts:

Written? Kitten! is a FREE tool that is motivating to those who tend to write super-long blog posts and need a bit of inspiration to keep writing.

Written? Kitten! essentially provides you with an empty screen in the shape of a box. To use it, you simply begin typing your words. After the 100th word, an image will pop up. Generally it’s an image of a kitten (hence the name).

Of course, you ought to be a fan of animals to use this tool. It is especially great for us cat-lovers!

However, if you are a “dog person,” don’t fret. This tool allows you to change the image option from “kitten” to “puppy.”

And if you’d rather see an image of a “bunny,” you’re in luck – as this is the third and final choice you have. ?

The tool also permits you to set the number of words before a new image appears from 100 to 200 or 500 or 1000.

Once you are finished typing your words (whether they are to be part of a blog post, an e-book, or something else), all you have to do is copy/paste your text into either your blog editor, a Word document, or another destination.

I love Written? Kitten! It might seem like a tool that’s a bit juvenile, but it’s nice to have that extra incentive of seeing a new picture as motivation to either keep typing or to type faster!

Written? Kitten! definitely gets a “thumbs up” from me!

8. Other tools

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Writer’s Block (+ the 10 Best Ways to Overcome It)

Don’t Be UN-motivated!

Remember: an unmotivated writer is not a bad writer! Don’t get disappointed if you can’t commit yourself to a project; break the low cycle by relying on some of the tools described above!

Linda Craig

Linda Craig has a master’s degree in literature. She is currently working at Assignment Masters as a freelance blogger.


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24 thoughts on “8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

  1. Chang Otillia says

    Hi, i didn`t know about this extensions and tools – curiously, because i`m a writer for a long time, but i think i`ll understand on how to perfectly use this tools. Thanks for this!

  2. nice posting ,to-keep-you-motivated-to-write is so good for a writer .i liked it and i will share with my friends, before reading it i did not know about these tips of motivation. thanks a lot .

  3. PhD Thesis Proofreading Service UK says

    Thanks Lorraine
    This is a really helpful tools especially for those starting out.

  4. Mark Samms says

    Linda I could not agree with you more.

    This post is spot on!

    Motivation is definitely important in achieving success in life.

    If you lack the motivation to go out and do something, you can have the greatest ideas and whatever else, but it will not go anywhere.

    You have to be motivated to be consistent, and you also have to be motivated to keep going through the rough patches that will come as well.

    Initial motivation, and then that steady perseverance throughout to help keep you going are things you can’t go without in an industry such as blogging.

    I also liked how you laid out the prices to the tools as well.
    For people like myself I love finding all inclusive content like this.

    Great post, keep up the good work!

    • says

      Mark, I’m sure Linda will be happy to hear that MY editing of her post (like adding the prices) was appreciated by you!

      I have to agree with you, though. Her post is awesome!

      Thanks for commenting… and sharing!

  5. Rachel says

    Hey Lorraine / Linda,

    I really did not know about any of these tools. I am very happy with number 5 (Assignment Masters) and will keep that in mind for the future. As I am just new to blogging I am full of enthusiasm and have regular writing periods, so as I was reading down your list I was thinking, not just yet – but good idea. I am in such a wonderful place when it comes to writing at the moment and I used this post as a check list. Thank you.


  6. says

    Thanks Linda and Lorraine,

    Golly I’ve never heard of any of these tools. But they make sense – I mean anything to keep the creative juices flowing

    Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and focused so if one of these tools makes it easier – why not?

    I’ll take a look and probably give at least one of them a test drive.

    Thanks for this!


    • says

      Kim, it’s great to have tools such as these to use whenever you become a bit sluggish with your writing.

      Linda did a wonderful job putting these resources together!

      Thanks for dropping by to comment. I appreciate it.

      Good luck with your test drives of these tools!

  7. Great post Linda,
    All the tools you shared here are indeed very useful and I’ve already started checking them out starting from the free ones :).

    The one i found most interesting is Stay Focused and I’ve downloaded it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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