Some Resources for You (#1)

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I’m too lazy too busy to put a lot of time into blogging these days.

But you are still on my mind… o that is why I have compiled this list of resources for you. 🙂

I might do this from time to time, so I have titled this #1. Hopefully, more awesome resources will follow! 😉

For Bloggers

Social Media Tools: The Complete List (2018 Update)

For Freelancers

The Complete Guide to Getting Started Freelance Writing From Scratch

For Writers of all Kinds!

50 Fantastic Ways to Make Your Writing Remarkable

For Business Owners (Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs)

50+ Free Online Tools For Startups

Additional Resources (for Success)

12 Secrets of People Who Are More Successful Than You


All of these resources are fantastic!

Plus… as my way of thanking you for being a reader of Wording Well, I want to give you some free stuff. Find my freebies on my Resource Kit page!

Plus, there are many more (and I mean MANY MORE)  Resources for Writers, Authors, and Freelancers) here as well!

Enjoy… and let me know what you want MORE of… in the comments!

I want to serve you, so let me! See you in the comments!


Grow Your Business (and Email List!) Using Interact Quizzes

Grow Your Business (and Email List!) Using Interact Quizzes

Interact Quizzes will help you grow your business and increase your email list subscribers!

Quizzes are fun. Everyone likes playing games, and quizzes are another form of a game if they are created properly!

Quizzes can give you some insight into:(1) who is hanging out on your site; (2) what new, potential customers look like; and (3) what their personalities, styles, or needs are.

Today we are going to talk about the power of using quizzes to build your business and your email list. You can do this easily with Interact Quizzes. I’ll even guide you on how to create your first quiz! Here are a few examples of the types of quizzes you can create:

quiz sample 1

Some Fun Facts about Using Quizzes to Grow Your Business

Quizzes are the best new way to generate new subscribers for your business.

By using them, you can grow your email list, expand your reach via social media, and earn more money!

By adding an email capture form to your quiz, about half of the people who take your quiz will opt in to become email subscribers. This will result in an increase in sales for your business. The more subscribers you have, the more you will sell! (This is especially true if you utilize email marketing properly!)

On average, 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on social media, so you’ll have an increased presence on social media. This is great because others are doing your marketing for you! Thus, it will save you some money in advertising. Plus, it’s always great to reach new audiences!

By increasing your reach, you will gain new subscribers and customers, therefore growing your business.

Here are a few more examples of the types of quizzes you can create:

quiz sample 1

Interact Quizzes

Interact Quizzes is a quiz builder that contains numerous features. It is super easy to use and has a lot of features.

You can even try it for free for two weeks!

Just click the link and then go to their pricing page to sign up for free!

some features of Interact quizzes

Features of Interact Quizzes

Whether you create an app from scratch or start with a template, Interact has all of the tools you need to begin creating successful apps to drive in high-quality leads.

Customizable Design – You can customize all colors, images, and buttons to match your website and brand.

Free Stock Images – Interact is partnered with Pixabay to provide free-to-use stock images for your apps.

Personalized Branding – Allows you to add your business logo to your app.

Opt-In Form Builder – You can customize your app opt-in form to collect contact information.

Social Share Buttons – You can share your apps on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mobile/Device-Responsive – The apps are already optimized for every size screen.

Drop-off Graphs – Allows you to discover when your customers are dropping off to improve your apps.

Statistics Breakdown – Research how your users are answering quiz questions.

Customer Insights – See how your leads individually interact with your apps.

Facebook Pixel Tracking – Track user interactions by connecting your existing Facebook pixel.

Google Analytics Tracking – Send page views and custom events to track user interaction.

Best Features for Bloggers:

Works With Website Builders – Embed your Interact apps in LeadPages, Squarespace, Weebly, and more. (Here is how to put a quiz on your Weebly website in four steps.)

WordPress Plugin – Use our convenient Interact WordPress plugin to embed Interact apps on your website.

You can even use an announcement bar on your website! Read More

How to Do a Google Hangout on Air (using YouTube) In 2018

How to Do a Google Hangout on Air (using YouTube)

Today I am going to walk you through the steps of doing a Google Hangout on Air.

I’m also going to:

  • define what a Hangout is
  • explain what the difference is between a Hangout and a Hangout on Air
  • what prerequisites you need to have before doing a Hangout on Air
  • talk about the benefits of doing a Hangout on Air

In the tutorial portion of this blog post, I am going to:

  • explain how you can edit your Hangout on Air
  • how you can add a description to your Hangout on Air
  • how you can access your Hangout on Air once it’s on YouTube
  • how you can share your Hangout on Air
  • and how you can embed your Hangout on Air in a blog post

Plus, I’m going to share a true story about the Hangout on Air that I recently did!

What is a “Hangout”? What is a “Hangout on Air”?

A Hangout allows you to connect with others and talk to them virtually, face-to-face. It’s similar to a video Skype chat. However, a Hangout allows a total of 10 people to connect at the same time! So you can invite 9 of your friends and/or colleagues to join you for a chat, a mastermind session, or even a webinar-type presentation.

“Hangouts can be public, allowing anyone to join, or they can be private, available only to those people you invite.”

A Hangout on Air is a live event that YouTube records as it is happening. When you’re finished your Hangout, a video of it is immediately posted to YouTube. (No waiting forever for the video to upload!) Cool, right!?!

What are the Benefits of doing Hangouts or a Hangout on Air?

There are many benefits of doing Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.

Through both, you can share information, give a presentation or speech, teach others, have a panel discussion, host a product (or book) launch, and even share your screens with one another, which is useful if you have an issue that someone else can help you solve.

There are even benefits of using Hangouts for your business, such as connecting with employees, doing interviews or client consultations, doing interviews, promoting your products or services, and more!

Hangouts cost next to nothing, too. All you need is laptop or computer with a webcam and an Internet connection!

Hangouts on Air get posted to both YouTube and your Google+ profile/page, allowing you to reach many people. They also allow you to boost your authority online and deepen the relationships you have with others.

Plus, Hangouts on Air allow you to join the video marketing trend. Videos are more popular than ever before! In fact, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. Videos also help boost your website’s SEO. And videos perform well on all devices!

What Prerequisites Do You Need to Have Before You Can Do a Hangout on Air?

You need 3 things before you can do a Hangout on Air.

1: You need to have a Google Plus account. Get yours here.

2: You also need to have a YouTube channel. Learn how to create your channel here.

3: Finally, you need to have either (A) the email addresses of those you want to hang out with OR (B) have those people in your Google+ circles. Learn about creating and adding people to circles here.

Hangouts Have Changed

Google Hangouts on Air are done differently now (in 2018) than they were five years ago.

I know this because I just did one with The Blogger from Paradise, Ryan Biddulph. The process was much different than the ones I did in 2013!

Ryan Biddulph headshot

Although I had an asthma attack while we were filming, it was great to sit and chat with one of my longtime colleagues and friends!

My kitten, Squeakers, and Jake, one of the dogs Ryan is currently dog-sitting for even made an appearance during the video! 🙂

What Ryan and I Chatted About

Ryan and I talked about SO MANY things… from his meeting with The Blind Blogger, Maxwell Ivey, to our dream jobs to vacations to his marriage to Kelli Cooper to blogging to being authors to freelancing to the writing process… and more!

Ryan was the guy who influenced me to take my dream vacation in February 2016. I strongly urge everyone to take your dream vacation NOW. Here are 12 reasons why.

Listen to our chat here or watch it on YouTube.

How to Do a Google Hangout on Air (using YouTube)

You can start a regular Hangout here, or you can do a Hangout on Air using YouTube.

In my quest to learn how to do a Google Hangout on Air with Ryan, I turned to my friend, Google, for help, and came across this article: Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live. It was fairly easy to understand, but I’m going to break it down for you even further.

As I mentioned earlier, before you start, make sure the person you want to “hang out” with is already in one of your Google Plus Circles AND ready (and waiting) to accept your invitation!!! Otherwise, when you get to Step 9, you are going to run into problems!

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel.

Read More

How to Succeed Even When You Feel Like Giving Up

How to Succeed When You Feel Like Giving Up - image

NOTE: Whether you are a blogger or entrepreneur or just an average person, the tips in this blog post will help you.

Today, we are going to talk about several things you can do when you feel like giving up:

– how to cope with overwhelm
– how to outsource tasks (and which ones to outsource)
– how to stay on track (stay motivated)

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” ~Zig Ziglar


As business owners, we have many responsibilities.

These include:

  • Marketing our products or services (finding customers)
  • Dealing with customers (and customer complaints)
  • Keeping accurate records (bookkeeping)
  • Managing our websites and social media accounts
  • Ordering supplies
  • Finding time to do “all the extras”

All of these responsibilities can cause us to become overwhelmed.

Today, we are going to talk about how we can cope with such feelings, learn which tasks can we can outsource to others (and where to find such people to help us), and what to do to help us stay on track and continue to be motivated to not only run our businesses, but grow them.


There are many things we can do when we feel overwhelmed: Read More