5 Types of Content That Will Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

5 Types of Content that will Boost Your Blog's Traffic

It’s natural for bloggers to want to boost their blog’s traffic.

But many bloggers don’t know how to do that.

One way is to produce quality content. But which kind of content works best?

Today, my guest, Theodore Nwangene, will help you understand 5 different types of content that will help you boost your blog’s traffic.

Introduction: When frustration sets in

You stayed awake all through the night writing what you called “the perfect” blog post that would transform your blog traffic forever.

You religiously applied all the excellent blog post best practices as suggested by the experts – you used eye-catching, shareable images; you added paragraph breaks; you used H tags; and you made your content easily digestible. (Read How to Develop a Great Writing and Blogging Process to find out how to format your blog post using H tags.)

You also added the popular “click to tweet” buttons and even promoted the hell out of the post after it was published.

But after all these efforts, nothing happened. It all went dead like your regular blog posts, “not even the sound of a cricket.” Nobody apart from your family members bothered to visit your site, let alone share it.

Yeah, it’s that bad and right now you’re on the verge of giving up because, after all, it seems this whole blogging thing was never meant for you.

Well, hold on, my friend, before you finally call it quits…

…Give me a few minutes of your time.

First, I want you to clear your mind off the belief that blogging or internet marketing isn’t meant for you because it’s literally meant for everyone… yourself included.

Fluctuations in traffic and exposure happen to all of us. If you want to improve, there is no reason for poor content strategy on your blog.

However, the primary reason why your blog is not growing is that you’re not publishing the type of blog post that will produce your desired result. Your audience doesn’t also like what you’re publishing.

Did that ring a bell?

Finding a Solution to Boosting Your Blog’s Traffic

The solution is equally simple – just figure out what type of blog posts you should be publishing, that are proven to generate the result you crave, and then focus more on dishing out such content. And I bet your readers will also love it, and help you broadcast it.

Furthermore, when it comes to effective content marketing, you need a strategy that will not only save you time, but also guarantees tremendous results.

It is, therefore, time for you to identify the types of content that will drive results.

I’m talking about the kind of content your competitors have been using to beat you hands down – even when you work harder than they do – the type of content they’ve been using to make all the money from their little efforts.

Now, without further ado, let’s quickly devour these winning types of content that the big marketing influencers are utilizing right now in every niche. Read More

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence – 3 Ways

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence – 3 Ways

We all want to be successful at what we do.
We all want to be the best we can be.
In order to achieve success as entrepreneurs, we need to strive for entrepreneurial excellence.

A lot of people look at me and wonder how I went from a rape victim a drug addict, a high school dropout, and a prostitute to getting two university degrees, becoming a high school math and English teacher to owning my own business and becoming an author.

Once they read about my life journey, they know. And everyone who knows me knows that I’m all about helping others!

That is why, today, I am going to help you learn how to achieve entrepreneurial excellence!

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence

How can we achieve entrepreneurial excellence??
There are many ways. Today we are going to look at 3 which are the best ways:
1. Be an ethical entrepreneur
2. Use social media to grow your business
3. Outsource tasks / hire help

We are also going to discuss a few other factors that can enhance our success as entrepreneurs.

NOTE: The things we are going to look at today are a bit different from the other strategies you can use to improve yourself and your chances for success, which we looked at in the 3-part “Success Series.”

As a reminder, the Success Series consists of these articles:

1: How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life

2: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

3: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Now, let’s dive in!

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 1

“Every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot.” ~ Peter Thiel

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 2

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” ~ W. Clement Stone

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 3

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Entrepreneurial Excellence – Way #1: Be an Ethical Entrepreneur

What are ethics?

Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior and affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.
For entrepreneurs, ethics are those standards upon which businesses are run. Basically, ethics are rules of “good” that people live by.

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 4

“While you live, while it is in your power, be good.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Are You Ethical? 8 Ways to Tell!

Read More

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Are you as successful as you want to be?

Are you completely happy with your life?

Do you wish you could be happier or more successful?

Good news – you can!

All you have to do is change your mindset and success will be yours!

How do I know this? I’m living proof.

I used to be a prostitute, a high-school dropout, and a drug addict. But I also went to university for 5 years and became a high school Math and English teacher. Now I am a business owner, a freelance writer and editor, a coach and mentor, and an author!

In fact, the first two articles in this series are chapters from my book, From Nope to Hope.

From Nope to Hope books sitting on the steps

You can learn all about me by reading this poem about my life journey and you can learn all about my book by reading the book release of From Nope to Hope.

You can also dive right in and learn how to change your mindset and become more successful today!

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset

There are many ways you can change your mindset. The best 3 techniques involve:

1: Using positive affirmations 

2: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be Successful

3: Conquer your fears

Let’s look at each of these ways in-depth now. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences with each of these ways, too, to prove they work!

Because this is the 3rd post in a 3-part series, I’ll simply recap the first two ways, and then get into today’s topic of discussing how to conquer your fears.

Read More

Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and visualization are three techniques you can use to improve your mindset and become more successful.

This is the second article in a 3-part series of things you can do to improve your life and increase your success.

Post #1: How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life

Post #3: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Decrease Your Stress and Grow Your Success by using Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and visualization!

Entrepreneurs can get extremely stressed.

When this happens, it can affect their success.

When you are feeling stressed, you generally have many thoughts racing through your mind.

To slow down this activity and re-focus your thoughts, you can practice meditation. Meditation will allow you to change your thoughts so that you can put the Law of Attraction into effect in a more positive way. These two things will also help you employ the visualization technique, which will definitely cause your life to improve!

Your stress level will decrease, your thoughts will become clearer, and you will be able to cope with anything life throws your way!
We have already learned how to use positive affirmations to change our mindset.

Now we are going to learn how to use meditation, the Law of Attraction, and the Visualization technique to become more successful. Read More

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life

How to Use Positive Affirmations to be Successful and Improve Your Life

Positive affirmations are the answer! Well, it’s one of them. 😉

This is the first post in a 3-part series of things you can do to improve your life and increase your success.

Post #2: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

Post #3: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Answer these Happiness and Success Questions

Do you want to be happier and more successful in life?

Do you want to improve a certain area or aspect of your life?

Do you want your business to thrive?

Then change your mindset by using positive affirmations!

NOTE: This blog post is available as a PDF. Download it now. Save it to your Google Drive. Use the built-in worksheet to fill in the blanks, create your own positive affirmations, create your list of goals, etc., and change your life FOREVER!

About Your Mindset (and How to Change It)

Our mindset is made up of our thoughts and beliefs. Our mindset is how we view things. It involves our attitudes and a particular way of thinking. Simply put, it is our state of mind.

Each of us has a set of different thoughts that regularly occupy our minds. These thoughts are determined by our experiences, our education, where we live, and how we were raised.

Sometimes we have good thoughts. Sometimes they are negative or bad.

Generally speaking, a person leading an average life will have different thoughts than a business owner who is successful, happy, and prospering. Millionaires and successful people or influencers, for example, tend to think differently than the average person. They are positive people who think positively about everything!

People (such as myself) who suffer from depression and/or have suicidal thoughts also think differently than the average person.

Trust me… I know this from personal experience.

I once tried to kill myself. I also suffered from suicidal thoughts for years. But I eventually learned how to deal with such thoughts. I also learned different strategies and techniques for overcoming them and changing them.

I share and teach you these techniques in my book, From Nope to Hope.

In fact, one chapter of that book is all about positive affirmations (what they are and how to use them)!

The majority of this article was copied from this book! (About 95% of it!!!)

From NOPE to HOPE book cover

A very important step in overcoming negative thoughts is to re-frame your thoughts and practice positive self-talk. This involves taking the opposite of what you are thinking and reframing it so that it becomes positive.

For example, instead of saying “I want to die,” you would say “I want to live.”

“I want to kill myself” becomes “I don’t want to kill myself.”

“I just can’t handle the stress anymore” becomes “I am strong and I can handle anything life throws at me!”

“I am worthless” becomes “I am a person of value.”

Even if you currently think these positive statements are not true, if you tell yourself something often enough, you will eventually believe it.

If you want to become happy and successful, you can.

The reason you can become happy and successful is simple:

The human brain can be trained!

Our brains consist of two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. By changing our subconscious thoughts, we can change our negative conscious thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

The best way for us to do this is to use positive affirmations and positive self-talk.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated on a daily basis that alter your current (usually negative) beliefs by sinking into your subconscious.

Even though these statements might not initially be true, the constant repetition of them eventually makes them a reality!

This is a strange phenomenon, but it is also a theory that has been proven to work. In a way, it is kind of magical!

How does it work?

If we continually feed our subconscious mind with thoughts and imaginary situations that depict our desired reality, our subconscious starts believing it after some time. Our subconscious then tries to make these inner scenarios match with our outer reality of life, thus changing our thought processes.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~ Willie Nelson

How I Use Positive Affirmations (and My History with Them)

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