10 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Last Updated on: March 12th, 2021

10 Effective Strategies to becoming a successful blogger

Everyone wants to blog and learn how to make money online through blogging.

When I first started blogging, I was a “nobody.”

Now that I’ve been “discovered,” others are seeking out my expert opinion.

(I’ve participated in numerous round-ups already!)

I’m being interviewed.

I’m participating in podcasts.

I’m gaining new clients each month. (Want to be one? See what I can do for you!)

I’m loving it, too. 🙂

You Can be Successful, too

To help you understand some of the things I’ve done in order to become the successful blogger I am, I have a guest blogger that has summed up the strategies I’ve followed quite nicely.

His name is Ben, and he wrote the rest of this post.

Please read it, share it, and comment on it.

We’ll talk in the comments.

For now, here are ten strategies that have helped me become successful, which you can use.

Strategies Intro

Blogging today is one of the most innovative activities on the worldwide web.

In fact, many people are not only reading blog posts, but becoming bloggers as well.

Most interestingly, one can earn a lucrative income by blogging with the numerous affiliate programs and Google AdSense advertisements that pay bloggers to write.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of earning money on the internet. As a result, blogging has become a multi-billion dollar industry with many people earning their living from this activity.

According to experts, in order to become a successful blogger, you must follow several effective strategies.

In addition to the ones listed in this post, there are several strategies that make a successful blogger.

10 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Successful Blogger

10 Effective Strategies to Become a Successful Blogger

Strategy #1: Write Well and Use A Conversational Tone

First, you must write reasonably well, so that readers can understand you. If readers do not understand you, they will not read your blog posts, so make sure your writing is as clear, concise, and coherent as possible.

Read: Why Bloggers Should Write Using a Conversational Tone

and know the difference between Academic Writing VS Content Writing

Strategy #2: Find Interesting Topics to Write About

Second, you must work hard to find on a daily basis engaging topics that will interest readers. Select topics that attract people to want to read your blog posts.

If you suffer from writer’s block, learn how to overcome it.

Find your niche, learn it well, and make your blog posts more interesting and informative than others’! But don’t plagiarize!

Read: Plagiarism (VS Fair Use): What Bloggers Need to Know

Strategy #3: Be Disciplined

Third, you must be disciplined about your blogging and work on a regular basis. You should spend your time on writing your blog posts, commenting on other blog posts, and promoting your work.

Do this relentlessly!

Strategy #4: Be Socially Active

Fourth, you must be active on all the social networking sites to promote your blog.

Social media is the current fad that connects literally billions of people into an interweaving web of the transference of information to each other. Why not take advantage of this free advertising? You get to advertise for free by letting your friends know about your blog posts, and they will read them, which will increase your readership and hence your income.

Connect with influencers, too!

Strategy #5: Keep Learning

Fifth, you must be willing to learn new things regularly, so that your writing and knowledge improve. Read as much and as often as possible because, as they say, “knowledge is power.”

There is always something to be learned!

Strategy #6: Communicate Well

Sixth, you need to be a good communicator not only with writing blog posts but also in responding to readers. They appreciate your feedback when you contact them after they post comments on your blog posts.

Try to follow the laws of reciprocity, too!

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Strategy #7: Be Creative

Seventh, you must be creative in your blogging, presenting innovative ideas in interesting ways that capture the attention and admiration of readers. The more creative you are, the more people will become attracted to reading your blog posts. If you have a particular talent, such as art, you should include your artwork in your blog posts to attract as many readers as possible.

Be original and daring. Like Lorraine was when she admitted to the world who she used to be.

Read this post if you need to get your creativity back.

Strategy #8: Learn SEO

Eighth, you must know search engine optimization (SEO), which means understanding important keywords to select that people search for in online engines. Use these words in your blog posts so that people find them there, which will increase your readership and, hence, your income.

Read SEO Rules for Blogging Success.

Strategy #9: Create Backlinks

Ninth, maximize links called backlinks, which direct readers back to your blog posts. You can set up links by using networking sites, article directories, bookmarking sites, and social media websites.

Strategy #10: Write Consistently

Tenth, you must write consistent and important blog posts that attract readers to your site. Advertisers like consistent and reliable blog posts that have good track records.

Read: 20 Ways to Become a Master Writer and improve your writing skills.

Success Can Be Yours!

As you can see, several strategies exist to make you a successful blogger. You must make your blog posts special to attract readers. It is always better to post fantastic and interesting blog posts that will attract as many readers as possible. People must like your blog posts, and return to them again and again.

Employing the above-mentioned strategies will make you a successful and effective blogger.

So will making these much-needed changes to your website!

Read: 5 Website Changes You Need to Make ASAP (+ a tutorial)


What do you do that makes you a successful blogger?

Share your secrets in the comments!

I’d love to hear from you!

Ben Russell headshot


Ben Russell is into blogging and writes on education-related topics. One of his recent articles is how to write a graduate admission essay.

If you want to write essays and get paid for them, join this company today!

25 thoughts on “10 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Successful Blogger

  1. Thanks for the tips. I recently decided to go from blogging as an occasional creative outlet to blogging as an intentional hobby, with hopes of making song extra income from my blog.

  2. 918kiss says

    Hello, I’m looking to start a blog using wordpress. I am a bit nervous on taking the initial step as you mentioned(haha), though I am mainly worried about starting a blog incorrectly and making a thousand unnecessary mistakes. Currently I am a college student so I don’t think I can afford to pay for all the hosting and stuff. Would it still be okay to start a wordpress blog for free? My goal isn’t really to make the big bucks. I would like to share my thoughts and create a community where people can openly discuss their opinions and experiences with certain situations. (making money would still be awesome though :D). Any help/advice is appreciated. I’ve been checkin out multiple guides and videos for the past month (barely absorbing anything though xD).

  3. Hello there Lorraine and Ben,

    Extraordinary post with a ton of awesome tips. For me, the greatest thing is to be as genuine as conceivable with who you seem to be. Individuals would prefer not to peruse a blog without somebody behind it.
    I imagine that is the reason Lorraine’s story resounds with numerous individuals since she is severely genuine. It takes guts and young lady, you got it!

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this post!

    • says

      Hi. Yes, I have guts! LOL
      But I also wanted to share my story to help others. So, if that makes me courageous, so be it. My goal is to lead by example.

      Thanks for your comment, and for the compliment too!

  4. Jesse Williams says

    Nice Information , I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

  5. says

    Hi Ben,

    It’s very impressive article, inside this article you cover top factors which truly effect blogging, I agree with you on all factors, I think first is very important for every bloggers, if our post is not understandable, Why any one can read that post.. always we should focus on writing style.. great work..

    Mohd Arif

    • says

      Mohd, you’re right — our posts need to be outlined properly and easily understandable by others. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment! 🙂

  6. Adrienne says

    Hi Lorraine and Ben,

    Nice to meet you here Ben, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure. That’s what I love about having guests, we get to meet some new people.

    I agree almost with everything you shared. The only thing I will say is that the phrase “successful blog” means different things to different people. If you’re here building a business then I would hope that would mean more traffic which means more interaction which means more opt-ins which lead to more conversions. It takes time though to make that happen so there are numerous steps to get to that place and you’ve pointed out several that will definitely help us get there.

    I think being genuine, making your readers feel like you’re easy to get to know, helping them learn and responding to both their comments and/or emails, that’s going to make you look so much more appealing in their eyes. They’ll be much more eager to visit you on a regular basis that way.

    Thank you both for a great post and nice to meet you Ben. You guys have a great week.


    • says

      Adrienne, thanks for offering your opinion. I have to agree with you, too. Success means different things to different people. For some it’s about money, for some it’s about readership, for some it’s about health, etc.

      The way I measure my own success is by looking at where I used to be, and how far I’ve come in such a short time.

      Money isn’t everything, although I’m earning more now than ever before. 😉

      Perhaps it’s because I’ve learned how to ask for (and raise) my rates! 😉

      I also agree that being genuine and helpful is key.

      Thanks again for dropping by, and have a great week too!

  7. A good strategy is really necessary for the success of any work. You have nicely put these 10 strategies all-together to learn people how to become a successful blogger.

    I also believe that to be success blogger it is also necessary to be able to read the mind of your audience. This will help to become an influential blogger.

    Thank you for sharing these tips.

  8. says

    Hi Lorraine and Ben,

    Great post with a lot of great tips. For me, the biggest thing is to be as honest as possible with who you are. People don’t want to read a blog without someone behind it.

    I think that’s why Lorraine’s story resonates with many people because she is brutally honest. It takes guts and girl, you got it!

    Thanks for sharing this post!

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