About Wording Well

Last Updated on: January 15th, 2022


About Wording Well’s Owner, Lorraine Reguly:

Hi. I’m Lorraine. I work wizardry with words.

I’m an editor, a writer, an author, a coach, and a certified English teacher (see my teaching credentials).

I have been blogging online for years and I am one of the 25 Successful Copywriting Experts You Should Know.

I also help others become authors. (NOTE: If you are interested in becoming an author, follow these steps to becoming a self-published author!)

My other website is Laying It Out There.

On the Wording Well blog, you will find information for bloggers, freelancers, writers, authors, and business owners (including entrepreneurs). You’ll also find a few posts about my personal experiences!

What Can I Do for YOU?

I offer four distinct services:

– Writing (including ghostwriting AND crafting shareable, web-optimized blog posts)

– Editing (I ensure your words and works are comprehensively composed and proofread to perfection)

– Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting (personal and professional)

– I help others become independently published authors (so you can earn passive income through e-book and/or print book sales)

Wording Well is the solution to your stress, especially if you are someone who:

– is stuck and wants to learn how to grow your business and/or blog

– is trying to be a better writer, blogger, or freelancer

– is in need of a writer, ghostwriter, editor, or blogger

– is in need of a helping hand OR some guidance

– is too busy to “do it all” on your own and needs help

Do you:

– want your blog posts to rank high in Google Search?

– want more traffic to your blog?

– need a writer/editor/blogger/coach who understands your business needs?

– want to make more money with your website?

– want to write and/or publish a book or e-book but don’t know where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then hire me. I do freelance writing and editing, and I do it well.

My clients love me. (Check out the testimonials I’ve received.)

Key Accomplishments (as a result of my writing and editing talents):

– I’ve written numerous posts that have hit the #1 spot on Google.

– The 4th blog post I ever wrote landed on the first page of the search results. It was about the VisualBee toolbar.

– I’ve written for top sites, including Problogger, Aha!NOW, and Make a Living Writing. (Check out my portfolio!)

– I’ve contributed to dozens of expert roundup posts. (See my portfolio page for a complete list.)

– I was the first person ever to guest post on sites that have now become quite popular, such as Dear Blogger and MadLemmings. (I was a “newbie” blogger then, too!)

– I have pioneered a set of rules for bloggers regarding guest posting and guest hosting.

– I helped a blind man become an award-winning author! (See the proof here, then read about his journey to publishing his first printed book.)

My honesty has opened oceans of opportunity for me!

I’m easy to work with, and I can help you achieve your goals, too, whatever they may be!

If you hire me as a freelance writer/blogger, I will:

– create compelling content for your site (complete with images, screenshots, stats, links, etc.)

– make sure it’s written in your brand’s voice and style

– ensure it’s written well, is free of typos, and is formatted properly

– upload it directly to your blog, to save you the time and hassle of doing so (if this is something you want)

– help share it on social media (and to my audience and email list, if it is relevant to them)

– custom-tailor my services to suit YOUR needs!

I can also help you:

– create downloadable content to help grow your email list

– write an e-book (or a series of e-books) that you can publish and sell (to increase your sales revenue)

– learn to monetize your blog with AdSense (to add extra passive income to your earnings)

– write newsletters and/or emails to send to your subscribers

– devise a blogging plan and/or a social media strategy for your business

– focus on other areas of your business through coaching/mentoring

If you hire me as an editor or proofreader, I will:

– use the Track Changes feature in MS Word so that you can see all the  changes I make

– do a sample edit of 300-1000 words for free, to prove my worth to you

– complete the work within the estimated time frame

– answer any questions you may have regarding the edits I make

– communicate with you on an ongoing basis via email regarding your project

– be flexible with the payment plan (for large projects)

I am:

– a blogger with years of experience writing for others (check out my portfolio)

– an editor and a certified English teacher who loves words

– an author who has helped others become authors

– loved by my clients (check out my testimonials)

– the solution you are looking for!

Allow Wording Well to help you.

Contact me. Let’s talk!

Freebies from Wording Well

I offer a free e-book to my subscribers: 20 Master Writing Tips + A Self-Publishing Checklist.

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Wording Well also offers many other freebies. Just visit the Resource Kit page.

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