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Last Updated on: November 18th, 2021


Do you want to WRITE or ADVERTISE on Wording Well?


At this time, I am only accepting sponsored/paid posts.

This means you pay me, and I publish your content.

But your content has to speak to bloggers and/or freelancers and/or writers. And be original. I also reserve the right to add my own links to it (mainly to posts I have previously published on Wording Well).

Post fees begin at $157.50 USD, if you write it, and $315 USD if I write it.

This allows you one backlink. 

Each additional link within that post is an additional $52.50 USD.


A lot of people want backlinks from my website because it has a good DA and PA.
That’s why I’m now charging a link placement fee for adding links to my posts.

Link placement fees cost $107 USD per link.

Note that you can choose to have several links added to several posts!

If you want to pay the fee, I would be happy to add a link to your post from one of mine.

You can even choose the anchor text!

Pay using https://www.paypal.me/WordingWell/107usd

Once the fee has been remitted, email me and I guarantee the link will be added within 48 hours.


You have some options when it comes to reviews. Because reviews are very beneficial to you (and rank well in Google Search), the pricing is as follows:

1: A general, normal review, of product and features (around 700 words, with one backlink) $200

2: An in-depth, detailed review, which includes screenshots (around 1000+ words, with 1-2 backlinks) $350

3: An in-depth, detailed review, with screenshots (around 1000+ words, with 1-2 backlinks + links to other reviews of your product), AND shares to my social media profiles and followers $450

My social media profiles are VERY ACTIVE and include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (both personal profile and my business page).

NOTE: Regardless of which option you choose, you will be sent the review first, for final approval, before it is published on my site! 🙂


If you’re interested, email me at lorraine@wordingwell.com OR lorrainemariereguly@gmail.com for more information.

I can help you choose the best post to “advertise” on, and I can create an invoice for you to pay.

I accept payments in US dollars using the PayPal system, which is safe, secure, and free to use. It does not require an account and also accepts credit cards.

Once the payment has been made, your links will be added, generally within 24 hours.

If you have any other queries, just ask!



P.S. Popular posts include:

Blogging Resources + How To Start a Blog (if you don’t already have one)

Resources for #Writers (#Authors and #Freelancers)

An Informative Web Hosting Guide (to help you make that all-important decision)



Wording Well's business card image

Guest posting can be done easily if you follow a few simple guidelines and believe that proper Guest-Posting and Guest-Hosting: Best Practices should be followed in all guest posting and guest hosting situations!

Guidelines for Guest Posting on Wording Well

If you want to be a non-paid guest blogger on Wording Well, please read EACH of the following before sending me ANY email. (Seriously.,. if you want a reply.)

  1. Think of a topic that would be a good fit for Wording Well.
  2. Send your idea and an outline to me via e-mail:  lorrainemariereguly(at)gmail.com with the subject: A GUEST POST. Use these tips for writing a perfect pitch to help you.
  3. Wait for me to reply. You can then write the post upon my approval of the subject matter, in a Word document.
  4. After submitting your completed post, please give me some time to read through your post and provide feedback to you. If I decide to use your post, I will schedule your post and notify you of the publication date.
  5. Your post must be original and unpublished. I have ways of checking this, including using Copyscape and this plagiarism checker.
  6. If I decide to use your post on Wording Well, know that you will be credited with the writing of the post but also give me the copyright ownership of the post to avoid duplicate content issue. This means you’ll not be able to publish the post anywhere else in the future.
  7. Include with your submission a short bio (50 words or less) with two of your most relevant links, as well as a small (200 x 200) headshot image of yourself.
  8. Include a minimum of two images (650 x 400) with your submission (an opening image as well as an image to be used halfway through the post). Attach them separately to the email. You must also indicate to me where the image originated. Proper accreditation is necessary and expected. Many sites exist that enable you to create your own images, such as Canva and PicMonkey.
  9. Note that I reserve the right to refuse your blog post images and create my own to be featured in the post.
  10. You are not allowed to include any affiliate links of your own in the post. I also reserve the right to both remove or change your links and add contextual links to the related articles from my blog in the content of the guest post, as well as any pertinent affiliate links of my own.
  11. You are required to have a photo of yourself registered with Gravatar.com so that I can use your Gravatar image in the comments. The email address that is linked to your Gravatar account will be used for comment notifications.
  12. Make sure you are available for contributing to the comments once your post has been published. This will happen over a one week period (approximately). You’ll have to wait for me to approve all comments, but when I do, you just hit “reply” on the comments you want to respond to. (I’d prefer it if you responded to everyone!)
  13. I will want you to promote your post extensively on social media, to as many places as possible. I will also help promote your post on my social networks.
  14. If you fail to reply to the comments left for you, either your backlinks or the entire post itself will be removed.
  15. If you are fortunate enough to land a guest post slot on Wording Well and want to feature the Wording Well logo on your blog or website, you may do so as long as the image links to your guest post on Wording Well.
  16. Feel free to approach me more than once if you are turned down for whatever reason. I may be strict, but it’s for a reason. This is my blog, and I’ve worked hard to develop great relationships with my readers. They expect great things from Wording Well, and Wording Well does its best to deliver awesome and useful content.
  17. I do not pay for guest posts but this may change in the future. If/when it does, I will update these guidelines.

Any questions or concerns about these guest posting guidelines? If so, email me.

For a list of my guest posts, please refer to my Portfolio page.