8 Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers (and how to find them)

Last Updated on: June 14th, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how some bloggers provide content to their readers on a consistent basis?

I have… especially when I read Neil Patel’s blog. There is NO WAY that one person can create 5 or more articles a week by himself without burning out. I’ve done the math. It’s just not possible.

Neil has a team of people working for him. That’s his secret.

So do many other businesses and bloggers.

Some contribute for free, too, as guest posters.

Some are paid.

Either way, there are many benefits to having someone contribute content to your website!

Today we will look at 8 of these benefits.

To help me do this, I have invited one of my Google+ friends, Jasmine Demeester, to write the “meat” of this post.

headshot of Jasmine

Thousands of people (including businesses) use guest bloggers to attract readers in order to increase their traffic as quickly as possible. Some succeed. Some don’t.

Those that do succeed do so by publishing quality articles on their blog on a consistent basis.

How Guest Bloggers Contribute to Your Website (and Business)

Guest bloggers serve a critical role in providing credibility to your website and uplifting its online visibility.

They lend a voice to your blog, they provide content to your audience, and they also assist you in growing the exposure of your business.

But there is more to guest blogging than just these benefits.

In fact, there are 8 more reasons for having guest bloggers write content for your site!

Benefit #1: It Helps You Build Relationships

It’s no secret that blogging is a powerful tool to build relationships with your niche market.

By inviting guest bloggers, you can grow your network and thrive further into your niche market. Engaging with guest bloggers means you can widen your contacts in your niche and help grow your business.

For example, if you have an interior design business, getting guest posts from a blogger who has insights into home furnishing can be a step towards growing your business, as you will be able to build a relationship with the community of audience (bloggers, readers, vendors, etc.) who have an interest in this field.

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Benefit #2: It Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

The most valued benefit of guest blogging is its ability to get you in front of a wider audience on the search engine result page (SERP). Given that the guest blogger has optimized the competitive keywords and followed the criterion set by Google, there are substantial chances that your articles rank higher on the Google’s results page and channel more readers to your blog.

But what defines an SEO-friendly guest post?

Well… that’s very simple. You just need to make sure that the post complies with the following criterion:

  • It should serve a purpose to your audience.
  • The outbound link should have a high domain authority.
  • The link should follow the standards set by Google.
  • The other links should be relevant to the post.

Benefit #3: You Will Not Run Short of Content

Having guest writers on your blog means you no longer have to lose the loyal readers on your blog who want to read something new every day or every week (or however often you post!).

Online businesses tend to struggle with the frequency of content, especially when they are running on a tight budget. However, guest blogging makes the job easier for them. Here is how:

  • With guest blogging, you can enjoy a continuous flow of content when you are facing a shortage of time to write your own content.
  • You will not suffer the wrath of your audience due to infrequent posts, as they will continue to read articles on their favorite topics.
  • You will be able to spice up your blog with different guest bloggers who will lend a unique style and tone to your posts.

Wording Well is a good example of how having multiple authors on your blog can help you manage your post frequency and add variety to your blog. Lorraine has had many different freelancers and bloggers contribute to her site and offer their expertise to her audience.

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Benefit #4: You Can Scale Up Your Income 

Having more guest writers on your blog translates into more traffic, which in turn leads to more revenue generation.

Let’s say you are a professional blogger with 5 thousand page views that earns you $300 dollars a month in revenue from AdSense or other PPC (Pay Per Click) type of income. You will have a chance to increase these figures by inviting guest writers.

NOTE: If you don’t have AdSense installed on your site, or want to learn how to make money by doing NOTHING, read How to Make Money Blogging by Doing NOTHING but using AdSense.

So if you manage to have two more guest bloggers to contribute to your blog, you can increase your traffic and double or triple your revenue. In other words, the guest blogging is your thing to make more money in a shorter span of time.

Just make sure you get guest bloggers who know the secrets to good guest blogging and don’t make these mistakes!

Benefit #5: You Can Spend Your Time on Other Things

When so many guest bloggers are busy writing posts on your behalf, you can free up your mind and spend time on other activities that deserve more of your time. Rather than slogging hours on research, planning and writing articles, you can use this time to optimize SEO activities on your blog, tweak its links, or expand its reach to social media audience.

You can also take some time off to enjoy life! Having a work-life balance is important!

By having me here today, I freed up Lorraine’s schedule so she can perform client work such as:

Benefit #6: You Can Grow Your Influence by Attracting Talented Writers

By running a guest blogging policy on your blog, you are able to share the influence of skilled writers. So you will be cashing in on their pool of knowledge and competency that will make your blog become popular within your niche.

Let’s say you have a food blog that attracts several food experts who want to contribute to your blog to showcase their knowledge in the subject. Consider it as a chance to gain from their accumulated experience and insights that will benefit your audience. As a result, you will be able to build your influence and make your blog a credible source of help for all those people needing information about food.

Benefit #7: You Will Be Able to Retain Multiple Types of Readers

Having multiple authors on your blog gives diversity to your blog as you can leverage the variety of writing styles of various guest bloggers. Since you will be publishing posts of different bloggers, you can engage different types of audience to find interest in your blogs.

Let’s assume you are running a music blog where you write about music stars, provide critical reviews of musical works, and share news about upcoming music albums. You can invite bloggers who have knowledge and expertise in a particular genre of music to share something on your blog. This will benefit your blog in more than one way. Here is how:

  • You will be able to build your influence in the subject and attract the intended audience including the fans and patrons of a particular type of music.

 image for No More Worries for Writer’s Block

Benefit #8: No More Worries for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one of the many concerns a blogger has to live with. The fear of falling short of ideas is the worst feeling a blogger can ever experience. Lacking enough ideas to write in your blog also puts your writing skills at stake and may induce the readers to lose interest in your blog.

By using the services of guest bloggers, you can take your time to recuperate from writer’s block. So the next time you are struck by writer’s block, you do not have to abuse yourself for not giving your best to the audience as you’ll have the guest bloggers to write on your behalf.

How to Find Good Guest Bloggers to Write for You

You can choose to hire guest bloggers, or you can choose to accept posts from those who want to write for you for free. Often free contributors simply want a dofollow link back to their own site, and the opportunity to be exposed to a larger or different audience than their own.

You can use social media to obtain guest posters by extending an invitation to those who you would like to write for you.

You can also write a post that invites others to approach you.

Remember Your Guest Posting and Hosting Etiquette!

Guest blogging is a tried and true way to promote your blog and build its influence.

Whether you are a guest or a host, you have to remember that there are simple rules of etiquette to follow. These best practices should be followed.

Despite the claims that guest blogging is dead, it is actually a very good way to grow your business and blog traffic.

Do you use guest bloggers to help YOU in YOUR business?

Share in the comments if you have ever had help!

42 thoughts on “8 Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers (and how to find them)

  1. says

    Thanks for the post. I have been trying everything to build my blog, but it’s been a struggle. I have just started inviting guest bloggers for my tool blog.
    If anyone is interested, let me know.

  2. law dissertation help says

    One thing I see that it can do is help your credibility. It doesn’t matter if you have high influencers or someone that had built a modest following, your credibility will go up which will influence your authority.

      • It is true that having a guest blogger can really change the way your website serves your small business. And if I suppose talk about more benefits of having bloggers than it can drive more traffic and readers towards you website, your website has chances of having more verity of content which are totally unique and it is good for website. Well that’s it.

    • Medicine Personal Statement says

      Thanks for sharing here Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers. Blogging is no hesitation but one of the best ways to build a successful blog and grow online business. The number one advantage of guest blogging and why a lot of people are investing their time in it is the quality traffic it sends. Guest blogging increases your exposure while at the same time helping you build your brand.

  3. says

    Hi Lorraine,

    That’s an interesting and timely read.

    Guest blogging is an interesting way. My blog is new hence I will be a guest than a host. I will have to wait until then.

    I love the fact that you gave the credit for the helper with her photo. 🙂 Awesome


    • says

      Hi Uma,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

      I wish you the best of luck with your new blog, too!

      I always put the photos of my guests on my blog. 🙂

  4. Hey Lorraine and Jasmine,

    I love all of these reasons why how having guest bloggers would benefit your blog in the long run.

    One thing I see that it can do is help your credibility. It doesn’t matter if you have high influencers or someone that had built a modest following, your credibility will go up which will influence your authority.

    Another great reason as you mention that you won’t run out of content. There will be times that you’ll either burn out or you’ll want to make more time to do other things. You have other bloggers writ for you so you can focus on other things.

    Thand for sharing! Have a good one you two!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Conquering The Fear Of Publishing Your New Blog Post

    • says


      I, too, particularly like the benefit of not running out of content! While I have had many guests on Wording Well, I have always made sure to approve the topic beforehand. I also generally ask to see an outline, too.

      Having excellent guest bloggers is one surefire way to maintain a website’s credibility and blogging schedule.

      Generally speaking, I publish posts on Wording Well every Monday. I sometimes post bi-weekly, but rarely.

      I appreciate the visit and your comment. I’ll be by your blog soon to reciprocate! 😉

  5. Hi Lorraine,

    Guest blogging is something every blogger should allow. You can get more people to connect with. In the field of blogging, it’s very important to build human relationships.

    The benefits listed in the post are informative. Bloggers should try to meet new guest authors. Giving a chance to spread the love of their words is good.

    Glad to read the article.
    Enjoy the time.

    • says

      Ravi, I agree with you! Relationships are the backbone of blogging, because the whole point is to be able to connect with and help others!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

      I’m curious to know why there is not a link to your most recent blog post here… did you click the commentluv box? Perhaps you need to add /feed to the end of your URL for your post to show up. (I had this problem when leaving comments on other sites, and solved it this way.)

      Check this, please!

        • says

          Ravi, I’m glad to see that it’s working now. When people comment on my posts, I like to reciprocate and leave a comment on theirs!

          That’s how I noticed it wasn’t working. Thankfully, I had your site URL to follow… and so found you on Facebook from there. (I almost feel like a stalker! LOL But actually, the truth is… I used my detective skills to do that.) 😉 LOL

  6. Stella Chiu says

    hi, Lorraine

    i agree with you about the benefit of guest postings. There is no shortage of articles to be posted. In this way, we can help the guest to be known by more people. It is always nice to build relationship in this way. I am seriously thinking about guest posting because I need time to start to write my first book. Your post came in the right time to show me how to looking for one. Thanks!

    Have a nice day!

  7. Jasper Oldersom says

    Hey Lorraine and Jasmine,

    This is a fantastic post.

    I agree, writing cán certainly burn you out. I can write one article a day if I really have to, but my work gets better if I work on it longer and let it simmer for a while, so I can edit with fresh eyes.

    Never thought about Neil Patel having a whole team helping him with his content creation, but that’s most likely a big part of his insane output.

    Currently I don’t “allow” (never formally invited anyone) guest posts on my blog, but this post provides plenty of reasons to do so.

    Guest posting certainly isn’t dead. As a matter of fact, I think it’s one of the best strategies to expand your reach.

    Thanks to both of you for pointing us to these guest posting benefits!

    I hope you two are set for a fantastic weekend.

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…7 Recent Posts On Copywriting You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

    • says

      Jasper, many bloggers don’t allow guests on their site for several reasons. I changed my mind about having guests due to being so busy… and so invited many people to write for me. 🙂

      That is one of the reasons I did the FITS (Freelancer in the Spotlight) series last year!

      I networked at the same time, so that was another benefit to having guests. I got to know quite a few of them, as I got to know you, too!

      I was also the first person to guest post on Dear Blogger and MadLemmings.

      I started a trend! LOL

      It’s nice to have those bragging rights, too. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Also for the shares on Twitter. Much appreciated!

  8. Hello, Lorraine and Jasmine!

    Thank you so much for covering this topic. I personally feel that guest posting isn’t dead, the purpose it used to serve could have been ended.

    When people talk about guest posting being dead, I ask myself a question: “Isn’t it enough that you create a piece of content and present it on someone else’s platform and get to see new faces around?”

    I totally agree with this post. Guest blogging is still useful if the purpose is to meet the new audience and engage the new faces by helping them out with a well-written piece of content.
    Hassaan Khan recently posted…How I Got 250+ Subscribers and 700+ Referrals with One Article

    • says

      Hassaan, that’s so true. We are exposed to an entire new set of people when we guest post.

      This is one of the big benefits of guest posting, because these people might decide to visit your website, or connect with you on social media. Then you get to engage with and help them.

      It’s all about helping others!

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