12 Benefits of Being a Freelance Editor

Last Updated on: May 27th, 2021


A picture of me as a freelance editor with a red editing pencil - for the article called 12 Benefits of Being a Freelance Editor

Almost everyone knows that I am a freelance editor.

(Yes, that’s really me in the picture, too!)

I love editing. I love words and I love making them perfect.

Every time I read something, I am constantly editing what I read. I can’t tell you how many books I have read in which I have found mistakes! I have often thought of contacting the editors at the publishing houses and informing them of the mistakes I found, but I have never taken action on doing that. I probably should.

Instead, I have decided to offer my editing services to others as a freelance editor. I’ve been doing this since 2014… and I love it!

I love the freelance lifestyle and all that it offers. In particular, I love the benefits of being a freelance editor.

Here are 12 benefits I enjoy as a freelance editor:

Editor Benefit #1: I can work at home.

I live in a city that has very cold weather for the majority of the year. For about five or six months of the year, we have snow and sub-zero temperatures. For that reason, I like staying indoors. The freelance editing lifestyle I lead allows me to work from home. Not having to commute to work is an excellent benefit for me!

Editor Benefit #2: I can set my own hours.

We all have schedules in our lives that we generally follow, but no one has my exact schedule. I often work in the wee hours of the morning, when it is super quiet.

I like being a freelance editor because I can work whenever I want.

Editor Benefit #3: I get paid to learn new things.

Depending on the type of book that I am editing, I often learn new things. For example, in the last book I edited, I learned what drag litters were. For those of you who don’t know, drag litters are fashioned out of tent poles that are lashed to the sides of a horse with the opposite ends dragging on the ground, which are attached to some kind of platform that can be used to transport gear such as tents and food or to transport injured people.

Sometimes I even learn new words. Just because I am a freelance editor does not mean that I know every single word in the dictionary!

Sometimes I learn other things, too, depending upon the subject matter of the book I am editing. When I edit non-fiction books, I reap the benefits of learning whatever it is the author is teaching others. Being allowed to read such things for free is an honor. And even better than reading them for free is the fact that I get paid to read them!

Editor Benefit #4: I get to keep my skills sharp.

I am a certified English teacher by trade, and doing freelance editing allows me to constantly use my skills. As a result, my skills never wane. Instead, they are kept sharp by the constant work that I do.

Editor Benefit #5: I don’t have to look for work.

Many freelance writers and editors often struggle with finding work. Not me. I have never looked for a freelance editing job! Instead, people come to me.

The reason they come to me is that I have received excellent testimonials from others. While I initially offered free editing services in my attempts to market myself as a freelance editor, I now simply respond to emails I receive and give a sample edit to those potential clients. If they like my work, then they will hire me (as long as they can afford me!), which is usually the case.

I’m also listed in this hugely popular list of book editors. Many of my clients have mentioned that they found me there. (Thanks again, Dave!)

Because editing books is a time-consuming process, when I accept a huge editing gig, it generally means that I am going to be busy and employed for at least 2 or 3 months.

Generally, during that time, I receive inquiries about other editing gigs and so I schedule them for when I am finished my current one. That way, I never have to look for work! It is already lined up for me!

Editor Benefit #6: One editing gig leads to more work.

Back in August of 2018, I accepted an editing gig that involved reading a fantasy novel. That was the first time I have ever edited a novel in that genre. Before I even completed the job, I was asked to edit the sequel!

That is a perfect example of how one editing gig can lead to another.

Editing gigs can lead to other editing gigs also by having the author who hired me brag to his or her author friends about my work.

When I edited Maxwell Ivey’s first book, Max boasted about me to all his friends and followers on social media. As a result, I landed another editing gig or two. The one that comes to mind is the job Bob Abramson hired me to do.

Because I also offer author assistant services, I have helped both Max and Bob publish their books on Amazon.

Max has authored three books so far and Bob has authored one. In their cases, they also hired me to help them get their book files formatted and ready for publication. In Max’s case, I also had to assist with the cover creation process, which meant working with a cover designer and being Max’s eyes throughout the process because Max is blind.

I often go the extra mile for my clients because they often get me extra work!

Here are the top 12 benefits of becoming a freelance editor #freelance #editors #freelancers

Editor Benefit #7: Client interactions are easier.

When you work with somebody over an extended period of time, you get to know that person. This makes working with them easier because you are constantly acting with them.

Whenever I am hired to do a huge project, I generally give my clients a weekly update on the progress I am making.

In the cases where I am hired to do developmental edits in addition to line editing and proofreading, the interactions are more frequent. All of these interactions ultimately lead to really good relationships with my clients.

Editor Benefit #8: It is interesting work.

I love being a freelance editor because it is very interesting to read different things all of the time and get paid for it.

Each book I read is in a different genre from the previous one, so I never get bored with my work. I have read and edited books that are fiction and nonfiction. I like editing both because I like the variety. It keeps my work interesting!

Editor Benefit #9: Client testimonials are easy to get.

The frequent interactions I have with my clients allow me to build a strong rapport with them. In addition to my excellent editing skills, this assists me in getting a positive response when I ask for a testimonial at the end of the project.

Clients like working with me. I do good work and I am always available to them.

We all know that testimonials are important to have because they show potential clients how wonderful you are! Client testimonials are powerful they will help you get more work.

Editor Benefit #10: I get paid before I do any editing.

Another great benefit of being a freelance editor is being able to get paid before I do any actual work.

With the way I have my payment process set up, people can purchase my services directly through my website. While most people don’t actually do this, I do state on my website that partial payment is required upfront. My rates are competitive with the rates outlined by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

By offering people a FREE sample edit to potential clients (and doing the sample edit quickly and well), those potential clients know that they can trust me and they can see that I will do a good job. This makes them more willing to pay me upfront.

I always explain the process to them during our email interactions as well. By making myself readily available to my clients, a sense of trust is instilled in them.

I also make it easy for them to pay me.

Clients can purchase my editing services directly from my website OR they can pay me via a specific link I create for them. Of course, I sometimes send them an invoice to pay, which also makes paying me easy for them.

With the help of a freelance blogger I know, Sophie Lizard, I know how to create a specific link so that the payment process is easier for my clients. This is done through a service called PayPalMe.

Here is an example of a link created through PayPalMe that allows someone to send me $200 USD (United States dollars): https://www.paypal.me/WordingWell/200usd

To be paid a different amount, simply replace the number with a different one.
To be paid in a different currency, simply replace the letters “usd” with different ones (for example, “cad” would be Canadian dollars).

If you want to buy me a cup of coffee or make a donation, just click on one of these links:



You can also create your own amount to send me. Just click on https://www.paypal.me/WordingWell and enter an amount!

All donations are appreciated and welcome. (And if you donate to me, I’ll give you extra-special treatment!) 😉

Editor Benefit #11: The rewards are phenomenal.

Being a freelance editor is very rewarding. Clients brag about you. Your social circle of authors widens. Exposure to others is widespread to the point where it is worldwide, especially if you are listed as the editor at the beginning of the author’s book, particularly on Amazon. This is what author Don Orwell did for me!

When I edited Karen Dodd’s book, she ended up sending me a gift card in the mail along with an autographed copy of her book. What editor could ask for anything more?!

She also gave me another surprise… recognition as her editor!


Editor Benefit #12: I get to make money doing something I love.

Enough said!

Do You Want to be a Freelance Editor?

Being a freelance editor, in my opinion, is the best job I could ever ask for. I love editing. I love words. I love helping others. And I love making money!

Are you currently working at your dream job? Do you want to be a freelance editor?

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Did You Know You Could Become a Freelance Editor?

Being a freelance editor, in my opinion, is even better than being a freelance writer. First of all, it pays more. Secondly, it is the best job I could ever ask for. I love editing, I love words, and I love helping others. Finally, I love reaping the many rewards (check out the many benefits of being a freelance editor).

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– how to leverage social media for your business (because, YES, you will be actually running a business if you are successful!)

– how to keep accurate records

– how to easily calculate your costs

– how to communicate with potential clients so they turn into ACTUAL clients

– how to organize your time (so you can complete all of the tasks involved in running your biz)

– how to deal with difficult clients

– which projects to accept

– when to raise your rates


Plus, I want to get to know you so that I can give you EXACTLY what you need to succeed!

So, DO you want to know more about how to become a freelance editor?



20 thoughts on “12 Benefits of Being a Freelance Editor

  1. Charity says

    I’m currently trying to set up as a freelance editor myself, so this seems timely! I found you via Elna’s latest newsletter and I’ve asked to be put on your information list for your upcoming course. One question, I noticed that the course seems to be focusing on the business aspects of setting up as a freelance editor. Will you also be going over the actual specifics of how to edit/proofread, or recommending resources we can use to ensure we’re well-equipped to perform the job at a reasonable rate?

    Additionally, as an FYI, this sentence in your post needs a tiny tweak: “When I edit non-fiction books, I reap the benefits of learning whatever is the author is teaching others.” –> It should read “…learning whatever it is the author is teaching others.”

    • says

      Charity, that was a GREAT catch! Thank you! You DEFINITELY have what it takes to be a great editor!

      I see you are on my email list for the course. Thanks for wanting to learn more. I plan on teaching a BUNCH of things in the courses I am putting together and getting into the specifics is ONE of the things that will be taught in the advanced, comprehensive course. Thanks for asking that question!

  2. says

    Hi Lorraine,

    You need some small changes in this line:

    In addition to my excellent editing skills, this assist me in getting a positive response when I asked for a testimonial at the end of the project.

    “Assists” (S at the end to mark singular verb) and “when I ask” to keep the line in the timeless present.

    Great post.

    • says


      Thank you SO MUCH for pointing out those two errors!

      I usually forget that I need to edit my own writing. I think you would make an excellent editor! Are you interested in my upcoming course?

  3. Hey Lorraine,
    English language is a foreign language here and I’m learning every day. You’ve corrected some of my phrases you remember? And I’m always excited to learn more.
    If I have any need for editing, of course you know where I’m going to turn to without a second thought.

    So do have a wonderful week and continue the great work

    • says

      Enstine, I know English is not your first language, but it is the only language I know, aside from basic conversational Spanish.

      I’d love to learn more Spanish, but it is difficult to do at my age! LOL

      If you need an editor, I’m your gal. Thanks for saying so!

      Have a great week, too.

    • says

      Luis, everyone says I work magic with their words! The people who have hired me to be their editor have LOVED my work.

      That is one of the reasons I love being a freelance editor!

    • says

      Cori, thanks for reading this, girlfriend!

      I love being an editor so much more than being a writer for hire.

      I was absolutely thrilled to have Karen mention me in her book!

      You have a great day, too! I’m having an awesome day. But, then again, when you’re a freelance editor, every day is awesome!

  4. mohdjabir says

    I love this editing and it is use on tools of editing and superb the all information on editing thank you so much.

  5. Ushak Karki says

    The piece is helpful for people like me who are willing to do whatever it takes to become Freelance Editor. I urge the writer to continue offering strategies and tools so that we become equipped and enlightened to pursue our goals.

    • says

      Ushak, being a freelance editor is wonderful. 🙂

      But you need the article/word “a” in front of “Freelance Editor” in your sentence. Also, “Freelance Editor” should not be capitalized.

      Therefore, your sentence will be perfect if it is changed to “This piece is helpful for people like me who are willing to do whatever it takes to become a freelance editor.”

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