How Using Good SEO Techniques Can Improve Your Writing

Last Updated on: December 1st, 2021

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Knowing SEO writing techniques can improve your writing, whether you are a blogger, a freelancer, a business owner, or an author. If you are writing for an online audience (writing for a website or blog), knowing a few key things can help you.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the cornerstone of ranking highly on search engines, particularly Google. Search engines use an algorithm to choose how to rank the sites on the Internet, in accordance with the search term or query that you put into the search bar.

SEO aims to optimize your website in a variety of ways so that your site is as close to the number one spot as possible. Since over 25% of people click on the first Google result, it’s easy to see why SEO is important. As a writer, you might be a little skeptical about the effect SEO might have on your creativity when writing. However, writers can actually learn a lot by writing with SEO in mind.

Let’s take a look at what you should bear in mind, and why.


The term “keyword” doesn’t just apply to single words. Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that help the algorithm pin down the best websites for you, which are based on these super-specific terms.

Writing with keywords in mind can be a useful way to focus your writing and make sure that you’re not going off track. They are also a key part of SEO, as they help the algorithm connect users with content that is useful and relevant for their search terms. By using them, you are showing the reader that you have understood their needs and are providing them with valuable information. Make sure to avoid “keyword stuffing,” though, which is where you use as many keywords as possible. Keyword stuffing makes your writing look completely unnatural.

Completing keyword research can also be helpful for you as a writer to find out what you should be writing about next. You can use tools such as Ubersuggest to help you. However, if you’d rather keep your focus on your writing, it can be worth outsourcing this task to a specialist, which will cost around C$440 per month. Regardless of what you do, it’s always best to follow the SEO Rules for Blogging Success.


Good SEO writing should be divided into sections using header tags. These tags work in a cascading system, with <h1> as the title tag, <h2> as a subheading, and so on. These tags help provide the content with structure, as well as make it easier for the reader to see what the article will cover. For SEO optimization, header tags make it easier for search engine bots to crawl the pages and categorize them.

Header tags are discussed in How to Develop a Great Writing Process. That post also shows you how to use them, and provides you with a sample topic as an example of how to structure a blog post using header tags. It also gives you

As a writer, defining your structure before you start can be great for making sure that you keep your piece relevant, as well as ensuring that you have covered everything that you wanted to.

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Write for Your Audience

As a writer, you want to make sure that you’re impacting your reader and providing them with worthwhile content. You should also write in a conversational tone. In addition to doing keyword research, you should also dedicate some time to looking at your competitors and reading things they’ve written.

What do you think you can do better? Include that in your piece.

What do you want to provide your reader with? Keep that in mind and use it as your intent when writing.

The best content is quality writing that really helps its target audience.

Use a Mix of Links

Providing your audience with relevant information can also be achieved by including links within your content. This is one of the fundamental techniques used by SEO experts to improve site ranking, but it is also a useful tip to help improve your content. Linking to other trustworthy sources will give your content more credibility, and will ensure your writing is giving value back to the reader.

There are two kinds of links that you should use: IBLs (inbound links) and OBLs (outbound links).

IBLs link to your own content (content you have already published on your website). OBLs link to other sites (whether you own those other sites or not). I know many bloggers who have multiple sites and they link to content across all their sites. However, they also link to content on sites they don’t own because it increases their domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).

DA and PA are scored out of 100.  To find out the DA and PA of your site, you can use a free tool called a DA and PA checker. The higher the number is, the better. Check your DA and PA here.

Use Infographics

There are many benefits of using infographics if you’re a blogger.

The 3 main ones are: 1. to drive traffic to your website, 2. to build backlinks, and 3. to earn more money.

Each of these is looked at in detail in The Ultimate Guide to Infographics (Includes 10 Tools + 5 Tutorials!).

Because infographics help to build backlinks to your site, they will improve your SEO.

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Choose Your Best Writing Method

Writing can be done via a variety of methods. Most are outlined in New Technology vs. Old-Fashioned Writing Methods: What’s the Best Way to Write? Whichever one works best for you is the one you should choose. Just make sure to incorporate good SEO techniques into your writing.

Remembering Everything

It might be tough to remember every little detail when you are writing, so it’s helpful to create a checklist to refer to do. You can write one by hand and leave it next to your computer or laptop, or you can write a digital version. Just be sure to look at it often when you are writing, particularly when you are using SEO techniques!



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    Excellent post with great tips to improve writing skills using seo techniques. I completely agree with your each listed tips. Yes Seo, keywords are great ranking factors and must be considered. Keywords plays a vital role in seo ranking and it is so essential to focus on long tail keywords. Understanding the audience need also matters a lot and it is really important to focus on audience requirement & needs, whereas doing so will surely provide good benefits and good understanding. Using an infographics also works well and helps getting good traffic.

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      John, most people who run websites forget that we are writing to help people. We are not writing for a machine or an algorithm!
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