Last Updated on: April 21st, 2017

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I am listed as one of the 25 Successful Copywriting Experts You Should Know. Wording Well has also been featured in 100 Blogs That’ll Help You Become a Better Blogger in 2016.

I also was the only writer/editor mentioned in the Huffington Post article How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 10 Tips to Write Faster And Even Better.

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Portfolio Contents

There are two components to this portfolio: writing samples (listed below) and client testimonials.

As a freelance blogger, I’ve written a lot of web content.

I’ve also edited various works for different clients. (See my client testimonials.)

Unfortunately, I cannot list my ghostwritten articles here, for obvious reasons!

I’ve written for:

The ProBlogger Logo was added to my portfolio in 2015. The Make a Living Writing logo was added to my portfolio in 2014. The Aha!Now logo was added to my portfolio in 2014.The "Be a Freelance Blogger" logo was added to my portfolio in 2014. The Book Designer Logo was added to my portfolio in 2013.  Indies Unlimited logoDear Blogger's logo was added to my portfolio in 2013.The Wonder of Tech logo was added to my portfolio in March 2016The Blind Blogger logo was added to my portfolio in 2015.The madlemmings logo was added to my portfolio in 2013.

and many more!

Below is a list of some of my best posts on the web, which you can peruse at your convenience.

Following that is a complete list of my guest posts, in chronological order.

Following that is a list of some expert round-ups I’ve contributed to.

A Portfolio of My Best Posts:

(listed here in reverse chronological order… )

All of My Portfolio Posts (chronologically listed):

I’ve written many guest posts — some for free, some for pay. Peruse these portfolio posts at your convenience! Note that the OLDEST posts I wrote are listed first… so scroll down to see the most recent publications!

More guest posts will be added soon!

Contributions to Round-Up Posts:

I’ve been invited to participate in several expert round-up posts, from 2014 to the present. The ones without links have been temporarily removed (those bloggers are either changing their sites or deleting them). I will keep this updated regularly.

Because I’m also known for my blogging prowess, I was mentioned in 9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost.

I’m listed, too, as one of the 42 Bloggers You Want to Meet in 2015 (but still relevant today!).

In addition, I was featured in The Best Copywriting and Writer Blogs to Follow.

I’ve also been featured in a post that will teach you a lot about me: Let Multi-Gifted Lorraine Reguly Help YOU in 4 Different Ways!

And I’ve been given a few nice mentions in How To Build An Ethical Business Fueled By Passive Income? and was quoted in 9 Genius Marketing Tools and Features for Moneymaking Websites.

Interview Posts and Author-Related Posts

I’ve participated in many interviews, too. 

How to Land Guest Posts on High-Traffic Sites: An Interview with Wording Well Founder Lorraine Reguly is the best one as it offers VALUABLE ADVICE to bloggers!

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview With Lorraine Reguly is another, in the freelancing niche.

I’ve written other guest posts that are not listed in this portfolio but are on Laying It Out There (my author site). To see more places where I’ve appeared online, please check out my portfolio via my Appearances page on that site!

What I Can Do For You

I can help you with your writing and/or editing needs, including

  • web copy creation
  • ghost-writing
  • researching and writing blog posts
  • proofreading and copy-editing your blog posts, articles, essays, short stories, ebooks, novellas or novels
  • writing and/or editing brochures and menus, and
  • basically with anything else that contains the written word!

Please contact me for a quote today! 

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And if you want to be a guest on Wording Well, let me know! But read my Guest Posting Guidelines first!