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I went from a suicidal mess to a success and now I am listed as one of the 25 Successful Copywriting Experts You Should Know.


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Portfolio Contents

There are two components to this portfolio: writing samples (listed below) and client testimonials.

As a freelance blogger, I’ve written a lot of web content. I cannot list my ghostwritten articles here, for obvious reasons, but most of my work include bylines. See the list of guest posts below!

As a freelance editor, I’ve edited various works for different clients. (See my client testimonials.) I’m a highly-sought after editor now!

Dear Blogger's logo was added to my portfolio in 2013.The Wonder of Tech logo was added to my portfolio in March 2016The Blind Blogger logo was added to my portfolio in 2015.The Blogging from Paradise logo was added to my portfolio in 2016.The madlemmings logo was added to my portfolio in 2013.

and many more!

Below is a list of some of my best posts on the web, which you can peruse at your convenience.

In fact, here is a list of what you will find on this page:

A Portfolio of My Guest Posts
Contributions to Round-Up Posts
Interview Posts and Author-Related Posts
Appearances and Podcasts
– 2017
– 2018
– 2019
Magazine Contributions
Public Appearances
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What I Can Do For You

A Portfolio of My Guest Posts:

(the most recent ones are listed first)

More guest posts will be added soon!

Contributions to Round-Up Posts:

I’ve been invited to participate in several expert round-up posts, from 2014 to the present. Some links have been removed (in the cases where the website has been taken down or the domain was not renewed):

Because I’m also known for my blogging prowess, I’m listed as one of the 42 Bloggers You Want to Meet.

In addition, I was featured in The Best Copywriting and Writer Blogs to Follow.

I’ve also been featured in a post that will teach you a lot about me: Let Multi-Gifted Lorraine Reguly Help YOU in 4 Different Ways!

I was also quoted in 9 Genius Marketing Tools and Features for Moneymaking Websites and in The ROI of Guest Posting.

Interview Posts and Author-Related Posts:

I’ve participated in many interviews, too. That is because I am also an author!

See my interview on Zac Johnson’s site: Blogging Tips.

How to Land Guest Posts on High-Traffic Sites: An Interview with Wording Well Founder Lorraine Reguly offers VALUABLE ADVICE to bloggers!

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview With Lorraine Reguly is another, in the freelancing niche.

My city’s library site also posted An Interview with Lorraine Reguly, in the writing niche.

I’ve written other guest posts that are not listed in this portfolio but are on Laying It Out There (my author site). To see more places where I’ve appeared online, please check out my portfolio via my Appearances page on that site!

You can read my Smashwords Interview, too!

In Feb. 2020, I was the second person to be interviewed in “The Experts Interview Series on The Blog Incubator.” I hope you enjoy the Interview with Freelancer and Entrepreneur Lorraine Reguly.

Appearances and Podcasts:


In October 2017, I did a podcast with Carol Graham called When You Just Want the Pain to End.

In December 2017, I was on  The Douglas Coleman Show. If you are an entrepreneur and want to write a book, the conversation I had with Douglas Coleman will definitely benefit you! Our podcast starts at 29:54.


In January 2018, Monna Ellithorpe interviewed me: Meet The Author With Lorraine Reguly. I was also featured on the My Future Business Show Podcast with Rick Nuske. And I was interviewed for Trainer Hangout: Lorraine Reguly on Overcoming Failures.

In February 2018, I did three podcasts. First I spoke with Henry Kaminski on The Brand Doctor Podcast. Then I talked with Maxwell Ivey, on his podcast. Watch and listen to What’s Your Excuse? with guest Lorraine Reguly here. Then I had a chat with Jess Dewell from The Voice of Bold Business. We talked about The Importance of Transparency in Relationships (P139).

In March 2018, I was a guest on The Curvy Life podcast, hosted by the talented Suzie Carr. She made a teaser video, which she posted on YouTube. The podcast is titled From the Edge of Suicide to Unstoppable: A Blogger’s Triumph.

In April 2018, I was on Live Your Fuel with Scott Mulvaney. Listen to the podcast A Story of Overcoming Suicide or watch the video on YouTube.

In May 2018, I was featured in a special interview on Traffic Crow. Read the Interview With Lorraine Reguly From Wording Well.

In June 2018, I did a podcast with Louise Armstrong. Listen to The Secret to Happiness
from Let’s Talk Relationships and Life.

In July 2018, I did a podcast with Brian King. Find it on YouTube, called STIMGA FREE ZONE: Premiere with Lorraine Reguly. I was also featured on BloggerMeet: Interview with Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well. Then I did a podcast with James Snow from LegacyCast, which you can listen to on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, or Podbean. You can also download the mp3.

MaturePreneurs Talk logo

I also did a podcast with Diana Todd-Banks from Mature Preneurs Talk. You can find this podcast everywhere! It’s on her website, on TuneIn, on PlayerFM, and on iTunes.

In August 2018, I spoke to Heather Vickery and Marilyn Shannon about being on their shows. Heather hosts a podcast called The Brave Files Podcast, and Marilyn hosts an online TV show. I am not sure I want to pay to be on Marilyn’s show, so that has not happened yet. I’m scheduled for sometime in 2019 for my podcast with Heather.

In September 2018, I appeared on SoulSpark, an online live radio show. You can listen to a recording of it on Spreaker. I also appeared on the Online Success Journey podcast with Patience Nyesigire, also available on iTunes. And I appeared on Josh Cary’s podcast, The Hidden Entrepreneur, in THE14: Go From Nope to Hope and Change Your Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones.

In October 2018, I appeared on SoulSpark radio again, discussing different things from my September 2018 appearance. You can listen to this podcast on Spreaker.

In November 2018, I was a guest on Donnie Boivin’s Success Champions podcast. You can listen to Episode 137: Lorraine Reguly Shares Her Story of Tragedy To Redemption and Happiness via iTunes.

In December 2018, I appeared on the WIME (World In My Ears) podcast/radio show.


January 2019 kicked off the year with an appearance in 54 Bloggers Shared Their New Year Resolutions For 2019. I also appeared on the YES…And… podcast with Jennifer Whitacre Gardner.

In February 2019, I did a podcast with Nicholas Frazier. We talked about how I overcame my drug addiction (and a ton of other things). You can listen to it here.

In March 2019, I set up some more podcasts, took care of my health (I attended many doctor’s appointments, bloodwork appointments, and went for more tests), and celebrated my son’s 29th birthday!

In April 2019, I was on Eric Alders’ Life’s Black Belts podcast. We had an amazing talk and he even helped me to gain a few insights into myself. It was incredible. You can listen to the podcast right here, or on iTunes, or watch the YouTube video of us. I was also on Munira’s Musings podcast. You can watch the unedited version via our Facebook Live video or you can view it on YouTube.

In May 2019, I was on Chris Burns’ podcast, Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self. You can listen to Episode 475, How to Become Happier Even When All Odds Are Against You with Lorraine Reguly, via his website or watch/listen to it on YouTube. I also did a podcast with Michael from Get a Grip on Life. It was an intense podcast interview and I shared a lot of personal information about being raped in it. I broke down and cried when I was asked so many direct questions about that night. Listen to EP36 – SURVIVOR, AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR – LORRAINE REGULY.

In June 2019, I was on Brendan Cutuii’s podcast called Mental Insights. You can listen to Episode #21: Trauma, Awareness & Self Help on Apple Podcasts, on Spreaker, or watch it on YouTube.

In July 2019, I was featured on The Quiet Type website. Katie, the owner, interviewed me. Read the interview here. I also recorded a podcast with Altovise Pelzer via a Facebook Live. Listen/watch From Nope to Hope… Overcoming Life’s Circumstances via the SpeakEasy Podcast on Facebook.

In September 2019, I appeared on Brett Dupree’s Joyous Expansion podcast. Listen to it on the Joyous Expansion website and check out the one minute of motivation here. I was also a guest on the Hero Podcast with Richard Matthews. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, Richard’s website, or on YouTube.

In October 2019, I recorded a podcast that won’t be out for a while. I’ll keep you updated!

In November 2019, I appeared on The Authors Unite Show with Tyler Wagner.

In December 2019, I appeared on My Independence Report with Kevin MacDonald.


In January 2020, I appeared on Angelica Vallecillo’s podcast, A Little Bit Of Everything With Me!

Angelica and Lorraine - podcast promo image

In February 2020, I appeared on the Mindset in Motion podcast with Shona Hirons. I also appeared on Inspirational Journeys podcast with Ann Harrison-Barnes. Listen in on our conversation as we talk about my writing journey, writing inspirations, creativity, authorship, and how visually impaired people are inspirations to me. I specifically mentioned Maxwell Ivey Jr. and Kerry Kijewski… a lot! Ann even featured me in a blog post!

In March 2020, I appeared on Judith Germain’s podcast called The Mindful Maverick. I shared my strategies of how I went from a suicidal mess to a success… building a business around my passion of working with words and helping others become authors! Listen to our awesome conversation!

In April 2020, I appeared on Chriselda Barretto’s podcast, The 3 Pillars. Listen to our conversation via her website, on YouTube, on Spotify, on iTunes, on Stitcher, on Castbox, on Podtail, on Blubrry, on The Podcast App, or on Listen Notes.

In May 2020, I decided to change my focus and stop appearing on so many podcasts.

In June 2020, one of the last podcasts I did was published. I spoke with Joanne Victoria from the Sanity Project Podcast. Check out our conversation on YouTube, on iHeartRadio, and on Apple Podcasts.

In July and August, I recorded a couple of podcasts. They will be released later!

In September, I appeared on IBM.TV, on a show called Mind Closet 101. The recording of the show I was on can be found on YouTube.

In October, I appeared on IBM.TV again, for a “Part 2” edition of the one I did the previous month. The recording of the show I was on can be found on YouTube. I also appeared on a poetry podcast, the Spoken Word Poetry Podcast as part of the Meet the Author Series. You can listen to my talk with Ariana R. Cherry (and four of my poems) via this link.

In November 2020, I appeared on Dean Grimshawe’s Work in Progress podcast. You can check it out on his website or on YouTube.

December 2020 was a month I took off!


In January 2021, I appeared on The Way to the Top podcast with Letroy Woods. Listen to it on Anchor.fm.

In May 2021, I appeared on The Spotlight podcast with Gayle Nicholson. Check it out on YouTube.

In June 2021, I appeared on the Life Empowered podcast with RJ Horner. Check it out on YouTube.

Magazine Contributions

I was featured in the spring edition of Northwest Women!

I was actually invited to write an inspiring article about my life, to provide hope to women and to help other women overcome their own obstacles.

This magazine was included as an insert in my city’s newspaper on Saturday, May 26th, 2018.

The article I wrote for the magazine called It's Never Too Late to Change

Public Appearances

I have spoken about overcoming suicidal thoughts (and my book, From Nope to Hope) at the Thunder Bay Waverly Resource Library (in June 2017). Another local author spoke during this event too.

Me with my book, FROM NOPE TO HOPE

Lorraine Reguly and David Belrose at the Waverly Resource Library

Lorraine Reguly and David Belrose speaking at the Waverly Resource Library

Lorraine Reguly and Linda Farmer (from PARO) at the Waverly Resource Library

I’ve read poetry several times at The Creative Art Gallery in Thunder Bay, during their poetry nights.

Lorraine Reguly standing outside at The Creative

Poetry Night sign in the door at The Creative

I’ve also made a motivational video, which you can listen to here:

Request an Appearance

If you’d like me to appear on your site, in a podcast or post, or speak to me in some other capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact me

What I Can Do For You

I can help you with your writing and/or editing needs, including

– web copy creation

– ghost-writing

– researching and writing blog posts

– proofreading and copy-editing your blog posts, articles, essays, short stories, e-books, novellas, or novels

– writing and/or editing brochures and menus,

– editing your own words


– basically with anything else that contains the written word!

Please contact me for a quote today! 

Lorraine Reguly, smiling

And if you want to be a guest on Wording Well, let me know! But read my Guest Posting Guidelines first!