9 Reasons Why Making Friends with Clients is Important

Last Updated on: December 10th, 2018

Why Making Friends with Clients is Important

Making friends with clients is important, despite what “they” say about not mixing business with pleasure!

In fact, there are many benefits to establishing good relationships with other bloggers, authors, writers, freelancers, and business owners online.

Not only will they help you share your posts with their audiences, but they will help you out in other ways, too.

A perfect example of this happened in the summer (a few months ago, in 2018) after I took almost three months off, almost ran out of money, and had one of my client-friends come to my rescue.

Why I Ran Out of Money

I had been living off my savings for the month of June, July, and August.

I decided to take the summer off (for me, summer is July and August, as I live in Canada, in a city where it is winter for most of the year).

I made this decision at the beginning of June, when I got out of the hospital. I went to the emergency room on May 29th, 2018, because I was having trouble breathing. This event actually marked my second near-death experience. (I nearly died in August 2012, when my appendix burst.)

The cause of my shortness of breath was due to having blood clots in my lungs. I was in the hospital from May 29th until June 4th. I was put on blood thinners and had many follow-up appointments with my doctors.

I was also put on a new medication on June 19th. Then I contracted a stomach bug on June 26th. I had an upset stomach and a sore back for two weeks. I thought these were side effects of my new medication, so I spoke to my doctor and he advised me to stop taking it.

When I didn’t get better right away, I knew it was something else that was making me sick. It wasn’t until the second week of July that I really started feeling good again.

Because I was feeling so great, I decided to start taking that new medication again, which I did, on August 1st, after consulting with my doctor. For the most part, I am okay now, and my body has adjusted to the new medication, which is actually a cholesterol pill.

I still had to keep up with my appointments to get my blood checked because of the blood thinners I am on. In fact, I am still being monitored to this day, and will be for months to come.

When August rolled around, however, I noticed that my bank account balances were dwindling. I started to panic. I have not been broke for a very long time (years, actually) and I didn’t want to be broke again! I was down to my last $150 and knew I needed at least three times that amount to make it through the month!

I also have not had to make a budget in a very long time, either. I simply pay my bills when they come in, buy groceries whenever I need them, and go out when I feel like it, without having to worry about money, because there’s always money in the bank!

I have worked very hard for this freedom, and I have enjoyed it for years. 

That is one of the 12 benefits of being a freelance editor!

But, when I got sick and decided to take the summer off, I didn’t take the time to see if I could actually afford it. I did not draw up a budget. I simply thought my funds would last me until September, which is when I had my next editing gig booked for!

When I almost ran out of money, I didn’t know what to do.

In the past, when I was a prostitute, anytime I needed money, I would simply go out and stand on the street and sell myself. Those days are long gone. I stopped doing that years ago! (FYI, I’m much happier now, and most of my happiness stems from using positive affirmations.)

So what was I going to do to get through August?

This is what I did.

I emailed one of the friends that I made online that I previously worked with before. I explained my plight, and I asked him if he could help me out.

Here is the email I sent:


How are you?
I’m writing to see if you need any help with writing blog posts. As you know, I am very good at writing them!

Yes, I am looking for some work for you to outsource to me.

Is there a post in your Draft Folder that you simply haven’t had time to work on? Is there something you have outlined but haven’t had the time to write?

Consider letting me help you out for a small fee. 😉

I’ve been off work for two months due to some health issues and need to earn some money fast, to get me through the month. I have two editing gigs that I am supposed to start in September… but that is still more than three weeks away!

So I would appreciate it if you could throw some work my way!

I realize this is not very professional of me to share my problems with you, but you know that I am capable of producing quality work, as we have worked together in the past when I wrote that post for my website that included KindlePreneur’s tool KDPRocket.

Maybe you might consider hiring me to promote something else? Or maybe I can help you with one of your own blog posts?

Please let me know if you have anything for me to do.

Thanks for your consideration.

Lorraine Reguly

Dave Chesson email 1

Dave did not have any work to outsource to me, but he ordered some sponsored posts on my site, and he paid me up front for them because he wanted to help me.

Why did he come to my rescue?

He did that because we established a trustworthy friendship.  In fact, Dave even included me in his list of professional book editors (because he knows firsthand that I am an excellent editor!).

I am extremely grateful for his help, as it got me through my rough patch.

Having people you can approach in a pinch is one the most important reasons you should make friends with your clients. Although your family should be your first choice for people to go to, not everyone has family members who will help them out.

When you do so much work online, your friends become your family.

Making Friends with Clients is Important for 9 Reasons

Here are the 9 reasons it is important to make friends with clients…

1: You can ask them for work in a time of need.
2: They will brag to you about your awesomeness to their friends. This is particularly true for me in Maxwell Ivey’s case. Max mentions me in blog posts and on social media every chance he gets!
As a result…
3: You will gain more clients.
4: You will earn more money.

There are 9 reasons for why making friends is important


5: You will build a great reputation.
6. You can build up your testimonials. We all know the power of clients testimonials and how important they are! I have received MANY AWESOME TESTIMONIALS for all of my services!
7: You will gain backlinks. Both Dave and Max have linked to my sites several times! Dave even included me in his ultimate list of book editors (allowing me to get even more editing gigs!) Max has mentioned me many times. Naturally, he gave me a nice shout-out when his book, It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag, was released.

Max mentioned me here, which is the first example of why making friends with clients is important.

He did the same when The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures, was released!

Max mentioned me here, which is the second example of why making friends with clients is important.

He also mentioned me when I wrote his press release (which he included in his post Learn about Promoting Your Events from #TheBlindBlogger).

Max mentioned me here, which is the third example of why making friends with clients is important.

Max even made me my own page on site, as I am one of his success stories!

8: Your website’s DA and PA will rise as a result of the backlinks.
9: You will gain more popularity online.

These are all wonderful benefits of making friends with clients.

Your Turn

What other benefits come from making friends with clients?

Share in the comments!



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  1. Making relation with clients is very important so that they can easily trust you. It will also help in gaining more clients. Clients also demand good behavior from other sides and help in building a reputation among them. Thanks for sharing the unique article with us. This types of articles are less seen over the internet. Keep sharing.

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