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Testimonials are easy to get when you have happy clients

Client testimonials are powerful. They help others know what to expect from me. I have received many testimonials for the 4 different services I have performed for my clients.

In fact, I wrote a blog post about topic

(Gather yours on a regular basis to help others learn about you!)

The 4 Types of Testimonials I Have

Below you will find:  editing testimonials, writing testimonials, testimonials for consulting and coaching services (including blog/website services), and testimonials for author assistant services.

100% of my clients love the work I do and have done for them. Whatever it is you are considering hiring me for, please know that customer satisfaction is my top priority!

Here's what people are saying about me on Facebook:


    Lorraine’s content edits and recommendations for my article helped elevate the level of writing, produce a logical flow of words, and significantly improve the end product. Her work demonstrated her ability to perceive the principles of my field of competence in no time. Lorraine’s questions about the subject matter were thought-provoking and led me to changes that vastly improved my article. Lorraine is experienced and knowledgeable and is a great pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services. ~ Ron Sela

    Ron Sela
    Marketing Expert

    ​Before my book was edited by Lorraine, the rank of this book was terrible.

    After editing, it sat at the triple #1 spot for weeks! (See Lorraine listed as the editor, too.)  ~Don Orwell

    Don Orwell

    I am thoroughly impressed with how Lorraine edited my book, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light. She managed to weave the idea of walking a path and taking steps throughout it, and she reworked the sections to where they make more sense and are more organized. 

    One of the happiest things I've done in a long time was to click the "pay now" button for her on PayPal. In short, when you hire Lorraine to edit your own work, you are getting a qualified full service wordsmith who will produce something you will be proud of. ~The Blind Blogger

    Maxwell Ivey, Jr.

    Lorraine is my go-to editor for books, PDFs and some of my blog posts. She has improved and even salvaged most of my works without forcing it to lose its personality. Thorough and professional, she will surely help you take that next step as an author or blogger. ~Kindlepreneur

    Dave Chesson 

    One time I wrote a blog post and sent it to Lorraine to get her opinion on it. I thought it was good, but when I got it back from her, I was floored by how much better it was when she had worked her magic on it. She added bullet points, something I had never managed to master. She went out on the web and found a couple of articles to link to the post. She located specific information on dates and number of views of posts I had mentioned. And she added transitions that made my post flow so much more smoothly. And naturally she took her red pen to my spelling, punctuation, and grammar without taking away from my own natural writing style. 

    I ended up sending her this email afterwards:​

    You rock! You turned a good post into something really special. I have never had a post that is 7 ways or 9 things before. The additions you made are perfect! ~Mr. Midway

    Mr. Midway  
    The Midway Marketplace 

    I hired Lorraine to edit one of my blog posts as a trial assignment for bigger projects down the road. I didn't like the way i have written the post - but with a few quick tweaks she made it read well and easy, excellent job. Everything i didn't like in the post - she managed to fix with a magic wand. Recommended! ~Diana Marinova

    Diana Marinova 
    Freelance Marketing Consultant 

    You really did a fabulous job and you're right -- you really DO know how to punctuate a sentence and you have an eagle eye! ~Karen Dodd 

    Karen Dodd 

    I have worked with Lorraine extensively in 2013 and could not be happier with her attitude, experience, work ethic and the results. Lorraine knows what she is talking about when it comes to editing, as she has a lot of experience in this field. She is also extremely thorough and ensures that every i is dotted and t is crossed. Communication is also a strong point of Lorraine's. She will keep you informed of what is going on, and always delivers on time. I would have no hesitation working with Lorraine again and would recommend her as an Editor to anyone. ~Mad Lemmings

    Ashley Faulkes 
    Web Designer, Blogger, and Social Media Coach

    Lorraine Reguly has all the qualities that writers need--not necessarily what they want, but what they need. None of us likes to have someone point out our mistakes, but that is exactly what is essential if we are going to polish our work to publication readiness. Lorraine's sharp eyes and attention to detail become the stone that grinds away the impurities. She has an excellent command of language, syntax, punctuation, spelling and grammar, as well as the retention for continuity and cohesiveness.

    While working together on Stone's Ghost, she found errors that many other readers did not, and asked questions about ambiguous points that made me rethink my intent and increase my clarity. Her editing skills are both helpful and essential. I am extremely grateful for her help and would gladly recommend her to any writer. ~Melissa Bowersock

    Melissa Bowersock 


    Lorraine was a real pleasure to work with. She wrote excellent content and delivered all of it before the deadline with the utmost perfection. I would love to work with her again in near future.

    Rahul Sharma 
    Owner of several writing companies

    I've worked with Lorraine on creating detailed content for clients. Lorraine is always responsive, very conscientious, very thorough, and she has a great gift for creating unique and compelling content that engages the reader. I highly recommend hiring and working with Lorraine for any of your specialized content needs.     ~90 Day Entrepreneur and Entice Online Marketing

    Brandon Schaefer 
    CEO of 90 Day Entrepreneur and co-owner of Entice Online Marketing

    Creating content online is a lonely business. Not with Lorraine. She brought me out of a classic "blogger's slump" and took my business to a whole new level. 

    I'm not sure what it is --- her understanding of audiences, her ability to make a C post an A, or her honesty where others wouldn't dare --- but she is amazing. I recommend you set up a Skype with Lorraine today.    ~Dear Blogger

    Greg Narayan 
    Dear Blogger

    I first worked with Lorraine when she submitted a post for my blog. Her post offered excellent writing tips, and I could see that she really “got” what my blog was about. That post then inspired our collaboration leading a 30-day writing challenge that motivated the participants to write, helped spread the word about my business, and led to several new clients for me. Lorraine’s inspiration was just what my fledgling blog needed to take flight. Her passion for writing shows through in everything she does, and she is a delight to work with.  ~Sue Mitchell

    Sue Mitchell 
    Memoir Writing Coach

    Lorraine was a pleasure to work with in writing a guest post for The Wonder of Tech. Her talents in writing may only be exceeded by her professionalism. Lorraine was responsive immediately as I reached out to her with edits and suggestions. Her judgment was grounded as she firmly adhered to her position on some points and agreed to changes on other points. Her passion for her work showed through as her article gained not only strong traffic but active engagement by the readers.I look forward to having the opportunity to working with Lorraine again.. ~Carolyn Nicander Mohr, The Wonder of Tech

    Carolyn Nicander Mohr
    Lawyer, Technical Guru, Blogger, and Owner of The Wonder of Tech

    TESTIMONIALS FOR CONSULTING + COACHING SERVICES (including blog/website services)

    I started following Lorraine's blog sites and it's changed my life. I am a newbie to all things technical and Lorraine's how-to blog posts have enabled me to create better posts using new technology.

    She has also inspired me by writing about herself in a straightforward, no-nonsense way. She describes her struggles and pitfalls as well as her triumphs and victories. Her eBook "Risky Issues" is a fantastic read. I absolutely lost myself in her writing. She has inspired me to finish and publish a book of my own, "Everyone Evelon."

    I have even contacted her for assistance with my blog issues and she responds in a timely manner with encouragement, support, and the right way to solve my issue. I look forward to her blog posts every week. ~Write, Read, Delight, Indeed!

    Jo Ann Plante 

    Lorraine has helped me improve my social media profiles and my Blind Blogger website. I trust her to the point that she has my passwords and is welcome to go into my site at any time to correct problems or make improvements. Each time I appear online in a guest post, podcast, or interview, I tag her on Facebook and she automatically updates my As Seen Online page without me having to ask her to. She's always on top of things and I love her for it! ~The Blind Blogger

    Maxwell Ivey 
    The Blind Blogger

    Lorraine has many valuable life experiences to share and she is particularly gifted as a writer and poet.

    Lorraine is very open and prepared to consider new possibilities. She has a positive attitude and is an encouraging mentor.

     Anonymous user testimonial


    ​A lot of work went into publishing my book, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light. Initially, Lorraine performed magic on it by editing it. She organized my document into the book it is now. She divided it into chapters, with headings and titles. She clarified my exercises and improved their instructions. She also reordered things in a few places, too, so that they would make more sense to the reader. Then Lorraine helped me create an author bio page to add to the book. Lorraine was also responsible for creating the front matter of the book (the contents of the copyright page), complete with proper attributions to the right people.

    ​I had help creating the image for my book cover, but was usure as to whether or not I had full permission to use the image my designer selected. So Lorraine tracked down the original owner, sent her an email explaining the situation, and ended up obtaining permission to use it, provided we credited her with the copyright. It’s a great relief knowing that I haven’t left myself open to a lawsuit and that Lorraine was conscientious enough to make sure of this.

    ​When it came time to turn the ebook version into a print book, Lorraine helped me every step of the way. She solved many problems I had and then made sure each of files were perfect before uploading the different files to the various sites where my book is being sold. She ordered a physical copy and proofed it, too, because there are always last-minute changes to make. Without her help, I couldn't have made my book available to the world as a print version. I'm grateful for all the work Lorraine did for me, and I'm proud to call myself a published author now! ~The Blind Blogger

    Maxwell Ivey, Jr.