Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

Last Updated on: January 26th, 2021

Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful


Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and visualization are three techniques you can use to improve your mindset and become more successful.

This is the second article in a 3-part series of things you can do to improve your life and increase your success.

Post #1: How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life

Post #3: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Decrease Your Stress and Grow Your Success by using Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and visualization!

Entrepreneurs can get extremely stressed.

When this happens, it can affect their success.

When you are feeling stressed, you generally have many thoughts racing through your mind.

To slow down this activity and re-focus your thoughts, you can practice meditation. Meditation will allow you to change your thoughts so that you can put the Law of Attraction into effect in a more positive way. These two things will also help you employ the visualization technique, which will definitely cause your life to improve!

Your stress level will decrease, your thoughts will become clearer, and you will be able to cope with anything life throws your way!
We have already learned how to use positive affirmations to change our mindset.

Now we are going to learn how to use meditation, the Law of Attraction, and the Visualization technique to become more successful.

“It is estimated that the average person has between 12,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. This is evidence enough to suggest that your goal should not be to control every thought. It is your dominant thoughts and beliefs that you must learn to bring under your conscious control as they are what largely determine your mental attitude. As you do, you will find your random thoughts themselves becoming more positive and more deliberate.” ~ taken from Thought Power – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


Meditation is a technique that basically helps you to clear your mind. From my research, meditation actually has a different meaning to each individual.

Some people view it as simply a breathing practice. Some view it as the mental concentration of something. Some view it as a state of thoughtless awareness. And some view it as a way of simply focusing on one particular thing.

To help you form your own view of what meditation is – or can be – I’m going to share a few good examples of what meditation is and how it can help you.

Do you remember when I told you that our brains can be trained?

Look at Wikipedia’s definition of meditation:

“Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness… to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.”

The website called The Buddhist Centre has this definition of meditation:

“Meditation is a means of transforming the mind… that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things…to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. …Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.”

I like this definition because it focuses on emotional positivity which can transform your life.

Advice for Implementing Meditation in Your Life

Maxwell Ivey Jr, a blind entrepreneur and author (and a personal friend of mine), is internationally known as The Blind Blogger. He underwent a major transformation in his life when he had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 250 pounds in 4 years.

He subsequently wrote two books. His first one is Leading You Out of the Darkness into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success, in which he provides 11 steps to success.

This is the final cover for Max's ebook, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.cover image for It's Not the Cookie, It's the Bag

His second book is called It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag: An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Weight Loss Success. In this book, there is a chapter titled Modern Meditation. He has created his own definition of meditation to include taking regular, everyday activities (such as showering or petting a dog) and making those moments special. Using the example of petting his dog, Penny, he says:

“For anywhere from five to thirty minutes, I scratch her back, rub her belly, and stroke her fur. I focus on the repetitive motions and the warmth of her body. I think about the pleasure I am bringing her. I slow my thoughts and focus on my breathing. I get a sense of calmness and I relax for a short time.”

He goes on to say:

“There are many times in our day we could use to improve our mental health if we just allow ourselves to enjoy the moment.”

He also says:

“Meditation allows you to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase focus, improve your mood, and encourage you to make better choices.”

I completely agree with him!

You can practice different forms of meditation while doing almost any repetitive activity or chore – while doing the dishes, while exercising, while showering, while preparing meals, etc.

By shifting your concentration and focusing on what you are doing, you can calm yourself and change your mood. It’s easy to become more positive when you are enjoying the moment.

Another famous blogger and author I know, Ryan Biddulph, practices 20 minutes of meditation each day, immediately after he wakes up. Years ago, Ryan was a broke security guard. Now, he is the author of over 124 e-books and travels the world, island-hopping with his wife, Kelli, who used to suffer from depression.

Ryan and Kelli are now living out their dreams on a daily basis! His website is called Blogging from Paradise, and hers is called Life Made to Order.

Kelli is also an author. She has written a series of e-books on The Law of Attraction. She is an expert on this topic!

Together they have discovered that using these techniques together has made an incredibly positive impact on their lives.

The Law of Attraction

According to ancient beliefs, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is the basic Law of the Universe.

The Law of Attraction states that our predominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs determine the experiences we attract into our lives, and it uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts to materialize them into a reality.

The LOA is a universal law where the prime belief is that “like attracts like.” This is similar to the laws of magnets! Therefore, if you think and believe negative things all the time, your life will be filled negative experiences, and if you think and believe positive things all the time, then your life will be filled with positive experiences.

Part of the theory of the LOA is that you can use it to attract situations, experiences, and material objects that you want into your life.

The theory is that if we consciously direct our focus on what we want, we will get more of it.

The more energy you give to a particular thought, the greater its power.

Because our beliefs determine how we think and how we feel, they also determine our energy – how we move through the world. By changing our thoughts, we change our energy. Our energy is the only thing we really have any control over.

“By thinking of the good things you want to happen as part of a regular routine, you are creating a positive energy.” ~  Stephen Richards, Ask and the Universe Will Provide: A Straightforward Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

However, there is something important you need to know: The only way to manifest your thoughts into things is to believe and live as if you have already accomplished your goal!

Therefore, changing your current belief system is crucial to using The Law of Attraction successfully.

This is where visualization comes into play.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” ~ Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)


The visualization technique is used in conjunction with meditation, and also involves The Law of Attraction. By combining these three things, you can basically get what you want out of life!

The practice of visualization is actually quite simple, and follows these steps:

– Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down for 20 minutes without being disturbed.

– Breathe in and out slowly and deeply 10 times.

– Allow your mind to picture what you want, whatever that happens to be.

– Imagine that you have already gotten what you want. Let your mind evoke the different images of it.

– In your mind, use your senses to imagine how you will feel, what you would see, what you would touch, and what you would hear.

– Completely build a mental scenario and imagine yourself actually living in that scenario.

– Repeat this process until you get what you want. It may take you many times, but what you want will eventually manifest itself into a reality.

My Personal (and AMAZING!) Experience with Visualization

I have used this technique in my life several times. I will share an example with you now.

Let me first tell you about the climate in which I live. In the winter, the temperature drops to minus thirty-five degrees Celsius during the months of January and February. We get a lot of snow, too. During the summer months, it can get as hot as thirty degrees, but most days fall within the range of twenty to twenty-five degrees.

Let me also tell you that I have not done a lot of traveling during my life. However, I always wanted to take my dream vacation. This involved me relaxing on a beach, surrounded by palm trees (which I had never seen before in my life).

On Wednesday, February 17th, 2016, I went to an indoor swimming pool with my young nephew. There was a heated, smaller pool for children next to the big pool. On one of the walls next to this kiddie pool was a painting of a palm tree. My nephew was playing in the big pool with some boys and didn’t want me around him, so I decided to relax in the smaller pool.

I lay back, resting my head on one of the smaller floatation mats and stared at that painting, imagining myself living my dream. As I looked at that tree, I imagined it was real. I concentrated on the warmth of the water in the small pool and imaged it was the sun that was warming me. Because it was winter outside – very cold with a lot of snow – this was completely opposite of what my reality was. Yet I continued to imagine myself on a sandy beach, listening to the ocean waters lap against the shore, while I laid under the warm sun.

Four days later, on the night Saturday, Feb. 20th, 2016, I received a message from my brother on Facebook. He informed me that he and his girlfriend were going to Punta Cana for a week. They were leaving on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 2016. He invited me to go with them. (For the record, I have never traveled anywhere with my brother before. He has gone on many trips, too!)

Punta Cana is in the Dominican Republic, a primarily Spanish-speaking country. My son is half-Spanish, and I had learned to speak a bit of this language years ago, from my son’s father and his Spanish friends.

My brother sent me a link to the resort they were going to stay at and a link to where to buy a ticket. Although I was given only two days’ notice of this trip, when I looked at the resort, I was in awe. It looked so beautiful there! Immediately, I wanted to go with them! I wanted to live my dream. I wanted to relax. I wanted the stress to leave my life.

At that point in my life, I had been taking care of my mom for almost three months. She had broken her arm, and I had been preparing all of her meals for her as well as doing all of her chores (which involved cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping for her, doing my parents’ laundry, changing the cats’ litter box, etc.). I was tired and worn out, and I really needed a break.

I also had to stop working for a bit. I simply didn’t have time to work. Taking care of her was very demanding. To top things off, my parents had also decided to sell their house, which they lived in for 40+ years. I had a lot on my plate, as I was expected to help them go through their belongings, help them get rid of some of them, help them pack, help find an apartment to move to, help them move, and help them get set up in their new place.

But I also had just finished paying off my credit cards, and so I didn’t really have the funds to go on a trip.

Now here’s the thing.

I had just gotten my passport in January. I had never traveled anywhere before.

Since getting involved with and using positive affirmations, I started visualizing some of the things I wanted. I saw results, too, and my life had been moving forward for a while.

In the back of my mind, I knew I would eventually take my dream vacation. I just didn’t have any solid plans for when that would be.

Until I received that message from my brother.

I took my brother’s message as a sign that I was destined to go on this trip.

My brother and his girlfriend have both traveled to other countries before. They were experienced, they had done all the research, and I knew I would be safe with them.

They had even checked the weather forecast for Punta Cana for the following week. It was expected to be 28 to 32 degrees Celsius all week long, with no rain. This was perfect weather for relaxing on the beach under the sun!

I decided to throw caution to the wind and use my credit card to charge my trip.

Why not? For me, it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

So I did.

And I’m so happy I did.

I had two days to prepare for this trip. I bought bug spray (I don’t like bugs), three containers of sunscreen (I burn easily), and a visor/cap. I dug out my summer shorts and tops. I packed a few dresses, a dressy pair of sandals, and my flip-flops. I gathered my toiletries, contact lenses, and make-up. I selected a few books to read.

I read reviews about the hotel. I printed off some useful Spanish Travel Phrases.

I didn’t have time to buy a Spanish/English dictionary, but I had remembered some of the language I previously learned. I also had taken a college course in Conversational Spanish, so I was confident that I would know enough to get by and survive for a week without any issues.

I was set.

And I left my laptop at home. But I brought my phone charger and smartphone!

We left early Tuesday morning, as planned. The flight was a direct one and took about 5 hours. I had no problems passing through Customs. None of us did. We stayed at the Blau Natura Park Eco Beach Resort & Spa.

the parking lot of the hotel with the hotel entrance in the backgroundpeacock on the grass at the Blauthe pool at the Blau

The packages we purchased were all-inclusive, which meant that they included all hotel costs, airfare, taxes (including the tax you have to pay just to leave the Dominican Republic!), all food, all drinks (including alcoholic drinks!), and all other taxes. It was a sweet deal.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent there. I went from “stressed out” to “peaceful” in seconds. The moment I saw the beach, all worries left me. I didn’t think about problems, work, family, or… anything. Instead, I was “at one” with nature, and extremely happy that, for a full seven days, I would be able to live out my dream vacation!

the hotel beach boundaries at the BlauThe beach at the Blauthe beach waves

Dan and Jamie on the beachswimming in the oceanmy name in the sand

This experience of mine is proof that visualization truly works.

The positivity of my experience led to many positive after-effects, too, which lasted a long time after I returned home!

Here are the after-effects and benefits I experienced:

I became rejuvenated.

My attitude changed, for the better. I became positive about everything!

I became more productive. I now work smarter, not harder.

My sexual drive returned. (For a single gal like me, this is HUGE!)

I am meeting new people in different ways now. Easily.

I’m not afraid of trying new things, or stepping out of my comfort zone. I even went zip-lining when I was there!

I created memories that will last me a lifetime. And I took over 1200 pictures to remind myself, lest I should ever forget!

palm trees on the beach on a nice daythe sunset

my favourite palm treethe sunset 2palm tree in hotel

I now have a desire to be the best version of myself that I can be. (Even though I’ve accomplished a lot already, I’m nowhere near reaching my point of self-actualization, but I strongly believe that I will reach that point, someday.)

I am more active and am eating better. Ergo, I’m healthier. And happier. Much happier!

Even though I had to charge this trip on my credit card, I knew I would’ve regretted it forever if I didn’t jump at the opportunity to take this vacation.

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” ~ Dalai Lama

6 Instructions for How to Start Using Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization in YOUR Life

Visualization is used in conjunction with meditation techniques as well as The Law of Attraction and positive affirmations.

These techniques work. My positive experiences are proof!

One more positive affirmation you can add to your list is this one:

I ask for it, visualize it, claim it, expect it, and receive it!

1: Add this affirmation to the list that you made in the previous chapter (AKA the list you made in the blog post about positive affirmations):

I ask for it, visualize it, claim it, expect it, and receive it!

2: Then open your workbook (or Word document or Google Doc) and write down three things you want and list some potential ways for how you can get them.

3: Make a vision board to help you visualize your goals. Tape or glue pictures of the things you want have and that reflect the type of person you want to be on a piece of Bristol board (or on a wall in your bedroom), and look at it each day.
•         Use pictures of houses, cars, pools, beaches, etc.
•         Arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.
•         Look at it often!

Then start visualizing yourself getting each thing.

4: Use meditation to refocus your thoughts and think about what you truly want.

Close your eyes and SEE yourself being successful at getting it. Feel it. Taste it. Touch it. See yourself achieving each outcome.

Practice this daily. The more often you practice meditation and visualization, the faster The Law of Attraction will work for you!

5: Start now, if it’s possible! Sit or lie down for 20 minutes.

Begin with breathing deeply and slowing down your racing thoughts.

Think of your 3 desires.

Pick one and focus on it.

Use the visualization technique to concentrate on building that scenario in your mind. Add as many details to this mental picture as you can. (If it will help you, you can write out the details in the space below.)

6: Each time you meditate and practice visualizing your desires, continue to add more and more details until you actually see yourself living as though you have received them!

In time, as you strengthen your new beliefs, they will come true!

This Article is a Chapter from From Nope To Hope

The majority of this article was copied from my book! (About 95% of it!!!)

It is based on Chapter 9: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization.

My book is available online from CreateSpace, Amazon, and from this website.

You can learn all about my book and get the purchase links from my Booklaunch page for From Nope to Hope.

Note: It’s cheapest from my website! —> you can also see the titles of the chapters here!

This book is not just for people suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts; it’s ALSO for anyone wishing to improve themselves!

It’s a self-help book that contains a built-in workbook, too!

Check it out.


From NOPE to HOPE - 3D e-book cover with girl

Your Turn:

Have you used any of these techniques before?

Which ones?

Did they work?

Share in the comments, please!

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    Meditation allows you to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase focus, improve your mood, and encourage you to make
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      It’s not always easy to steer clear of negativity but it can be done.
      I’m glad you already know your weak spot and are working on improving it! Good luck!

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    I’ve read interviews with several top athletes who talk about the importance of visualization. Tennis players that visualize the serve going over the net or golfers that imagine the ball going in the hole. It makes a lot of sense to me that by reinforcing the positive and imagining what you want to happen will have an impact on the actual outcome. Visualization can be a key ingredient for success whether it’s in business, personal life ….or even sports.
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      Matt, I was surprised to find that visualization not only works but is so powerful!
      Having my own personal experiences with it proves it works wonders!

      Have you ever used this technique? How did it work for you?

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      Matt, I am an engineer and it is really surprising for you to know that in engineering, I will must say, the whole game is around visualization. it is very difficult to visualize new concepts and the students who get success in visualization really become good engineers. So, I want to say that visualization in every field plays a very important role in setting parameters and bringing success.
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    Great Post. Success with law of attraction visualization depends on correct application of visualization. Most of my success has come directly from gaining a better understanding. Thanks,

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  11. Hi Lorraine,

    When I first came across Law of attraction years ago, I was a skeptic, but after reading many books, I kinda realized that everything happened based on my thoughts, energy, and belief-system. The hard part of LOA is believing something that’s not visible, but once we do, it works.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day! 🙂
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      Adithya, it is amazing how much it actually works, right! I’m glad you are a believer now. 🙂 Gosh, it sounds like I’m running a cult. LOL

      Everything is based on our beliefs, though. That’s true. And how you perceive things, too.
      The Law of Attraction is awesome!

  12. Thanks for the shout Lorraine! Kelli appreciates it too 🙂 Look at those gorgeous pictures of paradise. You did it, inside-out. Just like us. Just like all human beings. Whether I created what seemed to be nightmares or dreams, it was inside-out, or, my energy, manifest as an experience. Meditation has been a gift for me but sometimes, sitting and observing has been highly unpleasant. I had to release grief, rage and all types of fear based stuff I resisted to live this life today. But as you are seeing too, when we embrace and let go the pain, we shine more brightly for others and inspire them to live their dreams too.

    PS…Happy Birthday!
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      Ryan, I had a dream and I made it come true! (Your pics of paradise played a part in that, though!) 😉

      Thanks for the inspiration!

      As for the negative stuff… Oh, God, don’t even get me started about all the stuff I had to release from my past… 🙁
      But I did it… and I am still doing it.

      I now embrace my new role as an influencer who inspires others. 🙂

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, too. I dislike getting older, but I LOVE getting wiser! 😉

  13. Hi Lorraine,

    I was glad to read the post on on: How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life some days back. Now, we have the Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful.

    This is a boom, Lorraine!

    Personally, I use the ask, visualize, claim, expect, and receive it formula. This has been working well for me. And, from the detailed guide here I already learn new things which I’ll be using in my first book for writers. However, before I start writing any blog post (article) I never fail to make a vision board to help me visualize the goals which I want to get.

    This time, I reflect on my pasts, the books I’ve read, the many articles I’ve consumed and more. I tend to tap into the big pictures of the things I want to have and the person I want to be identified as each day people hear my name, see my picture, come in contact with me. Revealing the bit parts of your already published book isn’t a bad idea. I see this as a great catch to get those who haven’t gotten their copy to DO that ASAP. I’m waiting to consume the #part 3 while I slowly sip my orange fruit juice 😀

    – Prince.
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      Prince, I can tell you have been implementing certain strategies into your life. I have watched your growth, and I am so proud of how far you have come since I first met you!

      Congratulations for that! 🙂

      Thanks for learning from me and from others. Keep doing what you’re doing… because you are doing GREAT! 🙂

      Post 3 will be out around the 30th of this month. 😉

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