5 Self-Editing Hacks to Boost Your Blog Writing (+ a FREE Checklist!)

5 Self-Editing Hacks to Boost Your Blog Writing

Self-editing is a great option if you’re a blogger but can’t afford to hire an editor.

Editors aren’t cheap! Sure, they can improve your writing, and even teach you a few things about sentence structure and grammar. They can even boost your writing so that your post ranks higher.

However, you might not have the money to spend on an editor, especially if you are a new blogger.

But that’s no excuse for not editing your writing!

So what you should you do?

Self-edit! That’s what!

My guest today will show you 5 self-editing hacks you can use to boost your blog writing.

You can also download my bonus checklist of 17 Editing Tips for Writers!


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Open Oceans of Opportunity by Being Vulnerable and Honest

Open Oceans of Opportunity By Being Vulnerable and Honest

Have you ever wanted to reveal a secret about yourself but were too scared to?

Have you ever wanted to share something personal online but didn’t, because you were afraid of being harassed, made fun of, or maybe even attracting a stalker?

Here’s some good news.

It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s OKAY to be Afraid. (We all are, at some point!)

It’s also okay to share personal stuff.

In fact, people LIKE it when you do.


(I know, I was surprised at this too!)

People genuinely like it when you expose your vulnerabilities and share your innermost thoughts and private experiences. It gives them a sense of entitlement.

More importantly, they feel closer to you, learn that you are a real person, baggage and all.

They also deem you as brave and appreciate you more.

And they love you for it.

Because I have been through so much in my life, I wanted to offer my personal pieces of wisdom to you… because I know what it’s like to be in a position of uncertainty.

I was scared, once upon a time, of revealing things about myself to the world.

When I Ignored My Fear, My Posts Went Viral

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4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)

4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)

Becoming an author involves 4 phases, and if you’re a blogger, you’re already an author, of sorts…

When you publish a blog post, you are the “author” of that post. But being an author who sells e-books is a completely different story… but it doesn’t have to be.

You can be a blogger or a freelance writer who is also an author!

You don’t have to write fiction; you can write self-help books, motivational books, or anything else that suits your talents and knowledge.

Look at Ryan Biddulph, the guy behind Blogging from Paradise. He’s a blogger who turned most of his blog posts into e-books… and earns passive income from his book sales!

Look at Alicia Rades. She’s a freelance writer who is also a fiction author.

Look at me. I self-published a book of short stories (Risky Issues)… just to see if I could actually figure out the whole self-publishing process on my own. In fact, a blind man motivated me to make it available in print instead of just as an e-book.


After learning the steps of the self-publishing process, I then helped this blind man (Maxwell Ivey) self-publish not one but two books. Take a look at his books! One is an 11-step guide to business success. The other is an easy-to-follow guide to weight loss success.

This is the final cover for Max's ebook, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.

cover image for It's Not the Cookie, It's the Bag

Now look at Dave Chesson. He’s a guy who became a best-selling author… by writing under pen names (pseudonyms), which, unfortunately, he won’t reveal to you here.

However, he will reveal the different stages he has gone through as both an online writer and an author… so that YOU can see where YOU are currently at… if you want to become an author too.

***Note that I can help you, as I offer author assistant services in addition to my writing and editing services!***

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17 of the Best Websites to Bring Back Your Writing Inspiration

17 of the Best Websites to Bring Back Your Writing Inspiration

Do you ever need some writing inspiration?

I bet you DO!

As bloggers, writers, and freelancers, we all need writing inspiration at some point.

Many websites exist that can help bring back your writing inspiration and your creativity.

So do many tools, including the ones found in these posts:

8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

9 Tools that No Serious Online Writer Should Be Without

Some FUN Writing Tools to Get You In the #writing Mood

Today’s guest, Rachel, will share 17 of the best websites to you to help you stay inspired and get your writing inspiration back.

Do YOU Need Some Writing Inspiration?

Do you want or need to write, but are feeling less than inspired?

I’ve been there plenty of times.

You get rid of all the distractions, tidy up your desk, focus on the job at hand and… nothing. You have writer’s block. You don’t know what to do.

The solution: check out some of these websites dedicated to writers and writing to get re-inspired.

(An alternate solution is to hire a freelance writer to help you!)


1. The Story Starter

The reason why you may lose your writing inspiration is because you are writing about the same stuff over and over again, and never venturing outside your niche. The Story Starter will enable you to do that, by generating a random sentence that will become the starter for your new story. It’s an incredibly fun exercise, as it’s always able to come up with interesting story starters.

“There is always, always, always something to write about.”

Rob Bignell, Writing Affirmations: A Collection of Positive Messages to Inspire Writers

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Did You Hear About this FREE Online Content Promotion Summit Yet?

Content Promotion Summit - image 1 - 12 Days + 60 Experts - Get access now

Did you hear about this totally cool, helpful event yet?


Okay, I will fill you in on EVERYTHING you need to know!

And please help to spread the word about this awesome event!

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What is the Content Promotion Summit?

The Content Promotion Summit is an online event featuring more than 60 internet marketing experts from around the world who will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s moving the needle today and working in the online world of blogging, selling, and ranking your sites.

These individuals have paved the way to building up websites into 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses and are eager to share their secrets to help you on your journey.

The Content Promotion Summit was designed to give you a road-map for writing and promoting your content to rapidly get more traffic, leads, and profits with content marketing.

Each speaker will reveal what’s working to get you results today. They will provide you with actionable strategies with step-by-step advice for you to implement immediately.

You can claim your FREE ticket (normally worth $997) today simply by clicking this link!

This summit will radically change how you think about content marketing, business, and making money online.

Are you in?

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