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WORDING WELL: Writing, Editing, Coaching & Author Assistant Services

Wording Well is the solution to your stress, especially if you are a someone who is…

  • stuck for time
  • in need of a writer, ghostwriter, editor, or blogger
  • in need of a helping hand OR some guidance
  • too busy to “do it all” on your own

Do you:

  • want your blog posts to rank high in Google Search?
  • need a writer/editor/blogger/coach who understands your needs?
  • want to write and/or publish a book or e-book but don’t know where to start?

Then hire me.

  • I’ve written numerous posts (for myself and for my clients) that have hit the #1 spot on Google. (Want proof? Google any of the following and Wording Well posts will pop up: Liebster Award, anything to do with wanting to kill yourself,  a letter to a son, or anything about false teeth. (The post I wrote about my false teeth has over 460 comments on it!)
  • The 4th blog post I ever wrote landed on the first page of the search results. It was about the VisualBee toolbar.
  • I’ve been the first person ever to guest post on sites that have now become quite popular, such as Dear Blogger and MadLemmings. I was a “newbie” blogger then, too!

I can help you achieve your goals, too, whatever they may be!

About Wording Well and Lorraine Reguly

Hi. I’m Lorraine, a freelance writer, blogger, coach, and author assistant who is also a certified English teacher and author. (See my teaching credentials.)Me during the winter of 2015

I wear many hats (figuratively speaking).

I’m also the owner of Wording Well. 

On my blog, you will find information for bloggers, freelancers, writers, authors, and business owners. You’ll also find a few posts about my personal experiences!

But let’s talk about you for a minute… and how I can help YOU.

I offer 4 distinct services that will help relieve you of your work stress.

I can also help you increase your monthly income and grow your business!

I do all of the following:

I will:

  • create content for your site
  • make sure it’s written in your brand’s voice and style
  • ensure it’s written well, is free of typos, and is formatted properly
  • upload it directly to your blog, to save you the time and hassle of doing so
  • help share it on social media
  • custom-tailor my services to YOUR needs!

I can also help you:

  • create downloadable content to help grow your email list
  • write an e-book (or a series of e-books) that you can publish and sell (to increase your sales revenue)
  • monetize your blog with AdSense (to add extra passive income to your earnings)
  • write newsletters and/or emails to send to your subscribers
  • devise a blogging plan and/or a social media strategy for your business
  • focus on other areas of your business through coaching/mentoring
  • understand the need for marketing to specific people

I am:

  • a blogger with years of experience writing for others (check out my portfolio)
  • a certified English teacher who loves words
  • an author who has helped others become authors too
  • loved by clients (check out my testimonials)
  • the solution to managing your work stress!

By hiring me, I can help you relax and make you confident that your business and blog are running smoothly.

Put your work in my capable hands… and breathe easier.

Allow Wording Well to help you.

Contact me. Let’s talk!
Lorraine Reguly, owner of Wording Well


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