Three More Liebster Awards? I’m Not A Newbie Anymore!


I am pleased to announce three more Liebster Awards have been given to me. It’s been a while since I have received an Award of any kind, and so I’m grateful to Jeri Walker-Bickett (a writer friend) for bestowing this award upon me. Funny, crazy, quirky Cee Lee also gave me this award. Connor Rickett, another freelance writer I know, also gave me this award – damn him! I shouldn’t have accepted it, but he’s one of a kind. (Aren’t we all?) 😉 Read this post to see what I mean. You’ll die laughing. 😀 Read More

Google+ Circles: The Unanswered Questions, Answered!

pic of Google logo

It seems that I am becoming somewhat of an expert (ha!) regarding certain things in social media.

How do I know this? Google said so.

I heard Google speak her voice (yes, Google is female!) when I viewed my blog stats and took a look at the search terms used to send people to my blog posts – in particular, my post about Managing Google+ Circles.

She said, “Hey, Lorraine, I think you should write a post and inform these people of what they want to know regarding Google+ circles!”

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating. But, it seems that Google loves me. . . even though I don’t know much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why else would she send these people to my site?

I think it’s because I’m helpful, and talk to both a specific reader and the general masses. 

When people are continually asking for information and are being sent to ME, the proud non-techie (yes, I am now proud of this fact), I feel like it is my duty to respond to them. I can see that there is an obvious need for a post to be written about this topic.

You see, when people talk, I pay attention. This quality has made me many friends and a great teacher. When I taught high school, most of my students loved me. I spoke on their level. I imparted my wisdom to them. Now I am going to continue this trend on my blog. I have to.I cannot disappoint my new buddy, Google. 

I think I might even call her “Googs” for short. 😉

The Many Questions We Have

As someone who had to learn many things on her own, I gotta figure that there are tons of others out there who are just like me — filled with questions.

The questions people have about Google+ circles include the ones listed below, which have been copied directly (spelling errors and all!) from my stats page on my blog. I will answer them to the best of my ability.

(Note that I have included my ranking for each, too. Yes, I had to check each one out individually.)

  1. how to tell what google+ circle someone has added u in (ranking is #1)
  2. how do i know who in google+ has put me in there circles (ranking is #2)
  3. what is different between in her circle and have her in circle (ranking is #2)
  4. when someone puts you in their circle how do you get yourself out (ranking is #2)
  5. what does it mean when someone adds you to a circle on google+ (ranking is #3)
  6. why can’t i add people to my circle on google+ (ranking is #5)
  7. can someone just add you to their circles on google plus (ranking is #5)
  8. google plus added you back vs added to circles (ranking is #7)

The Answers

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Need to Know About Self-Publishing? Melissa Bowersock Reveals All!

Just how DO people self-publish their books? Do YOU have a book that needs publishing? Do YOU need some information? Full of a plethora of much sought-after info, this post will both educate you and allow you to become “comfortable” with the idea of self-publishing!  In it I will share quite a few things — mainly, what I have learned about publishing from Melissa Bowersock, author, blogger, and creative spirit.  Read More

4 Things to Say (Announcements, Thanks, and My Latest Discoveries)

Ok, people, I have a lot to say, and not much time to say it, so please listen up!

First of all, I want to say thanks to all my new Followers — from WordPress and Twitter. A big “shout out” to all of you! Keep sharing my stuff, and I will do the same. Or, at the very least, I will “like” it, to let you know that I read it (assuming I don’t comment)!

Secondly, I want to thank Read More

She actually answered my interview questions… what a Patsy she is!

I bet you have known a Patrick or a Patricia or a Patsy or a Pat of some kind during your time, haven’t you?  Maybe you have heard of Pat the Dog, on the sitcom “Friends”?

I have known many “Pats”; all of the above, actually. When I returned to high school (I quit for a few years, and then attended an adult education center, from which I graduated before I went to university), my teacher, who become a significant mentor to me, was named Patricia, but I called her Pat. I also knew a Patrick, a Pat, a Patsy, a Tricia, and a Trish.

The most influential person, however, was my teacher, Patricia. She became like a second mother to me.

She also just happens to have the same name as the woman I sought out to answer a few questions I had about writing and publishing, and who actually answered my interview questions! However, she is not a Patsy… she hates that name! (She doesn’t mind Pat, though.) 🙂


Drumroll… please…

Let’s all give a nice, warm welcome to author, writer and publisher, Ms. Patricia Sheehy!

(audience claps enthusiastically…. and cheers… and the crowd goes wild…)

My Interview With Patricia (Pat) Sheehy:

1. What advice would you give to a new/beginner novel writer? What about a blogger?

I’ve met a lot of people who like the idea of “having written” but don’t enjoy the process of writing. I always think that it’s sad to have your sights on an outcome when you don’t enjoy the journey. Writing a book is a long and sometimes painful experience, yet thrilling at the same time. For me, “having written” isn’t enough. So, my advice is this:  write because you love it, not because you want a book to talk about at parties; come from a place of passion and determination, keep your expectations realistic and write for yourself, for the story you want to tell, for what burns inside of you. Be true to yourself.

I wrote my first metaphysical novel, Veil of Illusion, before metaphysical was a household word and was told by an editor at Bantam Books that it was compelling, much like the movie “Ghost”, but it had no place in the marketplace and they wouldn’t be acquiring it or anything like it. Editors acquire books, in large measure, based on where they see it on the shelves in a bookstore and how it stacks up in the marketplace. At that moment in time, I was ahead of the market. But look at how things have changed! What else? Write regularly, with discipline; half of success is showing up, not just dreaming of the outcome.

To quickly respond to the question of bloggers: that also requires discipline, even more so, because readers are looking for your content on a regular basis and you make a contract with readers when you start a blog. Bloggers need to understand their audience, what benefit they are providing in terms of content, and then they must keep their promise.

Writing has four sides: craft, art, business and pleasure. Every writer needs to delve deep within themselves to understand what they want from the experience and how much they are willing to give to achieve their definition of success.



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