4 Things to Say (Announcements, Thanks, and My Latest Discoveries)

Last Updated on: May 29th, 2015

Ok, people, I have a lot to say, and not much time to say it, so please listen up!

First of all, I want to say thanks to all my new Followers — from WordPress and Twitter. A big “shout out” to all of you! Keep sharing my stuff, and I will do the same. Or, at the very least, I will “like” it, to let you know that I read it (assuming I don’t comment)!

Secondly, I want to thank Patricia Sheehy for letting me interview her, and for allowing us to come to a fair negotiation regarding one of her books, Veil of Illusion, which I was interested in reading, and which is, apparently, in the mail as we speak.  (I just hope she remembered to autograph it for me!!!)

This is the book Pat is sending me!

This is the book Pat is sending me!

Note: I promised her that I would publish our interview within the first 10 days of April, and I did. I have also done everything else I said I was going to do, so I guess that I am impressing some people, whether I want to believe it or not (*laughing*) by being honest! I will be writing reviews for her, too, as part of our deal, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on Goodreads. I just hope I love it, so I can give her the best promotion possible! (If I hate it, she will know this, too, but it sounded good, and I read a lot, so either way it will be worth it, in my opinion.)

Actually, admitting my vulnerabilities is something I am getting quite good at. Not that being honest makes me vulnerable, but, you know, it does put a bit of a target on my back. Also, I have been in such a stage of  intense learning, lately, that I feel like I know nothing.  Of course, it may be my low-self esteem coming out, or it may have something to do with me being bi-polar, but it also may be due to the fact that the more I read, the more I realize just how little I know. I think this is true for everyone… (Who WAS that philosopher who said something about this? If anyone knows, leave me a comment and fill me in, please. It has been 19 years since I took a Philosophy course in university, and I cannot remember.)

Thirdly, I want to share some information about upcoming events here on this blog. I will be offering a guest post by Kristine Millar, an interview with Paulette Kinnes, and something (I have not yet figured it out) with Melissa Bowersock. Naturally, in my quest to learn about writing and publishing (since someday    I hope to be a published author), these posts will revolve around these topics. Offering free promotions for the month of April has opened my eyes to the possibilities for not just my future, but yours, too, if you have any of these dreams!

Finally, I wanted to share some things I have been discovering about myself as a result of my participation in the 30-Day Writing Challenge, which I might add, is never too late to start. I just happened to start mine on April Fools Day (I’m serious), but this challenge can be started anytime!

A few things to say about the challenge, in general:

There is no prize for participating, so there is no pressure, really, if you want to get involved. All you have to do is devote some time each day, say 10 minutes, toward writing. The cool thing about this challenge is that it can be adapted to fit YOUR OWN PERSONAL GOALS. Just replace the word “writing” with something else that fits YOU. For example, if you hate housework, make it the 30-Day Housework Challenge! If you like cars, and want to work on “souping up” yours, make it the 30-Day Car Challenge! Also note that if you miss a day, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track the next day. The whole purpose of this challenge is to improve yourself. Keep that in mind!

Now, getting to my discoveries.

On day 7, I wrote this:

Day 7 of the 30-Day Challenge – My Journey

The challenge has made me more aware of what it is that I need to accomplish for myself, to meet my own personal goals. The reason I wrote the article for Sue Mitchell, originally, was to force myself to take the steps necessary in order to do this. I had read somewhere on the internet about this 30-Day Challenge and the many successes/benefits one woman had as a result of her experience. The 30-Day Challenge is NOT a new concept, but one that has been around for a while. I confess that I cannot take credit for this idea!

Some of the results that I have personally experienced — without referring to the list of benefits — are:

1. I am more aware of my goals.

2. I have taken baby steps towards achieving my goals.

3. I have discovered that I work better (a) at night, (b) when it is relatively quiet and (c) when I am well-rested.

4. I don’t like the idea of writing as soon as I turn on my computer —- I like writing by hand much better (this is how I am completing the challenge today).

5. E-mail-checking has become LESS important to me, especially since the majority of the e-mails I receive are NOT time-sensitive AND are often duplicates, or are just notifications of stuff I already know has happened – for example, Facebook stuff! (If I am on Facebook and others are too, at the same time, then I know already what’s going on since I check the upper left hand corner for  notifications/comments/announcements, so when I go back to my e-mail, I just have to delete a bunch of e-mails from Facebook.)

6. I am enjoying the reminder to write! — I put my reminder list aside for a couple of days but now I put it either on my computer or “in” my computer (I put it on the keyboard and then close the lid to my laptop). This ensures that it is visible to me each day. Because it is colorful (I used the colors of the rainbow when making it) and because I love colorful things, it inspires me to keep writing.

Me with my daily reminder, which I now love!

Me with my daily reminder, which I now love!

On Day 10, I began a new blog, Poetry Perfected, which will feature anything and everything I have that deals with poetry. So far, I have posted two videos, and would love your feedback on them (go, go check them out, please…)

On Day 11 of the Challenge, I put together this post. (Yes, the one you are reading now.)

I also looked back at the list of 30 benefits (included below) that I promised people who took part in the 30-Day challenge, and I am proud to say, I have reaped 29 of these already. The only one I can’t seem to get is #17, but I think it’s due to my bi-polar disorder.

  1. You will be proud of yourself for committing yourself to doing something you have always wanted to do.
  2. You will have developed a good habit.
  3. You will have a sense of accomplishment.
  4. You will be more confident.
  5. You will feel fulfilled and satisfied with yourself.
  6. You will no longer have an excuse for NOT writing.
  7. You will realize that you CAN make a difference.
  8. You will realize that you are on your way to achieving your “impossible” dream.
  9. You will have more ideas.
  10. You will be more aware of yourself.
  11. You will be happier.
  12. You will be looking forward to your next writing session.
  13. You will no longer have fears about writing.
  14. You will come to the realization that what you have to offer, via your writing, is valuable.
  15. You will become a better writer.
  16. Your typing skills will have improved.
  17. Your mind will not wander as much as it did before.
  18. You will be able to focus on the task at hand without being distracted.
  19. Your e-mails will not be as important as they once were.
  20. You will be more efficient.
  21. Your priorities will have changed.
  22. Your sleep will be more restful.
  23. Your eating habits will be better.
  24. You will be more determined.
  25. You will be more patient.
  26. You will be more understanding.
  27. You will be less critical of yourself.
  28. You will be able to budget your time better.
  29. You have a better relationship with your family and friends.
  30. You will have a new love for writing!


I must say that I am really enjoying the “kick in the butt” that this challenge provides, for I can be very lazy sometimes (yes, really) and I am getting more done these days. The only problem is that I don’t want to miss a day, even when I need a day off! Ten minutes is not a lot of time, I know, but the problem lies in the simple fact that I am doing way more than just 10 minutes each day! Some days, I have done hours worth (these blog posts don’t write themselves, you know) and I sometimes want to count some of this time towards the next days time! Naturally, I won’t, as I am trying to create a new habit and know that it is just the “resistance” to forming new habits that is making me think this way, but   hey, at least I am being honest about it, right?

On Day 12: I prepared this post for publishing (yes, it takes me a while to do things…) I just learned how to “spice up” my posts using the “kitchen sink” feature. I wish I would have discovered this earlier… but, better late than never… This feature lets you change the color and size of the font. Simple,  for some people, who know about this feature, but not simple for me (until now).

Also, I have been working towards some of my other goals, which involves real “work”. This is the area in which I am experiencing difficulty.  I think I am allergic to “work”… I tend to lean towards doing things that are easier and fun to do, even though it is the hard things that will bring me the most rewards.

The fact that I am aware of this means that I can take steps to change my behaviors and habits. It means that I am not in denial. They say, in 12-Step Programs, that the first thing you have to do is admit you have a problem. Well, I HAVE A PROBLEM!

Check. Step 1 done.

Are you in denial? Is it time to “own” your problem?  Admitting that you have a problem is not easy. However, I try to lead by example. If I can bring my problems to the public forefront, why can’t you? What are you afraid of? Do you care what others think? Do you think your reputation will be tarnished? Why do people want to hide from themselves, lie to themselves, hurt themselves?

So… are you in denial? Are you afraid of something? What is it?

Share your thoughts, please… (don’t be afraid, I won’t judge you!)

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