4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)

4 Phases to a Successful Online Author’s Life (+ how to become an author)

Becoming an author involves 4 phases, and if you’re a blogger, you’re already an author, of sorts…

When you publish a blog post, you are the “author” of that post. But being an author who sells e-books is a completely different story… but it doesn’t have to be.

You can be a blogger or a freelance writer who is also an author!

You don’t have to write fiction; you can write self-help books, motivational books, or anything else that suits your talents and knowledge.

Look at Ryan Biddulph, the guy behind Blogging from Paradise. He’s a blogger who turned most of his blog posts into e-books… and earns passive income from his book sales!

Look at Alicia Rades. She’s a freelance writer who is also a fiction author.

Look at me. I self-published a book of short stories (Risky Issues)… just to see if I could actually figure out the whole self-publishing process on my own. In fact, a blind man motivated me to make it available in print instead of just as an e-book.


After learning the steps of the self-publishing process, I then helped this blind man (Maxwell Ivey) self-publish not one but two books. Take a look at his books! One is an 11-step guide to business success. The other is an easy-to-follow guide to weight loss success.

This is the final cover for Max's ebook, Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.

cover image for It's Not the Cookie, It's the Bag

Now, look at Dave Chesson. He’s a guy who became a best-selling author… by writing under pen names (pseudonyms), which, unfortunately, he won’t reveal to you here.

However, he will reveal the different stages he has gone through as both an online writer and an author… so that YOU can see where YOU are currently at… if you want to become an author too.

***Note that I can help you, as I offer author assistant services in addition to my writing and editing services!***

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