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Last Updated on: February 15th, 2019

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I am a certified English teacher (see my credentials) and I will make your writing perfect!

Types Of Editing Available from Wording Well

My editing services currently cost two cents per word (plus 5% on the final total) and are combined services consisting of:

  • Copy editing and line editing. These types of editing deal with sentence formation and details, including grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, fact-checking, continuity, and punctuation.
  • Proofreading.  This the final stage of editing and involves a close review of everything to catch mistakes that were missed or introduced by the other editing stages, such as typos or homonyms that were used incorrectly.

Developmental editing deals with the big picture: character development, plot structure, and gaps that need to be filled. (Note: Wording Well only offers this particular service in certain genres. Contact me for more information!)

Because I am only ONE person, and my editing services are limited to non-fiction, and certain fiction genres, I’d like to guide you to this complete list of editors who specialize in different areas.

An editor and a writer need to be a good fit for one another!

My clients love me because I am a perfectionist. 🙂 (Seriously, visit that link and see what they’re saying!)

My editing rates for blog posts (includes the 5% surcharge):

– $21 per post for posts up to 999 words (flat rate)

– $31.50 post for posts that contain 1000-1499 words (flat rate)

– $37.80 per post for posts that contain 1500-1999 words (flat rate)

– $45.15 per post for posts that contain 2000-2499 words (flat rate)

Anything longer than that should be considered an ebook! 😉

BUY NOW! (NOTE that the 5% surcharge is already included in the price!)

Editing Services

My editing rates for projects longer than 2500 words (such as e-books or books):

Line/Copy editing and proofreading (combination of both services): $0.02 per word = $2.00 for 100 words 

Please note that a $50 minimum deposit is required when ordering these services from my website. However, most orders will require a 50-100% up-front payment, depending on the length. Please see the next section, Payment Policy for Editing Services.

= $200.00 for 10 000 words
= $400.00 for 20 000 words
= $600.00 for 30 000 words
= $800.00 for 40 000 words
= $1600.00 for 80 000 words
= $1800.00 for 90 000 words
= $2000.00 for 100 000 words

Editing Services

BUY NOW! (NOTE that the 5% surcharge is already included in the price!)

Please note that I will not edit science-fiction or fantasy, but can recommend the Mercenary Proofreader for those genres, as they are Thomas Weaver’s specialties. For developmental edits, I can recommend any one of several other editors I know that specialize in that type of editing.

Payment Policy for Editing Services

I accept payments in US dollars using the PayPal system, which is safe, secure, and free to use. It does not require an account and accepts credit cards.

Most orders will require a 50-100% up-front payment. Some orders, depending on the number of words to be edited, can be split into either three or four payments, with one-third or one-quarter of the payment made upfront. Depending on the length (and your financial situation), I can also create a payment plan for you.

Note that I reserve the right to change these prices at any time, to be more in accordance with the one suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Be sure to check out my Testimonials page to see what others are saying about me!

Here is just ONE example, which should encourage you to BUY NOW, directly from my website!

Ilyas Tingir headshot for editing testimonial
Although I was hesitant to place my first order, I ordered Lorraine’s services directly from her website.

I was impressed with the fast turnaround times she provided (a day or two, in most cases). I was also pleased that she answered (via subsequent emails) the questions I had.

I am so grateful for Lorraine’s expert eyes on my writings. She is a very professional and capable writer and editor. She not only pointed out errors but also helped out for better blogs.

I highly recommend her services.

~ Ilyas Tingir, owner of Hencely


Editing Services

BUY NOW! (NOTE that the 5% surcharge is already included in the price!)

P.S. If you want to learn how to become a freelance editor, read this and sign up to my INTEREST LIST!