Building Not Just a Blog but a Brand


Wording Well was created in February 2014. Building it and getting it up and running took some time – and a bit of adjustment – but now I am happy that I made the decision to get my own site. I feel liberated!

However, a lot of thought was put into each and every decision I made when building Wording Well. I wanted it to be more than just a blog; I wanted it to be my brand. Plus, there are a lot of things that that no one tells you about moving websites and a lot of hosting factors to consider.

Create a name for your brand

When I made the decision to create a site, I first had to decide on a name. I originally wanted Writing Well, but it was already taken. 🙁 I then thought of

  • wellofwriting
  • scribingwell
  • inkingwell
  • typingwell
  • wordingwell

I consulted with a writer friend of mine to get her opinion, and, ultimately, Wording Well was what I opted to go with. Something about the name really appealed to me. Plus, it indicates that my niche is writing. 🙂 And that I perform this action well. 😉

Create a logo for your brand

I then decided I wanted a memorable logo. I searched the web for a few images to give me ideas, and tried using aspects from each one I found that I liked to create my own. I approached a graphic designer I know and hired him to help me out with creating a graphic I could use.

Here are the iterations my logo went through: Read More