Coaching, Mentoring, and Consulting Services

Last Updated on: June 19th, 2019

 one person helping another through consulting

Are you stuck, trying to earn money from a failing business?

Are you unhappy with your current life?

Private, one-on-one consulting, coaching, or mentoring services can be the solution to reaching your goals, whether your goals are personal OR business-related.

It’s much easier to succeed when you have a helping hand!

Coaching/Mentoring and Consulting Services

Through exclusive, private coaching, consulting, and mentoring, I can help save you time and endless amounts of frustration.

I can help you on either a personal OR a professional level, depending on what you need.

SOME of the things I do include:

-help you figure out what your best business plan is

-determine the best way you can earn money online

-provide you with website and business improvement tips

-create a customized blogging strategy for you

-critique your existing website

-provide you with one-on-one consulting, coaching, and mentoring services

-determine a great name for your website (if you don’t yet have one)

-help you set up your website

-help you build your email list by using a freebie to capture leads

-provide you with proven strategies to increase the visibility of your business

-give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow, tailored to YOUR NEEDS

-help you determine what your mental blocks are (which are preventing you from earning what you are worth)

-assist you with anything else related to your success!


Rates vary, but the starting rates are:

$500/hour or $300 for 30 minutes (on an as-needed basis)

The Process

I like to use Skype for coaching or mentoring calls. I use email to set up the appointments.

Because my schedule varies, I have found it easier to simply correspond via email to set up a Skype session. You can email me at [email protected] (any time).

In your first email to me, please provide me with three times and the dates you wish to speak to me, so I can choose one that works for me. I will then let you know of my availability and send you a link where you can pay for your private session with me. 

Also, email me your Skype ID! Otherwise, we will have trouble connecting!

Payment Policy for Blog/Website, Mentoring/Coaching, and Consulting Services

I accept payments in US dollars using the PayPal system, which is safe, secure, and free to use. It does not require an account and accepts credit cards.

For all blog/website/mentoring/coaching services, payment for the first half-hour is required up-front.

If I am unable to keep our appointment, YOUR MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED. Guaranteed.

Check out my Testimonials page to see what others are saying about me and be sure to see my Portfolio page to see HOW POPULAR I have become online!


Although you do not have to pay for your session right now, you can pre-pay!

Use the button below to pre-pay and then email me!

Coaching/Consulting Services