Why are Essay-Writing Businesses So Popular?

Last Updated on: August 10th, 2022

Why are Essay-Writing Businesses So Popular?

The internet and its ever-expanding and accommodating nature never fails to amaze its witnesses. The World Wide Web is quick to identify market gaps and fill those in the most efficient and holistic ways possible.

One such internet rage that was identified was that of outsourcing writings – from essays and papers to articles and reviews. This industry has only burgeoned in the last couple of years and today, the internet is awash with people who call themselves “freelance writers.” Among these are businesses providing essay-writing services!

The fact that the Google keyword phrase “essay writing services” yields a hit of 51 million websites when doing a Google search clearly shows that businesses are thriving in this business.

The fact that such services exist in such large numbers demonstrates the growing popularity and demands of students, writers, and any other potential customers.

The burning question, however, is this: What makes essay-writing businesses so popular?

The 2 Sides of  Businesses

There are two sides, according to us, to this growing popularity – one, the side of the suppliers and the other, the side of the ones demanding these services.

Some of the major reasons of the increasing popularity are the variety of features that essay-writing services offer. These features go beyond just writing the essay; they are more holistic and are advertised in a way that is sure to lure students into using them.

An example of one such business that exemplifies innovation and a matchless service is BidForWriting.

Like a lot of other essay-writing services, Essaylook promises to maintain your privacy, which is an important factor for most students.

Essaylook logo

Moreover, they support writing a wide range of essay formats that range from creative and argumentative essays to standard and literary essays.

Furthermore, they provide customers with the option to selectively hire one of their many professional freelance writers with “M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.”

Essay-Writing Services are MORE than Just Writing Services

In addition to this, and as a cherry on top, most essay-writing services have mushroomed into proofreading and editing services that are, of course, much cheaper than writing entire essays.

Hence, these very characteristics and unique aspects of such businesses along with the relative ease with which one can find and hire them adds their steady growth.

Not everyone likes to use the many self-editing tips to boost their writing!

Who Outsources Writing… and WHY?

On the other side of the same coin are the customers and the ones that outsource writing. Of course, the reasons for which they decide to contract out their work varies, but there are several recurring reasons that have been observed:

1: Quite a few students face pressure from parents and teachers to achieve unrealistic targets and goals. Their belief that they aren’t good enough writers and thinkers results in them resorting to outsourcing their work.

2: Quite a few students justify their action by believing that writing papers and essays on most topics teaches very little and such archaic writing is suitable only for those whose future career requires extensive formal writing.

There are quite a few cases where students aren’t conventional, and are often working professionals who need to attain a Master’s degree to move up a rung on their career ladder or to get a raise. However, they don’t actually require any of the knowledge offered by the course, and hence they outsource their work.

3: Quite a few of these customers are people who have English as their Second Language (ESL) and hence find it extremely challenging and difficult to meet the fairly high expectations set by professors and teachers in universities and schools, respectively.

4: The most common reason amongst customers, however, is the number of competing commitments they face, several of whom have full-time jobs, children and family responsibilities, etc. They simply do not have the time do it all!

The Answer to Why Essay-Writing Services are So Popular

It is a combination of all of these reasons, smart advertising, and speedy services that have resulted in the insane popularity of essay-writing services worldwide, despite the controversy and debate on the ethics surrounding it.

Wording Well’s owner, Lorraine Reguly, is a freelance writer who is also a certified English teacher. She does not believe in writing essays for others, and even states this on her Writing Services page! It simply goes against her personal ethics.

That is why she accepts sponsored posts such as this one (as well as link placements) that promote services she does not offer!

4 thoughts on “Why are Essay-Writing Businesses So Popular?

  1. Tammy says

    Wow, I never realized that there was a niche based on social pressure ….funny how much we are pushed to be the best performer everywhere, isn’t it? reading this I realize that we are creating a generation full of insecurities who try to find a solution …outsourcing its own responsibilities!
    On the other hand, for those who are amazing writers this is an amazing opportunity.
    Thanks for this interesting article.

    • says

      I agree with you, Tammy. Writers who don’t care what they write about as long as they get paid are the ones who work for these essay-writing companies!

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