How to Optimize Your Writing Time to Achieve Your Writing Goals

How to Optimize Your Writing Time to Achieve Your Writing Goals


There are 6 things you can do to optimize your writing time so you can achieve your writing goals:

1: Determine your “best” time.

2: Determine your realistic writing time.

3: Determine the days you will write.

4: Make writing a priority.

5: Write during your spare pockets of time.

6: Optimize your writing time by getting help and outsourcing tasks/chores.

Now, let’s look at each of these in-depth.

NOTE: Two different planners are available to you in this post (for FREE)!

1: Determine your “best” time

The first thing you need to do to optimize your writing time so you can reach your writing goals is to determine your best writing time. You can determine the best time to write if you know your body’s rhythms.

Do you write best in the morning, afternoon, or night?

When do you have the most energy? Write during that time!

A lot of people get tired in the late afternoon, but after they get their second wind, they are more energetic. When do you get your second wind? Write right after that!

Do you have more time on weekends? Write on weekends!

Do you exercise and eat healthily? Once you consider your diet and exercise habits, you can improve your energy levels. Some people feel more energetic when they drink caffeine (found in coffee, tea, and most sodas), while others find they are more energetic when they consume more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugar. Most people also function better when they exercise every day.

If you have a hard time finding your peak writing time, do some self-experiments. Write in the morning. Write in the afternoon. Then write at night. See what times you enjoy best, and see when you are most productive. Write during those times!

2: Determine your realistic writing time

The second thing you need to do to optimize your writing time so you can reach your writing goals is to determine your realistic writing time. By this, I mean how long you can actually write for.

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of writing after a while. I certainly can’t sit and write for hours on end! I can write for only an hour or so before I get bored or tired of the task.

(Even when I’m editing, I only edit for two hours at a time, at most!)

By determining your realistic writing time, you will be able to schedule the times you write. By doing this, you will become more realistic with your goals, too. And when you are writing, you will simply write, because you know that, after an hour passes, you can move on to doing something else!

I like this concept because I also apply it to exercising. I hate the moments leading up to it and find it hard to motivate myself to exercise. But once I am actually doing that task, I know it’s not going to last forever. I know that it will soon come to an end! I can then force myself to finish my 30 minutes easily. Also, I always feel great afterward, so that is another added benefit!

3: Determine the days you will write

We all have busy schedules and often make the excuse that we can’t find the time to write.

So how can you find time to do your best writing, even when you’re busy?

Make a schedule!

This is the third thing you need to do to optimize your writing time so you can reach your writing goals.

You can use this FREE PLANNER to help you. This planner is specifically tailored toward bloggers.

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How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence – 3 Ways

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence – 3 Ways

We all want to be successful at what we do.
We all want to be the best we can be.
In order to achieve success as entrepreneurs, we need to strive for entrepreneurial excellence.

A lot of people look at me and wonder how I went from a rape victim a drug addict, a high school dropout, and a prostitute to getting two university degrees, becoming a high school math and English teacher to owning my own business and becoming an author.

Once they read about my life journey, they know. And everyone who knows me knows that I’m all about helping others!

That is why, today, I am going to help you learn how to achieve entrepreneurial excellence!

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence

How can we achieve entrepreneurial excellence??
There are many ways. Today we are going to look at 3 which are the best ways:
1. Be an ethical entrepreneur
2. Use social media to grow your business
3. Outsource tasks / hire help

We are also going to discuss a few other factors that can enhance our success as entrepreneurs.

NOTE: The things we are going to look at today are a bit different from the other strategies you can use to improve yourself and your chances for success, which we looked at in the 3-part “Success Series.”

As a reminder, the Success Series consists of these articles:

1: How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life

2: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization to Be More Successful

3: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful

Now, let’s dive in!

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 1

“Every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot.” ~ Peter Thiel

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 2

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” ~ W. Clement Stone

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 3

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Entrepreneurial Excellence – Way #1: Be an Ethical Entrepreneur

What are ethics?

Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior and affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.
For entrepreneurs, ethics are those standards upon which businesses are run. Basically, ethics are rules of “good” that people live by.

Entrepreneurial Excellence quote 4

“While you live, while it is in your power, be good.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Are You Ethical? 8 Ways to Tell!

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10 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Successful Blogger

10 Effective Strategies to becoming a successful blogger

Everyone wants to blog and learn how to make money online through blogging.

When I first started blogging, I was a “nobody.”

Now that I’ve been “discovered,” others are seeking out my expert opinion.

(I’ve participated in numerous round-ups already!)

I’m being interviewed.

I’m participating in podcasts.

I’m gaining new clients each month. (Want to be one? See what I can do for you!)

I’m loving it, too. 🙂

You Can be Successful, too

To help you understand some of the things I’ve done in order to become the successful blogger I am, I have a guest blogger that has summed up the strategies I’ve followed quite nicely.

His name is Ben, and he wrote the rest of this post.

Please read it, share it, and comment on it.

We’ll talk in the comments.

For now, here are ten strategies that have helped me become successful, which you can use.

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Become More Successful By Providing Others With a Personal Touch



Providing customers with a “personal touch” can go a long way. In fact, is often needed to make your business successful, whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, business owner, coach, author, or blogger.

In this post, I’ll provide you with a personal case study of how one company won me over, and then I’ll list some key points about how you can provide a personal touch with people you work with or want to sell your products or services to. I’ll also indicate which of these I use when dealing with my own clients.

The one thing to remember is that word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the best types of marketing there is, and if you go out of your way for your customers, they’ll remember you, they’ll tell their friends, and you’ll gain new customers. Plus, your existing ones will become repeat customers. Win-win-win! Read More

Alexa Rankings, Readership Stats, and My 1st Year Blogoversary!

one year blogging badge

Surprise! Yes, you’ve just been invited to my surprise party! I’m posting today to “seize the moment” and to celebrate my blogoversary. Happy 1st Blogoversary to me!

YAY!!! I’m so excited! So excited, in fact, that I:

  • created my first year blogging badge using PicMonkey. Like it? 🙂 If you want one like mine, let me know. I’ll see what I can do for you. 😉 (Just shoot me comment or an email. I can customize yours just for you!)
  • am going ahead with a newsletter
  • gave my blog a bit of a face-lift
  • am seriously considering to moving to my own site
  • couldn’t wait until Friday to post this!

I’m also feeling better from my recent surgery, too (sort of), so to kick off “the new me,” I’ve assembled a post I have been looking forward to doing for a while, even though blogging was the furthest thing from my mind the last couple of weeks.

Did you notice the NEW!!! widget yet? 😉

I hope so, and I hope you’re all signing up for it. I’m not making any promises here, but I do plan on giving away a few copies of my ebook, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, which received a great review on Social Media Just For Writers. Given that I have not actively been trying to market this book, I’m happy it’s becoming a bit more known. I also plan on giving away some copies of my upcoming ebooks, too, so if you’re interested in those, make sure you sign up for my newsletter, as these opportunities are only going to be available to my subscribers, who will always get the “inside” scoop on things!

And thanks to Jeri, one of my comrades, for writing a great guest post on Molly Greene’s blog about Mailchimp. 😉

Hey. All this is getting me sidetracked. Uh, er, um . . . where was I? Oh yeah. Rejoicing! 😉

Happy ‘one year’ to me, happy ‘one year’ to me, happy ‘one year,’ happy ‘one year,’ happy’ one year’ to me!

Ok. I know I cannot sing. Sorry about that. 😉

Movin’ on.

Now that I’m now one year plus into blogging, I figured I’d reveal some stats to celebrate my one year blogoversary. You know, I can still remember the first time I got comments on this blog – what an amazing rush that was! (Confession: I still get a rush when I get them! I LOVE comments!)

Back in January of 2013, I began this blog. Mistakenly, I was under the impression that no one would want to read my posts and that I would essentially be keeping an online journal. How wrong I was! As it turns out, there are quite a few people in this world who care about what I have to say (sometimes!) and with all the guest posting I’ve been doing, I’ve been gaining readers each month, too. This makes my heart light and happy. 😀 Read More