Author Pete Rogan Tells Me, Lorraine Reguly, A Story via Video

Recently, I was able to do a Google Hangout with Peter (Pete) Rogan. He told me all about his book, “Mission: La Glaciere” in the video below. Here is Pete’s summary, taken from one of the comments he made on the YouTube page where the video below can also be found. You can read about his upcoming two books in the comment section there.

For now,

“Mission: La Glaciere” is the story of a lone US Space Marine Squad, down on the French colony world of Aurore to recuperate, hijacked by the German commander of the defenses to locate a hidden alien airbase on the frozen end of Aurore, an area three times the size of Antarctica and twice as cold. With them is the leading human expert on the aliens, who was their captive for two years, and the experience has left her… fragile. Intrigue, adventure and honor in a hostile alien landscape.

If you like adventure, aliens, and intrigue, and/or are a science-fiction (sf) aficionado, then this video (and book!) is for you!

Oh, Pete also said:

This isn’t just a book about aliens. It’s about confronting the unknown, and what the unknown reveals. Readers with an interest in sf that’s more than find the aliens and blow them up will find something here to reward them as well. Right down to its Ernest K. Gann ending.

You can get “Mission: La Glaciere” ONLY IN ELECTRONIC FORM at

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I hope you liked the video!

As always, I welcome comments! Pete does, too, and will be available to respond to your replies! So don’t be shy, have your say! 


Using Social Media to Preserve the English Language

This is a guest post from Aleshia Clarke.

Using Social Media to Preserve the English Language

Do you think the English language will eventually fade away? Languages today are evolving at a rapid pace, as evidenced by significant changes in usage within the last decade. In fact, entire cultures are merging as the world grows smaller, due in part to the widespread availability of social technologies. Writing is a skilled, vocational trade that specializes in the scholarly domain of words to create entertaining, educational stories for an audience. Grammar, spelling, and structure are the tools by which we impart information to our readers with clear, concise text. Writers have traditionally assumed a creative developmental role in the literary arts, but now we have joined the ranks of educators, businesses and marketing professionals, by using the internet social media platform to promote our craft. Read More

Guest Post from Jo Ann Plante: Stress – A Blessing or A Curse?

The following is a guest post from Jo Ann Plante. This is her true story!

Jo Ann

Stress – A Blessing or A Curse?

The holidays were nearly here. It had been a tough year for me.  I quit my previous job due to unethical behavior by the staff and manager, thinking I could just get another job. I was wrong. In April, I went to a temp agency and they sent me to a medical clinic office. I liked the job and did the best I could. I wanted this job badly. When it finally got posted, I was told that it would be a union job and that several people were already lined up for this position.

Taking this in stride, I asked the temp agency for another position. This time they gave me a job at a prestigious university. I was doubly thrilled, because this place is a powerhouse for creative thought and famous people.

I was told the job would only be for 4 months, but I took it and enjoyed every minute. Slowly but surely, low self-confidence and worry crept into my world and I began to worry about not being permanently employed. I had great credentials, but no job offers.

By the time the holidays came, I was getting very tired, even though my routine had not changed. By New Year’s Day, I had a cold and was spending most of my time in bed. I went to the doctor and even he thought I had a cold. Read More

The Liebster Award: The Official Rules + My First Blog Award and a Few Personal Secrets Revealed

liebster2 liebster3

The Liebster Award – General Info and Rules

Most bloggers, at some point, have heard of or received the Liebster award, unless you are a newbie! From the extensive searches I have conducted in my attempts to learn about this award, I have visited a bunch of blogs and gleaned the following information:

  • This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.
  • It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend (really?)
  • It follows similar principles as a chain letter, in the sense that it should be passed forward to a certain number of people.
  • It can be misconstrued, depending upon your personal views, as either something wonderful (who doesn’t like awards?) or as an annoyance (a chain letter that involves work).
  • The choice lies within each of us to ACCEPT it, and continue PAYING IT FORWARD or to refuse to accept it, thereby STOPPING or INTERRUPTING the chain. However, if you stop the chain, you are only hurting yourself (keep reading for benefits you will have)!
  • Personal views play an important part in our choice to participate. Some people have refused to accept it and have made attempts to “break the chain”. There have been many people who have been nominated, yet refused to accept it, and now their blogs have been abandoned.
  • Variations have been made over time to the “rules”.
  • Marketing plays a role in accepting this award, as other bloggers are promoted. (This is not a bad thing, however, since people should help others!)
  • Other awards are a part of the whole “meme“. These include “One Lovely Blog Award”, the “Sunshine Blog Award” and the “Versatile Writer Award”.

It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. In the digital world of the internet, this seems like a nice gesture, in my opinion! Read More

Need to Know About Self-Publishing? Melissa Bowersock Reveals All!

Just how DO people self-publish their books? Do YOU have a book that needs publishing? Do YOU need some information? Full of a plethora of much sought-after info, this post will both educate you and allow you to become “comfortable” with the idea of self-publishing!  In it I will share quite a few things — mainly, what I have learned about publishing from Melissa Bowersock, author, blogger, and creative spirit.  Read More