Author Pete Rogan Tells Me, Lorraine Reguly, A Story via Video

Last Updated on: January 26th, 2017

Recently, I was able to do a Google Hangout with Peter (Pete) Rogan. He told me all about his book, “Mission: La Glaciere” in the video below. Here is Pete’s summary, taken from one of the comments he made on the YouTube page where the video below can also be found. You can read about his upcoming two books in the comment section there.

For now,

“Mission: La Glaciere” is the story of a lone US Space Marine Squad, down on the French colony world of Aurore to recuperate, hijacked by the German commander of the defenses to locate a hidden alien airbase on the frozen end of Aurore, an area three times the size of Antarctica and twice as cold. With them is the leading human expert on the aliens, who was their captive for two years, and the experience has left her… fragile. Intrigue, adventure and honor in a hostile alien landscape.

If you like adventure, aliens, and intrigue, and/or are a science-fiction (sf) aficionado, then this video (and book!) is for you!

Oh, Pete also said:

This isn’t just a book about aliens. It’s about confronting the unknown, and what the unknown reveals. Readers with an interest in sf that’s more than find the aliens and blow them up will find something here to reward them as well. Right down to its Ernest K. Gann ending.

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I hope you liked the video!

As always, I welcome comments! Pete does, too, and will be available to respond to your replies! So don’t be shy, have your say! 


16 thoughts on “Author Pete Rogan Tells Me, Lorraine Reguly, A Story via Video

  1. Pete Rogan says

    Debra: Thank you! I like the way Helen Keller expressed it: “Life is either a grand adventure or it is nothing at all.” I think adventure should be in all our lives, even if for only an hour a day. By the way, I also visited your blog. I found your comments on how to handle hecklers very useful. Thank you for those, too.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Pete, the company I keep is helpful! Glad you are meeting some new and wonderful people! 🙂

  2. Its amazing the turns life presents you with. Good for Peter for taking the bull by the horns. The Hangout looks like a great way to share a conversation, its the first time I’ve seen it in action.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Yes, it was neat once we figured it out! (By the way, I was on your blog yesterday, but I don’t know if I commented…)

      • Pete Rogan says

        msklagel: Thank you. I think that every confrontation with the unknown means we meet face to face with fear, with the chance to learn, the opportunity to discover something new outside of us, and the opportunity to learn something new inside of us. Every encounter with something we don’t know raises a mirror to who we are and what, exactly, we think we are doing. Science fiction tells of these sorts of encounters. The only thing new I’m doing is reminding people that these opportunities and discoveries are not a one-time thing. The unknown can teach us many things. As many things as they can reveal in us. The unknown can change us, in ways we cannot predict. Which is why it’s an adventure. An adventure into the unknown. That may, in fact, have no end.

  3. mkslagel says

    I like the added reward found with in this book that the author mentions about confronting the unknown. This definitely gives it a reason to read outside of the SF genre.

  4. Pete Rogan says

    Just to note here that the Hangout was fun for both of us. We spent a lot more time talking about writing and books than what appears here, and it was very rewarding. I will be very happy to do another, if and when.

  5. Pete Rogan says

    Susan: Thank you. It was life-changing, in a way I didn’t expect. Military sf was not my first choice for subject matter, but as I was writing up the storyline for my ill friend in Georgia, is occurred to me that not writing was wasting a talent I hadn’t fully used yet. So now I am bending my efforts in that direction. I hope you like my book, because I intend to do more, and two sequels of the Gunny and First Squad are already at the publisher’s. Thanks!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Jeri. It was tough, but we managed. It only took us a couple of hours to figure out. *sigh* We learned that Skype interfered too, with the settings of the camera in my laptop. I am so non-techie that it is not even funny.

      You are welcome for the introduction!

  6. What an life changing adventure for Peter in both career direction and life in general. I love SciFi. There is something so fun to go the a different environment and and experience a new exciting adventures. This sounds like a great escape and now I will be checking this book out.

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