Baby Sam Walked in the Relay For Life Fundraiser for Cancer Research!

Some of you may remember Baby Sam from this post, and I have to thank those of you who donated to this little girl’s fundraiser for cancer research. Today’s post is to give you an update of this brave, smart and adorable little girl, and to show off my new video-making skills!


Samantha, affectionately called Sam by her friends and family, is my one-year-old niece who has retinoblastoma. This is a rare form of eye cancer, usually hereditary.

Her father, Charlie also has retinoblastoma. He now has only one eye. Sam, on the other hand, still has both, and can see well enough to spot crumbs on the floor!

Her last check-up at SickKids Hospital in Toronto revealed that her cancer has been “killed” as a result of all of her treatments. She has made many visits to SickKids since she was two days old, and has received cryotherapy, chemotherapy, and laser therapy to treat the tumors found in both of her eyes.

Sam also has glasses, stylish baby blue ones, as seen in this photo:


On June 14th, 2013, Sam walked a lap in the Relay For Life fundraiser in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She was asked to “kick off” the event, and decided to accept that honour! Read More

A Cat Photo Collage, Complete With Instructions on How to Make a Collage!

For Father’s Day, I made a photo collage of the many cats my dad has owned. It’s fantastic! My dad loved it, and loved the poem I wrote for him, too, called “Cat Love.” He said it was the best present I could have ever given him. 🙂

homemade collage of cat pictures

“Cat Love” Poem

Here is the poem, which is pasted into the collage:

Cats provide companionship,

semi-conditional love and joy;

Purring when happy,

growling when annoyed.

They each have personalities

and unique characteristics.

They have an amazing ability to heal

using their purrs and licks.

Cats are just like little children,

and will eat wet food on command.

They’ll ask to go outside

so they can roam and play.

They’ll bring home mice as presents,

whether cats are orange, black, white or grey.

Cats are adorable little creatures

– I think this is something we all know –

For all the reasons listed here,

this is why we love them so! Read More

Cats: Photos + The Ordeal Of Treating The Hole I Found In Prinnie’s Leg

Let me tell you about Princess, a sweet little kitty-cat who wouldn’t hurt a fly, how I thought we were going to have to euthanize her, and the amazing recovery she has made. All in the last 3 or 4  weeks. Documented with pretty pictures, too! (and a couple of semi-gross ones)Prinseyes

Some background about Prinnie:

My parents inherited my sister’s cat, Princess, when my sister moved in with her boyfriend, who just happens to be allergic to felines. Princess goes by the name of Prin, or Prinnie. Rarely is she called by her full name.

Prinnie is about 17, has beautiful blue eyes, and normally does not venture out of the house except in warm weather. Considering that we live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, where it is winter for most of the year, Prin does not go out often. However, spring has finally arrived, and she went outside about three weeks ago. When she did, she was terrorized by a mean cat from the neighbourhood, who only recently started coming around. Prinnie ended up limping, not wanting to move, and she stopped eating. Read More

Autographed Books in Exchange for Reviews? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Is offering an autographed book in exchange for a review a sweet deal? I think it is, if it involves a book I want to read, and so did the three authors with whom I have struck deals! They all responded the same way: Yes! Yes! Yes!

In face, Lisa Jacskon herself saw this post, and took me up on my offer. She, indeed, sent me an autographed book! 🙂

A while back, I made some arrangements with a few authors. Basically, I offered to write a review and a blog post in exchange for an autographed copy of their book. Well, the reviews have been written and posted, and so now I am writing this to fulfill my final requirement.

PLEASE NOTE THAT, IN THE FUTURE, ALL REVIEWS WILL FOCUS ON ONLY ONE AUTHOR. (I was a “newbie” when I first started doing this, but now I see the importance and the value of devoting a post to each author I feature.)


For now, I’m going to simply tell you about the books I’ve read already…

Drumroll, please…

These are the autographed books that were sent to me!

These are the autographed books that were sent to me!

Read More

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award + Links to Sites for Freelancers, Writers and Poets

I have been awarded The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by JCKeith. Thanks Ms. Keith!


The Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
1.  Display Award Logo on Blog   Done
2.  Link back to the person who gave you the award   Done
3.  State 7 Things About Yourself   Done
4.  Nominate 15 Other Bloggers for this Award and Link Back to Them  Done


Here are 7 things about me:

1. Some of my interests include writing, freelancing, poetry, and bettering myself. My nominees will reflect these interests.

2. I don’t listen to a lot of music. I am not sure why. I like it, but don’t listen to it on a daily basis. I would rather read!

3. My grandparents are no longer here, but my parents are!

4. I once had the coolest hamster, Mickey, who did not know what his “wheel” was for. He used to hang onto the cage bars with his feet and one hand, and spin his wheel from the outside with the other. It was hilarious!

5. I had a pet rabbit, Bunny Bunny, who chewed through cables and wires in the apartment. Bunny Bunny met her demise when I gave her to a family who lived in the country (on a trial basis) and their youngest child ran across a freshly-washed floor while holding Bunny Bunny. They both went flying, and Bunny Bunny’s neck snapped. That was the end of Bunny Bunny.

6. I love pizza with mushrooms and pineapple on it. From Pizza Hut. With the cheese put on last. Cooked lightly done. Their breadsticks are pretty good, too! (Ok, Pizza Hut, where’s my free pizza and/or breadsticks?)

7. I love chocolate (who doesn’t?), but only the light kind.  I think I have gained Twitter followers due to this love! (Either that, or because I often posts links that are helpful to others!)

Here are my nominees: (I know that there are more than 15. I included a few extras since I know that not everyone will accept this award and just could not decide who to cut!)

1. Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living Blog, at

2. Melony Candea’s blog, at who offers tips for freelance writers

3. Poetic Parfait, by Christy Birmingham, who writes poetry and posts about things that matter

4. Poemattic at – another poetry blog

5. Cathy Nerujen’s blog for poets and writers, at

6. Alice Elliott (aka the Fairy Blog Mother) who offers tips about blogging at

7. Rebecca Mealey’s blog at

8. Writing Forward by Melissa Donovan at

9. Steve Pavlina’s improvement blog at

10. Myrko Thrum’s improvement blog at

11. Where Writers Win at

12. Marla Madison’s blog, called Reading and Writing are Fattening, at

13. Since no one probably wants to be #13, I’ll nominate my other blog, Poetry Perfected, for this slot….

14. Cheryl Thierren’s blog at

15. Susan Cooper, at

16. Arleen Harry at

17. Debra Yearwood at

18. Diana Marinova, who writes about freelance writing at

19. All the writers at for their blog, Live to Write – Write to Live