Top 10 Tips To Make a Good Impression

Everyone wants to make a good impression when meeting someone new, whether it be in real life or online. There are many ways to make a good impression. These are the top ten tips for making a good impression, whatever your gender is:

impressions top ten

#1 – Dress appropriately – If you are connecting with someone using Skype or a video hangout on Google+, or meeting someone in person, face-to-face, you should be clad in attire that is appropriate. Wearing a bikini or shorts is fine for the beach, but not for a business meeting! Muted colours, such as blue, black or grey are the most popular choices for suits and dresses since they convey professionalism. Also, don’t over-adorn yourself with excessive amounts of jewellery or fashion accessories. Keep your look simple and neat.

impressions dress

#2 – Be properly groomed – Normally this goes without saying, but it is important to remember the fine details like washing, combing and styling your hair (or shaving your head if you are bald!), trimming or shaving your beard/goatee and/or moustache, and having nicely maintained fingernails. Getting a manicure is not just for women, either. Men, you put the “man” in man-icure, so don’t think it feminine to let a professional help you make your hands look nice!

impressions hand

#3 – Have good hygiene – Brush your teeth and use mouthwash to keep your breath fresh. If you are a smoker, carry a pack of mints with you and pop one in your mouth five minutes before the big meeting! Ensure that you smell good by bathing or showering that day (not everyone cleans themselves daily). Since many people are allergic to cologne and perfume, it is best not to wear any. Applying deodorant to mask the stench of body odor or perspiration that may develop throughout the day is something you should do right after your cleansing ritual. Make-up, if it is worn, should be applied lightly, unless you are a clown applying for a job!

impressions teeth

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