“Rapunzel” by Molly Greene (#BookReview)

book cover for Rapunzel (a book by Molly Greene)

Rapunzel, by Molly Greene,was not on my list of books to read until I read the review of fellow freelancer, Jeri Walker-Bickett. She indicated that it had elements found in Fifty Shades Of Grey, which she also has critiqued, didn’t like, but which I actually loved. (Sue me, all you FSOG haters!)

However, it seems that Jeri and I have completely different personal preferences! I will admit that I did not read her review of Fifty Shades of Grey until after reading Rapunzel. If I had, I would have learned that the two of us definitely don’t like the same types of books!

I read Molly’s book on the Kobo my sister gave me and enjoyed reading on this reader. It’s much easier than holding a novel, as it’s not as heavy and is more portable. It fits into my purse more easily than a bulky novel does! However, I like making notes as I go (yes, I often deface my books – they’re MINE) and like flipping back to certain pages, so e-readers have their disadvantages, too. 🙁

But I’m not here to debate the use of e-readers; I’m here to offer up my book review of Rapunzel. Read More