Dear Reader, Please Tell Me About YOU!


Midge's face

Dear Reader,

I want to know more about you.

I’d like to know what you do, where you blog, what your business is, if you have children and/or pets, what you might need help with… whatever!

Tell me anything you want!

Just leave your reply in the comments.

I really do want to know more about you. Why? Two reasons:

1. I’m genuinely interested in knowing who is reading my blog, and how I can help you in the future.

2. I’m going to be revamping my site soon. Getting a new logo, installing a new theme, deleting some old posts, etc., and I want to make sure I’m serving you properly.

I would also like to know:

  • what you like about my blog
  • if you find value in my posts
  • what you like BEST about Wording Well
  • what you want more of
  • what you want less of

and whatever else you want to say!

Feel free to include a link to your site, too. 🙂

DON’T BE SHY. DON’T EDIT YOUR RESPONSES. Heck, if you don’t want me to approve your comment (make it visible for everyone to see), then tell me to delete it after I read it.

I just want to dialogue with you! I’ll respect your wishes, too. 🙂

I look forward to getting to to know you better!

Talk to you soon!


P. S. The kitten is Midge. She’s my baby, now that my son is grown!