New Technology vs. Old-Fashioned Writing Methods: What’s the Best Way to Write?

Last Updated on: September 27th, 2018

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How fond are you of writing? What’s the best way to write? Which writing method is your favorite?

Writing, as an art form and communication means, has evolved and thrived for thousands of years since carvings on walls. There is not one exact piece of evidence for where writing originated, as its earliest forms were found in various parts of the world by written Egyptians and Sumerians. Their writings were discovered dated from 3500-3200 BC.

Today, we have more modern writing methods. From using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, to a smart typewriter that can store millions of documents and connect to the Internet, modern-day writing has made it easy to gain knowledge and gather information.

Indeed, writing has created a strong and never-ending bridge of possibilities for speakers and readers of all languages locally and around the world. It promotes talent, expression and much more. Writing will continue to progress.

Let’s look at a few novel writing instruments in history. Some of these writing methods, obviously, are no longer used today, as they have been replaced by other writing methods as history advanced, but it’s fascinating to see the evolution of different writing methods! (Note: These writing methods are different from writing tools!)

Reed Pen

Reed pens go back as far as ancient Egypt in the 4th Century. They used to come with a split nib. They are a writing tool that works by cutting then shaping a straw of reed or bamboo.

Quill Pen and Ink

With the aid of ink for permanence, quill pens are plucked from big-sized birds or geese. Many people still love the use of the quill as its sharp strokes offer style, accuracy as well as flexibility versus the contemporary ballpoint pen.

Someone actually bought me a quill pen and ink set as a Christmas gift one year!

Fountain Pen

A fountain pen or nib pen contains a slim container for liquid ink. The nib plants the ink to the paper by means of drawing the ink from its reservoir.

Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens work through the ink carried over to the tiny ball of metal, brass or steel at the tip. Ballpoint pens are widely-used nowadays.

Space Pen

Did you know that the tools for writing in space have already been invented? From various types of pens to pencils, they’re important in space missions. In fact, NASA has been using the wooden pencil for its missions since the 1960s. In recent times, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Fisher Space Pen.

Digital Pen

The more modern-day type of pen, the digital pen or smartpen can transfer real pen strokes to digitized handwriting with the aid of a smart pad. This pen is popular among illustrators and artists from web designers to cartoon creators. They’re great for animations and coloring as well.


Whether it’s through the minicomputer, pocket-sized notebook, or portable typewriter, writing has come a long way since the first original typewriter was invented in the late 1800s. From the then clay tokens, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, Phoenician scripts to the alphabetic writings we now have today, writing has endured as a method of connecting, transforming and inspiring the world over and again.

iPads and Phones

iPads are being used by many people to write. For some people, they are replacing the laptop!

So are smartphones, whether they are iPhones, which use the iOS operating system, or other phones, such as Samsungs, which use the Android operating system.


Don’t you just marvel at the innovation of writing and writing implements over time? Many different pens have been invented and loved throughout history and aided inspired or bruised authors. Today, still we continue to advance in new leagues of written form and methods. It’s been a long time since typewriters created an aesthetic in writing with their snappy sounding buttons or paper to waste bins and redo’s, and still, it continues to educate.

Traditionally, when it comes to the tone of writing, authors, orators, or philosophers in the past produced a more narrative voice, but since the ages have advanced, copywriters, news writers, and even content creators’ aims became to promote people, places or facts and report needed information.

Indeed, writing has become more direct to the point and actionable. And this is very much evident in company websites, public figure pages, and other domains on the web.

Today, we have a range of means to write work reports, SEO blogs, and promote products and services with the help of a stable internet connection. But both more traditional and digitized writing styles are a constant as they offer different advantages, disadvantages, and preferences. Each style and tool has their own unique qualities, adding variety to color the world of communication and written art.

Your Turn

What about you? Do you find the writing styles, methods, and tools used over the years fascinating?

Which is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “New Technology vs. Old-Fashioned Writing Methods: What’s the Best Way to Write?

  1. Ajay Walia says

    Amazing post! Writing by hand shouldn’t be like a game of Mercy with your pen, so look for one that’s comfortable to hold, and where the ink flows smoothly without your having to push too hard on the paper.
    Ajay Walia recently posted…Women’s Dresses

    • says

      Ajay, I agree! I am very picky when it comes to writing with pens. I prefer the fatter ones to the slimmer ones, because they are more comfortable in my hand!

  2. Ashutosh says

    I am kind of old school type and i simply prefer a ballpen and white sheet to create my posts . I first write it down , do al the chckings and then turn them into a post . It’s bit time taking but a love for paper and pen kind of give me more energy to write . I just love to write using it .

    • says

      Ashutosh, I am old school too! I love writing with pen ink on paper! There is some sort of FEELING you get from writing this way. It’s hard to describe, but it is definitely one of enjoyment and satisfaction!

  3. Naseem Ansari says

    Thank you for the blog. It’s a really very nice your article on the writing method. Thank you so much for the sharing.

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