Which WordPress Table Plugin Should You Use?

Last Updated on: September 30th, 2020

Which WordPress Table Plugin Should You Use?

Sometimes, when you are writing a blog post, using a table to show your data can add to your article.

There are 4 main benefits of using a table!

1: It can help to organize, compare, or just simplify.

2: It’s also been proven that adding a table helps keep visitors on the page longer.

3: It also helps with conversions.

4: Plus, it improves your on-page SEO.

However, there are many different WordPress table plugins out there. Some are easy to use, but lack in design, while others offer many customizable features but can become very complex. So, what’s the best WordPress table plugin for your WordPress website?

To save you time, I’ve found five different options that vary in their customizable features, costs, and design element. The first one is free; the others require a small monetary investment on your part.

Read through the list and then you can decide which WordPress table plugin suits your needs the best.

WordPress Table Plugin Option #1: TablePress

Tablepress table plugin example of a table that shows data for cakes

TablePress is one of the most well-known table plugins for WordPress sites. It’s simple to use and offers the basics of creating a table, while also being free. However, where it serves in simplicity, it fails to offer extra capability like others.


– Free


– Simple, easy-to-use table plugin

– Capable of handling formulas

– Functionality can be expanded through JavaScript

TablePress Examples

Kindlepreneur and Grammarly Premiums: While reviewing Grammarly, it became evident that the pricing structure and premiums were a bit confusing when written out. Therefore, TablePress to the rescue. Using the table I was able to compare the Grammarly free vs. Grammarly premium, and thus, helping the reader quickly see the difference.

Food Delivery Guru Find these Best Smoothies Delivery: In this article, Food Delivery Guru used the TablePress plugin twice in the same article. The first was to compare the different food delivery services and then later used the TablePress plugin to show the differences in prices based on the number of cups.


Overall, TablePress is an absolutely solid choice for a free table plugin for your author site on WordPress. You can see from the above examples it’s equally capable of creating simple, text-based tables, or handling more colorful tables containing images.

WordPress Table Plugin Option #2: Supsystic

Sypsystic table plugin example table

Supsystic offers an affordable and flexible table maker plugin. Although it isn’t free, the cost for a single site is quite affordable. It’s worth checking out if you want a paid option for creating tables on your own author blog.


– $29 for a single license


– Attractive, professional looking tables

– Mobile-responsive tables

– Ability to create charts/diagrams and include them in the tables

Supsystic Table Examples

The Common Cents Club Comparison Chart: The Common Cents Club, a website devoted to helping people save money and fight debt, did a review of a product called Brandless. However, to show how it compares to buying food on Amazon and Vitacost, she used the Supsystic table to show off how they compare to Brandless.

Mitten Maven’s Roller Derby Schedule: Tables don’t always have to be about lists or comparison charts. In this case, the Mitten Maven’s used Supsystic to show off their Roller Derby Schedule.


An affordable, attractive paid option for table creation for your author website. Is a great choice if you want to create colorful tables which make use of graphic content.

WordPress Table Plugin Option #3: Thrive Architect

Thrive table plugin example of a pricing table

Thrive Architect is one of the most well-known page creation services online. They allow you to quickly and easily create landing pages and other page types. As part of the wider Thrive suite of services, they also offer a table creator.


– $67 for a single license


– Powerful and fully featured page builder, packed with premade templates which can quickly and easily be adjusted to suit the look and feel of your site

– Created specifically to encourage conversions

– The true drag-and-drop interface means no technical expertise is required to use Thrive Architect


Particular Pantry and Emergency Foods: A website devoted to helping mothers meal plan and shop for healthy food listed off the different Emergency Kits someone should look at purchasing in order to be prepared. As you can see from the complexity, pictures, and buttons, it required something a bit more than TablePress to pull off.

Rocket FFL and the Cost of an FFL : To best highlight all the costs involved in getting a Federal Firearms License, Rocket FFL turned to Thrive Archetict to create it. Although it appears as though they used Thrive Architect for the creation of their site, it wasn’t that much harder to create an easy table using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system.


Overall, it’s clear that Thrive is capable of creating great-looking tables, customized to your exact needs, as part of the wider suite of services provided by Thrive Architect.

There would be no justification to invest in Thrive Architect to get the table feature alone. However, if you’re looking for an overall page building service, the great looking tables produced by Architect should definitely be a factor in your decision-making process.

WordPress Table Plugin Option #4: Table Labs

table labs table plugin sample table

Table Labs are very clear about what they offer – great looking comparison tables for making affiliate money from Amazon. This is a very specialized aim, but if making Amazon affiliate commissions is a part of your online revenue strategy, then having a table created with this exact aim is more than worth it.

It’s very simple to create a table and link it to an Amazon product. Plus, the best part is that it uses Amazon’s own API, so the inclusion of the price and product pictures are all compliant with Amazon Associate rules.


– $47 for starter pricing


– Mobile-responsive and matches your site’s color scheme

– Automatically updates with the latest Amazon pricing

– Informs you when one of your products is out of stock on Amazon


AMZ Prof Companies Lights: In the process of comparing the best book lights, AMZ Prof used the ease of Table Labs to quickly and effectively create a great looking table that showcases Amazon products.

Military Flight Test Lists Books: On their AFOQT practice test page, they not only provide an online practice test, but then offer AFOQT study guides to help those that need it, select the best book for their studies. Listing each book, their price and review is probably a very effective way to get people to click, than just linking to the book inside of a paragraph.


Overall, Table Labs is a premium product that is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make affiliate money from Amazon. If you have a strategy in place, you should easily be able to recoup the cost of your investment in Table Press.

WordPress Table Plugin Option #5: League Table

league table other example

In spite of its name, League Table is suited to far more than just presenting league type information. Although the plugin is especially suited to displaying league data, for organizations such as sports teams, it’s capable of far more than this alone, as you will see below.


– $23 for a single site license


– Fully customizable – change everything from colors to font to get the exact look and feel you want for your table

– Mobile-responsive

– Ability to install across multiple sites with a single license

League Table Examples

Kindlepreneur ProWritingAid vs Grammarly: When it came time to show how to stack ProWritingAid against Grammarly, I turned to League Tables. I chose this over Tablepress because I wanted a stronger call-to-action, and better-branded colors.

Home CAC Use Shows the Best: If you don’t know what a CAC reader is, you’re not alone. It’s a device that allows the US military to check their military stuff on a computer. The website Home CAC Use, using League Table lists the different CAC readers and some of their perks, and system requirements.


League Table is a great choice of table plugin. You can create a table which matches the look and feel of your site quickly and easily, and the cost is affordable considering you can install League Table on more than one site.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now, you have a clear view of the range of options out there for adding a table to your author site, the different looks, and what you can get in both free and premium options.

Some final guiding thoughts to help you make your choice are:

– Do I need to invest in a premium plugin, or can a free option do everything I need?

– What are the most important criteria for me from a table plugin, and which service best meets these?

– What is the purpose of my tables? Is there a specialist plugin aligned with this purpose?

If you have a table-maker plugin you adore, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


image of Dave Chesson

Dave is the lead writer at Kindlepreneur.com, a website devoted to teaching advanced book-marketing tactics.  He is a best-selling author on Amazon (who writes under various pseudonyms), and the founder of KDP Rocket, a software that helps authors choose book ideas that will sell. You can also connect with Dave on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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