#HowTo Use FotoJet to make Facebook Cover Photos

Last Updated on: May 1st, 2016

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You’re a blogger. You’ve been on Facebook.

But do you know how to create a good Facebook cover photo?

Good news… you can use FotoJet to help you!

If you are an enthusiast who loves hanging on Facebook all day for entertaining or discussing a certain topic to boost your service or business, you need an eye-catching Facebook cover photo besides the great content and the successful stream of weekly posts you produce.

Sooooo…. are you ready to create one?

Here I’ll show you how to create your own Facebook cover photos even if you are not a graphic designer!

What is FotoJet?

FotoJet is an online collage maker as well as a Facebook cover maker which will help you create a stylish Facebook cover to your liking. It’s totally free and optional to registration. All you need to do is choose a template, customize the image and text, and then save it.

Step 1: Choose a Facebook Cover Design

FotoJet has been built-in numerous well-designed templates for collage, photo card, social media art, poster and other photo design. Just browsing one them and choose a Facebook cover design you like to get started.

Image 1 for Fotojet tutorial

Step 2: Add Photos

Once you choose your template, it’s time to add your own images into the canvas to make your design.

Move your mouse to the button Add Photo, you are allowed to add photos from computer or Facebook. All your added photos will be tidily displayed in the right photo list. Just use the Auto Fill feature or drag the photo you like into the main canvas. Here you can apply photo effect the selected photo and manually move, rotate, crop, flip the photo, etc.

Image 3 for Fotojet tutorial

Step 3: Personalize Your Facebook Cover

Wanna make your Facebook cover photos more personalized and stylish? Add some text to tell your Facebook page theme. You are free to adjust the text font, size, color, style, alignment, etc. to your liking.

It’s very obvious to see the other decoration parts Clipart and Background below the text feature. It’s not a must, just use them according to your own needs.

Image 3 for Fotojet tutorial

Step 4: Save Your Facebook Cover

Now it’s time to save your Facebook cover for Facebook page appearance updates. Since the template is already in the size of Facebook cover, you can just click Save to save it as image format for later uploads.

Image 4 for Fotojet tutorial

As you can see, if you are not a designer, it’s not a problem!  Just make a Facebook cover photo with the help of FotoJet just within several minutes!


Have you heard of FotoJet before?

Have you used it?

Will you try it?

Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “#HowTo Use FotoJet to make Facebook Cover Photos

  1. Heide says

    Oh, this is so cute. I’ve actually been thinking of changing my personal cover photo for a while now since I haven’t changed it in months. But I don’t know what photo I should choose. Now I can choose a good number of photos and plug them in this tool. Nice!
    Heide recently posted…4 Steps To Writing The Best Blog Post Title

  2. Thanks for this post Lorraine. I usually play around in Canva to create images and banners, etc. I had not heard of FotoJet, but definitely going to give it a try!

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