Tell Me What You WANT Even if it is Different from What You NEED

Last Updated on: September 25th, 2015

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This is NO JOKE.

Tell me what you want.

I’m serious; I want to know how I can help you BEST.

Do you want blogging info? Freelancing info? Writing info? Editing info? Publishing info?


Something else?

If you tell me what you want to know and what you want to see on this site, I PROMISE I will do my best to provide you with it… especially now that I’m back from my 3-month vacation/hiatus.

I want to continue to give you the quality content you crave and desire!

Why? Because I care about you!!!

The only problem, now that I’m back blogging, is that I need to know what that is!

So drop me a comment and let me know what it is you want and/or need, and I’ll oblige you (or one of my guests will!), okay?


10 thoughts on “Tell Me What You WANT Even if it is Different from What You NEED

  1. Pawan Kumar says

    Hey Lorraine,
    Since you asked so directly, so here’s my answer. You should write more on Editor guides.
    I’ve been doing freelance content writing since 5 years, and recently started my first authority (I like to call it that way) blog. I can write, but not sure what are the tasks of an Editor.
    Thanks in advance! Be well.

    • says

      Pawan, I will take your suggestion to heart. Editors are tasked with many different responsibilities, and they vary depending on the type of editor one is.

      I appreciate your input!

      Out of curiosity, what do YOU know (or think) about editors are responsible for?

  2. Jo Ann Plante says

    I know you’ve covered this before, but I need to get more clients, but not just any clients. I’m presently taking an online course to become a copywriter,which means selling products or services for companies. I would also for for non-profits. I need to know how to find clients that want or need someone to write articles, product descriptions, sales letters and web copy. Thanks!

    • says

      Jo Ann, I’d highly suggest following my friend and colleague, freelance writer Elna Cain. She’s totally awesome!

      She is hot on the market as a new freelancer (she’s been doing it for a year now) and has recently asked a few freelance experts where they find leads.

      Check out for more information.

      Then do what some of those freelancers have done (i.e. go to the specific job boards mentioned, send out letters using a template but alter it for each individual pitch, etc.)

      Because Elna has written so much, I’m not going to be replicating it all over here on Wording Well.

      Another freelancer to follow is Gina Horkey, and she is one of the experts mentioned in that post.

      This should be plenty to get you going, Jo Ann!

  3. Marianne Rodgers says

    Lorraine, I don’t really expect you to do this, because it may be out of your realm. I am a Lyme patient so want to make the world aware of what chronic Lyme is, even just really what Lyme is. There are multiple-millions of us. Only 1 to 3 percent of those with Lyme even know they have it. And add to that that the US CDC (horrible as they are) now admit to 329,000 new Lyme patients (newly infected) each and every year. Add that up year after year and decades and you can get an idea of the extent of sick people with almost none getting treatment. None of your Canadian or US conventional doctors will treat chronic Lyme. If you don’t find out you have Lyme in the first few days and immediately get treatment, you are a chronic Lyme patient. Bug bites are dangerous and Lyme is spread by more than just ticks (flees, mosquitos, mites, lice,etc.). It can be passed from mothers to children, and really is an STD. You get bit by a bug and you have a horrible STD. There is so much to it, I cannot summarize it in a few words. Anyone who gets Lyme, probably won’t get treatment by their conventional doctor because of the denial of a horrible disease. So, no treatment, then shortly you have chronic Lyme. If you really want to know more, I will guide you to some very informative information. Lyme is why I have no teeth, and cannot wear dentures. I am still trying to get this problem solved. One last thing about Lyme and chronic Lyme. It is very treatable, but the established medical community, Canada, US, England, New Zealand, Australia, won’t treat it and even deny it exists. They will tell someone in a wheel chair to get up and quit pretending. Lyme patients are the most abused group of people in the whole world. Just one example. Avril has a wonderful young woman, but if she didn’t have money, and had not had a friend (Yolanda Foster) to help her know she had Lyme, she would have ended up with chronic Lyme, and almost did. Also see a free movie “Under Our Skin” Have a good day. 😉

    • says

      Marianne, I’m sorry to hear you are afflicted with Lyme disease. Unfortunately, I won’t be writing about this but do have a suggestion for you. Start your own blog and focus it around this topic!

      The main goals of Wording Well now are to provide people with information relation to writing, editing, blogging, and freelancing.

      However, I’ll publish your comment “as is,” so that I can at least do my small part in helping you get the word out.

      Obviously, I won’t be able to help everyone, but getting to know my readers a bit more is always nice!

      Thanks for sharing, Marianne. I wish you the best and truly do hope you start a blog of your own!

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