Blind Men Don’t Need Help . . . do they?


Blind men don’t need help, do they? I mean, they have dogs to help them see, they have white canes to help them walk, they have audiobooks and radios and described TV to entertain them. They have Braille to help them read and identify money. They have special tags to put on their hangers to help them identify their clothing. So, other than – maybe – cooking, what do they need help with?

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Wow. Whoever is writing this is a cold-hearted person!” Right?


Quite the opposite, actually.

I wrote that introduction to get your attention. Don’t be mad; hear me out . You see, I’m actually a caring person who is out to help a blind man. A blind man with a dream.

Actually, he has a few. The blind man I’m referring to is planning one day to write a book, too. 😉


Blind People Need Help, Sometimes

The blind man that needs help is Maxwell – Max – Ivey.

Max is the guy who granted me inside information about how blind people cope with life on a daily basis.

I have to tip my hat to Max.

  • He’s blind.

  • He’s a blogger.

  • He’s known as Mister Midway due to his involvement with amusement park rides and businesses.

  • He’s a social media user. (He’s even on Pinterest!!! Find out how by reading his post about his user experience.)

  • He’s also an entrepreneur.

And he’s a man with a dream: to make videos! But not just any videos. A video series about amusement parks and their rides. (Think back to your childhood. Did you look forward to the times when the carnival came to town? Do you still? Do your kids or grandkids love rides, too? I’m betting they do!)

Max has already done many Google Hangouts (he does one each week, and blogs about them). Back in March, he started them, had difficulties, and fought hard to learn what he needed to so he could improve them and make them successful.

Max is loved by many people. He’s a nice person, too, always thinking about everyone else – including his blogging community – and how they will benefit.

Now he wants to travel this summer and do a video series about carnivals and amusement parks and all that this topic entails.

And you know how we all love carnival rides, right? 🙂

He’s fundraising so he CAN achieve his dream.

Because blind men actually do need help. And Max needs yours.

Watch this video, and see if you can relate to his dream:

Blind man Max Ivey needs your help. Please help him.

Please share this post. Please tell your friends about this guy. The more we spread the word, the more help Max will get.

Open your heart to Max.

Help him achieve his dream.

Please make a donation today!

photo of Max with his logo on it

You get perks if you help him, too. Plus, you get satisfaction knowing you did something good. And maybe this world will be a better place because of it.

So, please, I beg you, make a donation today!

Blind men actually do need help, sometimes. 🙁


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