Novella by Jen J. Danna Astonishes this Reader!

No One Sees Me 'Til I Fall
Do you remember HOW MUCH I loved author Jen J. Danna’s debut novel, Dead, Without a Stone to Tell It? Good news – last month she released the second book in this series! Today’s Featured Friday post is short and sweet because all I’m posting is my review of it and letting you know that you can read the first chapter on her website, and find all links to buy this book (if you’re interested) there, too.  Here’s my review: Read More

A NEW GIVEAWAY! Featuring: Author Jamie Lynn Miller + Her Tell-All Interview!

memory's prisoner

UPDATE: The giveaway is closed, but please read on to discover Jamie’s awesome works!

There are a few important things I’m featuring on the menu today. Two have to do with giveaways! Exciting, right? Another is that I had some technical issues with publishing this post, too. Oops! So please don’t forget to read a special guest post from Greg Narayan, and watch his video!

Another thing on today’s menu  is a super-hot, tell-all interview with male erotica novelist Jamie Lynn Miller!  

Plus, Jamie has a bonus for you! Warning: this post contains content not suitable for children. Double warning: it may also turn you on! Triple warning: gay sex is involved, so if you are homophobic, please leave my site right now. I’m serious. Just leave.

BUT, if you are open-minded, like a good read, and want to expand your horizons (or maybe just want to win a free copy of an awesome book!), then keep reading. You won’t regret it! Read More