How to Develop a Great Writing Process

How to Develop a Great Writing and Blogging Process

Do you struggle with writing and blogging?

Do you find the writing process difficult?

Do you know how to use H (heading) tags properly?

Do you remember to optimize your blog post for SEO?

I hear you… all this can be frustrating!

But… it’s not that hard to learn how to learn these things!

This post will give you the tips you need to how to develop a great writing and blogging process. By the end of it, you will be able to overcome these issues and know how to do all of these things!

You can also download a free checklist of the main points,,, and even save it to your Google Drive if you want!

Develop Your Writing Process

Most writers know that their words won’t be perfect right off the bat. They will need editing, rearranging, and polishing. Paragraphs will need to flow consistently, from one idea to the next.

Paragraphs will need to flow consistently, from one idea to the next.

The writing process will be different for everyone, depending on their level of knowledge and skill set, as well as what they are writing. For most, however, crafting compelling works should follow these basic steps:

  1. Brainstorm. Jot down all ideas and main points.
  2. Outline. Choose an order in which to present the ideas.
  3. Write Draft #1. Write about each main idea, using stream-of-consciousness writing.
  4. Edit the first draft. Fix any typos. Create legible sentences and paragraphs. Ensure your grammar is correct.
  5. Let the work sit for a day or two.
  6. Add any additional points you may have missed, thus creating Draft #2.
  7. Edit the second draft. Keep a copy of each draft, to refer back to as needed.
  8. Polish your work, thus creating a final version.
  9. Repeat as needed, until you think things are perfect.
  10. Get someone to proofread your work, so they can catch pesky little things you will miss, like misused homophones such as their, there, and they’re.

Points to note when you are creating a blog post:

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#HowTo Capture Audience Attention through Proper Blog Content Formatting

How To Capture Audience Attention through Proper Blog Content Formatting

Are you formatting your blog posts correctly? I bet you’re forgetting one small thing…

Good news: I have a special guest today who can help you!

His name is Nick Churick and today he’s going to share some important information with the Wording Well audience. (Thanks, Nick!)

So please welcome Nick to center stage with open arms (and don’t you dare be afraid of the snake that’s wrapped around his neck in the picture below)!

Take it away, Nick!

Impact Your Audience With Proper Post Formatting

Did you know… the way you format your blog posts has a DIRECT IMPACT on your readers?

Did you know… you need to format your blog content BETTER so that your audience spends more time on your blog?

I never thought about it as of a separate serious item before. It was my subconscious, telling me that good formatting is as important as general copywriting techniques. And it is probably even more important than the quality of the content itself.

How come?

The answer is easy: your content formatting is like a wrapper for a sweet.

It’s much easier to sell a bad sweet in a good wrapper than a good sweet in a bad one.

That’s the RULE of the market: what looks nice gets more attention!

Plus, when you keep readers on your blog for a longer time, you will lower your bounce rate.

 Bounce rate definition

Optimize Your Posts for Skimmers

I’m sure you already know that on a typical blog only about 2% of visitors spend more than two minutes actually reading a post. The remaining 98% are just scrolling your post or skimming. Read More