3 Writers Dine Together in Toronto!

Kerri and Glenda and Me outside Crepes Club in Toronto

Kerry, Glenda and Me outside Crepes Club in Toronto

During my October 2015 trip to Toronto (where I went to help my sister with my niece), I had the pleasure of meeting one of my online author/writer/blogger friends, Miss Kerry Kijewski.

Kerry is the blind woman whom I interviewed a while back. I’ll tell you more about her in a minute.

Geography First!

To put things in a geographical perspective, Kerry lives about an hour-and-a-half away from Toronto, whereas I live about a twenty-hour drive away. (But it’s only a two-hour flight, and I flew there!)

Because I generally don’t travel much, I decided to ask Kerry if she could meet me in Toronto while I was there. Of course, it didn’t dawn on me to ask her beforehand if we could meet; my main purpose of going to Toronto was to assist my sister with my niece, and I didn’t actually think I’d have time to do anything else while I was in the big city.

Once my niece was unexpectedly released from SickKids a bit earlier than anticipated, I realized that I could find a few hours to have lunch with Kerry, providing she could journey to Toronto to do so.

After sending her a message on Facebook, she told me that her mom would be able to drive her to meet me. YAY!

So, on Monday, October 19, 2015, I met both Kerry and her mother, Janet.

Lovely ladies!

We, upon my suggestion, decided to dine at Crepes Club.

My cousin, who lives in Toronto, and whom I was supposed to meet for dinner one evening but who cancelled on me that day, had suggested going to Crepes Club because it was close to Ronald McDonald House (RMH), where I was staying.

I had done some research on this place when he first suggested it. I read some Yelp reviews, took a look at their menu, and selected the three dishes I wanted to try.

Needless to say, when he cancelled on me, I was disappointed!

But then, when I learned that Kerry and I would be meeting face-to-face, I suggested we go to Crepes Club.

Unbeknownst to me, she had also invited a friend of hers to our gathering; a freelance writer named Glenda.

I was not disappointed or angry with Kerry, however. Instead, I was pleased to meet yet another writer!

Kerri and her mom inside Crepes Club

Kerry and her mom inside Crepes Club

 Kerri and Glenda outside Crepes Club

Kerry and Glenda outside Crepes Club

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Can You Be a Freelance Writer and a Fiction Writer? You Bet!

Alicia Rades's image for How You Can Be a Fiction Writer and A Freelance Writer

As some of you may know, I am a freelancer who is also an author.

Alicia Rades can say the same.

That’s why I asked Alicia to share with you her story about how she became BOTH… and provide you with some inspiration so that YOU can become an author, too!

Take it away, Alicia!

This is a picture of Alicia Rades.

Alicia’s Story

When I was 12 years old, I wanted to be an author. At the time, that’s all it was—a desire, a want. I didn’t even write that much, although I was an avid reader.

Eventually, I decided that I’d never be an author. It was something only a handful of really famous, really successful people did—or so I thought.

I didn’t think about becoming an author again until I was 19, two years after I started making money freelancing. When I discovered that I could actually write for a living writing blog posts and marketing copy for clients, I figured I could take a shot at fiction writing. Besides, all my friends were doing it.

At 19, I became a fiction author, and here’s what I learned. Read More