Apparently, I’m Now “It”!

I have been tagged. So now I am “it”, whatever that means. I guess I’m “all that, and a bag of chips”! (Do any of you recognize this saying?) 🙂


Felicia tagged me, and from what I can see, this is kind of like an award. I’m getting a bit tired of these awards, to be honest with you, even though they provide a good way to meet other bloggers. However, I have never seen Felicia before, nor have I read any of her posts, and I am pretty sure she has never read any of mine.

So, for this game, I’m making a mockery of things.  I’ll answer her questions, but I’m not going to tag any others. I don’t want to tick them off! I hope you find my answers hilarious!  Read More

I’ve Been Given Another Award!

Ever since I posted “Post Your Links Here To Promote Yourself and Your Blog!”, I have met quite a few new people, and gained some new readers. Some of these readers don’t know that I’ve already been the recipient of several awards, including the Shine On Award and the  Liebster award, and so I’ve recently received another nomination for the latter, from Robert Price, who is the blogger at “From A Clogged Mind.” Thanks Robert!

I decided to accept this award again because:

  • Robert was nice enough to nominate me for it 🙂
  • I believe in paying it forward
  • other bloggers deserve the chance to meet new people, which is basically the whole point of these memes 🙂
  • I have been bookmarking blogs that I could nominate, and now I have the chance to present them with this award! (I kinda knew that I’d be nominated for an award again, not to sound vain, but I am awesome, so why wouldn’t someone nominate me?) 🙂

So, here goes…


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4 More Blogging Awards, A Total of 27 Blogs to Visit, An Awesome Video I Found + Tips On How To Accept An Award

Discovering new and interesting blogs is what giving and receiving blogging awards is all about. Todays post reveals 4 more awards that I have received, a total of 26 links to blogs you may want to visit, and a video that is awesome!

If anyone is counting (and I am!), these are my fourth, fifth, and sixth and seventh awards! I am the proud recipient of the WordPress Family Award, the Super Sweet Blogging Award, and the Best Moment Award. I have combined them all into one post, for simplicity’s sake. If you want to check out some new blogs, take a look at the blogs that I have nominated as well as the blogs of the people who have nominated me.

Read the whole post, too, so you can learn a few more things about me…if you want! I already told you a few things when I received The Liebster Award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and The Shine On Award, but in case you missed those posts, you can read them now!

The awards I have been nominated for are The WordPress Family Award, The Super Sweet Blogging Award, The Best Moment Award, and The Unique Leaves Award. I am accepting these awards simultaneously in today’s post.

The WordPress Family Award

I have to thank Barb at My Un-Puzzled Heart (Barb’s blog is no longer active) for this award and The Unique Leaves Award. This award recognizes me as part of the WordPress family! I am touched by the outpouring of awards I have been getting lately, and think that it’s a great gesture when people share these. Unlike some people who think that they are “above” accepting such an award, I am honoured that others have included me in their participation.


There doesn’t seem to be any rules for this award, either, except to nominate ten people who have WordPress blogs and notify them of their nomination, so here is my list of ten bloggers on WordPress who will hopefully accept their award as graciously as I have accepted mine. Read More

The “Shine On” Award

The Shine On Award is my third award (if anyone is counting!) in five months of blogging. I have to thank the blogger, Barb, at MY for nominating me. Yes, her blog is called MY. Why? Ask her!

Here is my award:



1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. (I did, but then had to unlink to it as it became “broken.”)

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

7 Things About Me 

  1. I am bisexual, I think. The ratio is probably 90/10, in favour of men, though. I could tell you some stories…but I won’t. Not yet, anyway!
  2. I just came out of the closet online.
  3. I have no idea how people are going to react.
  4. I don’t really care how people are going to react; I am still the same person I always was!
  5. I think that there is more acceptance these days about the “alternate” community. (I am not sure what the politically correct term is, but I think it’s something like BGLT=Bi/Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered community.)
  6. I recently met two women online who are BGLT and are wonderful poets, authors, etc…
  7. You can find out who they are in my next post, which will be about ebooks and them!

15 Blogs I Am Nominating

  1. Poetic Parfait where one of this blog’s commenters lowers her walls and unveils herself in her poetry. (Christy, you are welcome; this is one way for me to thank you for your support!)
  3. Toby’s blog, Dumbass News. Toby is a great guy, and most of his post are funny! (…mostly because people are “stoopid”)
  4. Charles Franklin’s blog, This College Dropout, which is a blog mainly for indie authors
  5. Lesley Carter’s blog, Bucket List Publications
  6. Raani York’s blog, where she writes from the viewpoint of a couple of cats!
  7. Daily (W)rite, a blog about writing
  8. Someone Like Me, a new blog in the blogosphere by Chere Harbridge
  9. Casa de la K, Kelley Stephen’s blog
  10. Aleshia Clarke’s blog, Aleshia’s Angle
  11. Harsh Reality, by Opinionated Man
  12. Creative Writing with the Crimson League, Victoria Grefer’s blog
  13. Searching for the Happiness, Wendy McCance”s blog
  14. Cities of the Mind, Connor Rickett’s blog for freelance writers
  15. The Cheeky Diva, written by the cheeky diva!


Anyone care to comment?

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award + Links to Sites for Freelancers, Writers and Poets

I have been awarded The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by JCKeith. Thanks Ms. Keith!


The Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
1.  Display Award Logo on Blog   Done
2.  Link back to the person who gave you the award   Done
3.  State 7 Things About Yourself   Done
4.  Nominate 15 Other Bloggers for this Award and Link Back to Them  Done


Here are 7 things about me:

1. Some of my interests include writing, freelancing, poetry, and bettering myself. My nominees will reflect these interests.

2. I don’t listen to a lot of music. I am not sure why. I like it, but don’t listen to it on a daily basis. I would rather read!

3. My grandparents are no longer here, but my parents are!

4. I once had the coolest hamster, Mickey, who did not know what his “wheel” was for. He used to hang onto the cage bars with his feet and one hand, and spin his wheel from the outside with the other. It was hilarious!

5. I had a pet rabbit, Bunny Bunny, who chewed through cables and wires in the apartment. Bunny Bunny met her demise when I gave her to a family who lived in the country (on a trial basis) and their youngest child ran across a freshly-washed floor while holding Bunny Bunny. They both went flying, and Bunny Bunny’s neck snapped. That was the end of Bunny Bunny.

6. I love pizza with mushrooms and pineapple on it. From Pizza Hut. With the cheese put on last. Cooked lightly done. Their breadsticks are pretty good, too! (Ok, Pizza Hut, where’s my free pizza and/or breadsticks?)

7. I love chocolate (who doesn’t?), but only the light kind.  I think I have gained Twitter followers due to this love! (Either that, or because I often posts links that are helpful to others!)

Here are my nominees: (I know that there are more than 15. I included a few extras since I know that not everyone will accept this award and just could not decide who to cut!)

1. Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living Blog, at

2. Melony Candea’s blog, at who offers tips for freelance writers

3. Poetic Parfait, by Christy Birmingham, who writes poetry and posts about things that matter

4. Poemattic at – another poetry blog

5. Cathy Nerujen’s blog for poets and writers, at

6. Alice Elliott (aka the Fairy Blog Mother) who offers tips about blogging at

7. Rebecca Mealey’s blog at

8. Writing Forward by Melissa Donovan at

9. Steve Pavlina’s improvement blog at

10. Myrko Thrum’s improvement blog at

11. Where Writers Win at

12. Marla Madison’s blog, called Reading and Writing are Fattening, at

13. Since no one probably wants to be #13, I’ll nominate my other blog, Poetry Perfected, for this slot….

14. Cheryl Thierren’s blog at

15. Susan Cooper, at

16. Arleen Harry at

17. Debra Yearwood at

18. Diana Marinova, who writes about freelance writing at

19. All the writers at for their blog, Live to Write – Write to Live