Can You Be a Freelance Writer and a Fiction Writer? You Bet!

Alicia Rades's image for How You Can Be a Fiction Writer and A Freelance Writer

As some of you may know, I am a freelancer who is also an author.

Alicia Rades can say the same.

That’s why I asked Alicia to share with you her story about how she became BOTH… and provide you with some inspiration so that YOU can become an author, too!

Take it away, Alicia!

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Alicia’s Story

When I was 12 years old, I wanted to be an author. At the time, that’s all it was—a desire, a want. I didn’t even write that much, although I was an avid reader.

Eventually, I decided that I’d never be an author. It was something only a handful of really famous, really successful people did—or so I thought.

I didn’t think about becoming an author again until I was 19, two years after I started making money freelancing. When I discovered that I could actually write for a living writing blog posts and marketing copy for clients, I figured I could take a shot at fiction writing. Besides, all my friends were doing it.

At 19, I became a fiction author, and here’s what I learned. Read More