Resources for #Writers (#Authors and #Freelancers)


Resources for writers are plentiful. You can find almost anything using Google!

That said, there are too many writing resources to list here, but I’d like to point out that this is one of the most comprehensive lists for writers of all types — freelancers and authors alike. great one for bloggers, freelancers, and authors alike:

The following post is also a great one for bloggers, freelancers, and authors: Google Authorship: The Complete Handbook for Getting Respect, Readers, and Rankings.

Because freelancing is a business, here’s a list of 55 directories you can submit your business profile to: The Most Important Local Business Directories for SEO.

The following lists of resources are very useful.

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The Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016

The 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers in 2015

10 Awesome Editing Tips + 10 Best Editing Tools for #Writers and #Bloggers

8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

Some FUN Writing Tools to Get You In the #writing Mood

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Here is a list of free freelance resources that will help you start earning money from your writing:

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

Freelancer’s Survival Guide

Security Tips for Freelance Writers and other #Entrepreneurs

How To Earn More From Your Writing: The Simple Yet Neglected Secret

100+ Websites That Pay Writers

7 Websites that List Freelance Writing Opportunities

57 Blogs That Will Pay You $50 or More

30 Sites that Will Pay to Write for Them, Right Now.

20 Awesome Tools To Use When Joining The Freelance World As A Blogger

192 Publications That Actually Pay Freelance Writers

resources for writers

Articles about freelancing worth reading:

Why Submitting a Resumé Might Not Get You the Job

What to Do When Your Freelance Blogging Career Is Going Nowhere

How I Have Created Strong Client Relationships

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Here is a list of free writing resources for authors and aspiring authors (and self-publishers):

All About Self-Publishing

Discoverability Series

Advice for Writers: a list of posts by author Mike Wells

How to Be a Writer: 201 Compelling Tips

Free Resources for Writers

How To Make Your Own Free Book Cover In MS Word

I’ve Written a Book, How Do I Publish It?

From Word to Jutoh: Ebook Creation Made Easy and Getting Started With Jutoh: A List of Resources and a Cheat Sheet

Amazon Author Central Refresher Course

Advertising on Goodreads

How to Prepare a Novel for Publication in Ten Sort-of-easy Steps

How to Develop an Elevator Pitch for Your Book

What’s an Elevator Pitch for Your Book?

How to Hire an Editor, Part 1: Know What You Need

How to Hire an Editor, Part 2: Ask Questions

How to Check Your eBook Formatting before Pushing the Publish Button

How to Make Your Book Signing Event Completely Successful

How to Write a News Release

How to Make a Quick But Usable Cover in Publisher

How to Plan and Execute a Blog Tour

 Writing Your Bio

eBook Formatting 101

A Helping Hand…dot dot dot, dash dash dash…S.O.S! (note that CMOS refers to Chicago Manual of Style)

Formatting the Look Inside (feature on Amazon)

Have others promote your book – How to get Reviews

How to price your Indie book

Uploading Your Book to the Google Play Store

How To Make Life Easy For Librarians So Your Book Gets In Libraries

5 Reasons Your Blog Needs A Kindle Book

Analysis: 16 Kindle Book Marketing Strategies (Dissected and Graded)

How to Publish an eBook: 5 Steps to Successful Self-Publishing

Other writing resources:

Practical Typography

Some fun Tools for you to Use:

Pacemaker (a writing tool to help you plan your progress and amount of words you need to write)

Written, Kitten! (to give you the boost you need!)

Pomodoro Timer 

8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

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Being a freelance editor, in my opinion, is even better than being a freelance writer. First of all, it pays more. Secondly, it is the best job I could ever ask for. I love editing, I love words, and I love helping others. Finally, I love reaping the many rewards (check out the many benefits of being a freelance editor).

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