Stuck For A Topic To Write About? Brainstorm My Way!

I was feeling some pressure about what to write about for my next blog post, and I didn’t like this feeling. It wasn’t writer’s block, exactly, since I wasn’t stuck for a topic to write about (I can write about almost anything!) but I felt like I needed to brainstorm some new ideas. So what I did was this:


I took out my markers and sketchpad and wrote the main topic of my blog in the middle: ME.

Then, because I like colourful things, I began listing different topics all around my main topic.

I added a few lines, a few “clouds” to highlight each category, and this emerged:

I added a few things...

I added a few things…

I had used almost all of the colours by this point, and so I decided to use one more colour to add four more topics at the bottom. Then I thought about what I had already written about, and added them to my mind map. The ideas were really flowing by this point!

Once I filled the page, I stopped. This is what my page looked like when I was finished with it: Read More

A Cat Photo Collage, Complete With Instructions on How to Make a Collage!

For Father’s Day, I made a photo collage of the many cats my dad has owned. It’s fantastic! My dad loved it, and loved the poem I wrote for him, too, called “Cat Love.” He said it was the best present I could have ever given him. 🙂

homemade collage of cat pictures

“Cat Love” Poem

Here is the poem, which is pasted into the collage:

Cats provide companionship,

semi-conditional love and joy;

Purring when happy,

growling when annoyed.

They each have personalities

and unique characteristics.

They have an amazing ability to heal

using their purrs and licks.

Cats are just like little children,

and will eat wet food on command.

They’ll ask to go outside

so they can roam and play.

They’ll bring home mice as presents,

whether cats are orange, black, white or grey.

Cats are adorable little creatures

– I think this is something we all know –

For all the reasons listed here,

this is why we love them so! Read More