Last Updated on: December 2nd, 2021

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From December 27, 2021, to January 14, 2022, I will be conducting private calls JUST FOR YOU!

I am offering private, one-on-one coaching through Zoom, where we can meet, you can tell me what you need, I can share my screen, you can share yours (if need be), and I can both show and explain to you exactly what you need to do, as part of becoming an entrepreneur, an editor, and/or an author assistant!

The beauty of these calls is that YOU get EXACTLY what you need!

Because we all have different skillsets and different knowledge bases, maybe you only have bits and parts of what you want or need to know.
Here’s the beauty: I can help you fill in the missing pieces!

Each call is priced at $100 and lasts 45 minutes. You can opt to have one call for $100 or you can buy in bulk and save! You will also be sent a recording of the call so you can watch it anytime and review the information you need (in case you forget)!

OPTION #1: One 45-minute call for $100 (plus a recording)

OPTION #2: Two 45-minute calls for $175 (plus the recordings)

OPTION #3: Three 45-minute calls for $225 (plus the recordings)

OPTION #4: Four 90-minute calls for $500 (plus the recordings) [BEST DEAL!]

This offer is a special, one-time-only offer for the Christmas/New Year’s season so you can get the info you need!

The calls will be booked from December 27, 2021, to January 14, 2022. You get to pick your time slot, too! (There are many options to choose from!) I want to make this as convenient for you as possible! If you are interested in reserving your spot(s), please act now, as the slots are going to fill up quickly!


  1. Pay for the option that suits you best. You will be automatically sent to my calendar after you pay.
  2. Look at my calendar for the time slot(s) you want and book your call(s). I will send you a private Zoom link for each call.
  3. Join me on Zoom on your selected day(s) for your own private tutorial that will cover WHATEVER information you need!

I generally charge $125/hour for an hour-long coaching call. (This is no secret. Look at my services page!) The calls I am offering you here, however, are specially priced for the Christmas and New Year’s season, so take advantage NOW!



What will you teach me that I don’t already know?

I will help fill in the missing pieces for you. If there is something you don’t know but want to know, I can also teach you from scratch! For example, say you don’t know how to “mass accept changes” for a specific section of a Word document. I can show you how to do this, in real-time! Maybe you don’t know how to create a PayPal button for your site and embed it on your web page. I can show you how to do that, and even walk you through the process, watching you do it yourself (under my tutelage) while you share your computer screen! There are TONS of things I can teach you! It all depends on what you want to know!

What if I can’t make the call and need to reschedule?

You will be given an option to change the time of our call(s), but the availability will be limited as the slots fill up! If no more available slots exist, you will, unfortunately, be unable to reschedule. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as a death in your family), I will let you reschedule, but you will have to email me privately.

When will you email me the recording of our call?

I will send you the recording within 24 hours,

What if I need more than four 90-minute calls?

If you need more, buy more! Just repeat the same process you did to purchase your first set of calls!

What if I want to continue with our calls beyond January 14, 2022?

If you require additional information, we can arrange for additional calls privately. I’m certainly not going to turn away people who want to keep learning and thriving! I want you to get the info you need!

If you have any other questions, please email me!