Self-Publishing is A LOT of WORK! (and I need a hug!)

Last Updated on: January 29th, 2021

Now that I’m an official, self-published author, I am waffling on my views of self-publishing.

I don’t think it sucks, but I don’t think it’s awesome, either. What I do think is that it’s a lot of work!


All I’ve been doing lately (with the exception of my two-day camping trip last weekend) is working, working, working.

And learning.

What I’ve Been Doing and Learning

In addition to the boatload of things I did already when I first released Risky Issues, I’ve been learning about formatting for CreateSpace. I’ve decided that I want my book to be available as a print edition, too! But because I’m a Canadian author, I have to submit my book to the Library and Archives Canada.

Apparently it’s against the law if I don’t!

They call it Legal Deposit. So if you are a Canadian who is an aspiring author, I’d suggest that you remember this important fact!

I actually ended up writing a whole post about this LAW. Read it on my author site, Laying It Out There.

I’ve been doing a ton of other things too.

In addition to creating posts for Wording Well, I’ve written a guest post for Indies Unlimited about a few things I don’t want aspiring writers to do that I did.

I wrote a post about my ebook for another site, too.

I’ve also been trying to create some posts for my author website, Lorraine Reguly: Laying It Out There. The last thing I want to do here is keep posting about my book, but I did say that I’d post writing and publishing tips here, so now I have to decide which posts belong where…


There is so much to do!

Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly

Risky Issues Is Now On Google Play!

I’ve also added my ebook to the Google Play store. However, it’s cheaper on Amazon (both and, should you want to buy it.  I’ve been getting some really great reviews, too, so at least that is one great thing about all the work I’m doing!
I’m currently trying to create a physical copy of Risky Issues, too, using CreateSpace, a print-on-demand selling platform. I spent about twelve hours trying to get my book’s inside to “look right” all day yesterday and today, and am getting frustrated as hell trying to format the darn thing.

Who said self-publishing was easy?
Whoever it was… what I can tell you is THEY LIED. It’s a lot of work!!!

What’s easy is reading, writing, and posting reviews.

These activities are enjoyable, and are not deemed to be work at all (at least by me). This actually brings me to my next point: not everyone knows how to post a review to Goodreads or to Amazon. I learned through trial-and-error, but there are EASY-TO-FOLLOW tutorials that will help you. 🙂

How to Post a Review on Goodreads

You can watch the following video below or view it on YouTube. Either way, this video shows you how to post a review on Goodreads. You must be a Goodreads member in order to do so, but it’s easy to join. You can even use your Facebook account to do so!


How to Post a Review on Amazon

How to Post a Review on Amazon provides step-by-step instructions with pictures that show you where to find everything. This is the simplest, clearest, and easiest tutorial I found. I assure you, if you can read, you can follow these simple instructions! 🙂

What’s Next?

I’ve been wanting to take a break for a long time time, but I won’t. There simply isn’t time to take some time off! In retrospect, I suppose I should have planned things a bit better. Releasing a book on July 1st (on Canada Day) simply was not in my plans! But, hey, at least I finally, finally got around to doing it! 😉

What’s next is figuring out how to market my book properly.

So far,  I’ve given it away to a bunch of people in exchange for reviews, and I’m even considering a “Book Review Tour.”

If you are a blogger who might be interested in doing a blog post that will help me promote my book, please contact me at lorrainemariereguly AT gmail DOT com – just replace the AT with the @ symbol and the DOT with a period and let me know you’re willing to help.

At this point, my nerves are so frazzled that I need all the help I can get!

Or you could leave a comment for me in the comment section below. Thanks!

If you are an author who is self-published, tell me WHY you decided to self-publish your book.

If you are an aspiring author considering self-publishing, let me know if I’m scaring you.

If you have something on your mind about the whole self-publishing concept, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

If you have nothing to say but want to offer me a hug, I’ll take that, too.

Even a virtual one. Like the kind I just got from the Hug Fairy on Twitter!

hug given in a conversation on Twitter

I’m feeling pretty stressed and lonely right now.

Self-publishing is a lot of work. Do you or don’t you agree?



20 thoughts on “Self-Publishing is A LOT of WORK! (and I need a hug!)

  1. Adrienne says

    Hey Lorraine,

    Here comes your virtual hug girl and after reading this post you definitely need a few more of those. My goodness, I’m tired just reading everything.

    So about four years ago I’m thinking I was contacted by this guy about writing a book. His view on this is if you have “published author” under your name then you just have more clout. Doors will open where they didn’t before but this was publishing a hard back book. Of course after having gone through this himself he had a business teaching others how to self publish a book. After I sat through a webinar of his I was totally freaked out. It’s not an easy task and the only good thing about self publishing is that you’re not giving three quarters of your hard earned money to agents, manager and publishers for doing all of this for you. Of course with all the work involved I think that would be a better way to go.

    Anyway, I told him I didn’t really have anything to share and a book wasn’t in my future plans but I did find out what all was involved and I applaud anyone who wants to go down that road.

    Congratulations are definitely in order because just writing one is a big feat and now everything you have to do to get it in front of enough people is more work then probably writing it. I wish you the best of luck girl, but you’ll do great.


    • says

      Adrienne, you make some good points about paying others to do the promotional work for you, and I think that is why so many people are still wanting to get published by the Big 6 – which is now the Big 5. I think I would rather just write, but I chose this path for this book and so I’m going to stick with it.

      Are you self-publishing your book, too? I know you haven’t released it yet, but I’m curious.

      Thanks for the hug. I sure need it!

  2. says

    Yes this has been a rough journey but years from now hopefully you will say it has been worth it. Anything worthwhile takes time and a lot of work. When I go to trials with my dog, the judge says if it was easy, why bother, just go out and buy a box of ribbons. When something is a challenge when you do win it is far more rewarding then getting it easy.

  3. says

    I have not yet self published, but have looked into it enough to see just how much work it is – loads of work in fact if you want people to actual become aware of the product and buy it. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. You say there’s no time to take a break, but sometimes taking one helps to make you work more efficiently than you might have while still very stressed. here’s a virtual hug coming your way Lorraine!!!
    Hang in there – it’s all part of the journey:-)

    • says

      Thanks for the hug, AK! I’m actually going to be taking a break in August. I suppose this post was a “primer” for my readers… 😉

      Self-publishing is so much work that the writing portion of it all is the easy part! (Wait until UNDER THE BED is finished, and you will see what I mean!)

      I appreciate your support. 🙂

  4. Jo Ann Plante says

    I’m sending a big hug your way. I would LOVE to write a post about you and “Risky Issues” on my author blog “Read, Write, Delight, Indeed! on wordpress at I usually write about myself and my e-book, but I think you deserve a mention and you have mentored me through a few problems, so I would love to return the favor.

    Let me know when you’re ready and we can discuss it.

  5. Yvonne Hertzberger says

    Big hugs.

    I do have my books in the archives bit I didn’t realise it was the law. I do know that in order to have your books in libraries you might get a stipend if those libraries are audited. They only audit the ones in the major cities, though, but you might want to register for it.

    Here are the links to find out more:

    • says

      Yvonne, I didn’t know that by simply being authors we became criminals! LOL

      Thanks for the links. I’m going to check them out now. Thanks for the hugs, too. 😉 I sure need all the hugs I can get right now. I’m exhausted!

      Oh, would you be interested in being a part of a blog hop? I know you have a blog…

  6. says

    Hi Lorraine,

    You aren’t frightening me, but you are confirming my worst fears about self-publishing! I wonder if it makes sense to ask writers to also become editors, publishers, marketers and PR people. Lately I’ve taken a couple of ‘writing’ courses that focused on all the other aspects but not really on the essential act of writing a good story. Isn’t that what it should be all about? And aren’t there specialists who are better qualified than we writers to do the rest?

    I haven’t written that memoir or novel yet but when I do, I’ll take your learnings to heart! Thanks for sharing.


    • says

      Hi Mel,

      I’m glad I’m not scaring you, but I do agree with you. As authors who are INDIE (independent, self-publishers), we have so many more responsibilities than traditional authors do. And there begins the whole debate about which is better… And yes, if you have money to hire experts, there are a ton available.

      Do you have hopes of writing a memoir? Or a novel? Or both? How far along are you? (My memoir is still in the early stages.) I would like to know more.

      • says

        Oh, yes! A memoir definitely, and hopefully a novel after that. Memoir is in the advanced outline stage. Waiting for the prompt that will get me actually writing it. But at least now what to do and how to do it. What about you?

        • says

          Good to hear. 🙂

          I’ve got two WIPs (works-in-progress) right now: Letters to Julian and my memoir book. I’m not progressing fast enough on my memoirs, though… 🙁

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