Repetition Helps People Learn!

Last Updated on: April 11th, 2015

Ever since I can remember, I loved the three R’s: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.

(Today the three R’s are: Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle.  My, how times have changed.)

I have recently started to blog, just to see if I could. I think it may help me cope with my personal situation.

I have written many poems, a few short stories, a bunch of other stuff, and a book. I love to write, and to create. It gives me pleasure, and helps to pass the time.

I also love to read. I have developed a preference for novels about detectives who solve crimes, and can generally be found reading a mystery by Lisa Gardner, Lisa Jackson, or James Patterson. These three writers are awesome! I also like the books written by (and under the name) V.C. Andrews. I have read nearly all of them.

I have always loved reading. My mom told me that when I was about one year old, I would lie on the couch with my bottle of milk in one hand, the TV Guide in the other. When I was two or three, I read the backs of shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, and anything else I could find that contained words or letters. To this day, I do not know the where my love for words originated.

I think my fascination with letters begot my fascination with numbers, as I like math (and I am not ashamed to admit it).  I used to watch children’s programs on television (we did not have computers and tablets and iPads and iPhones back in my day), and I know they helped shape my inquisitive mind.

Snuffy and Big Bird, best friends

(Image courtesy of

“Read-a-long” and “Sesame Street” were two of my favourite shows.  I also liked “Romper Room”, with Busy Bee, and “Mr. Dress-up”, with Casey and Finnegan. I was especially fond of “Captain Kangaroo” and “The Friendly Giant”, who used to rearrange miniature furniture around a fireplace at the end of each show.

Mr. Dress-up with Casey and dog, Finnegan

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The Count

(Image courtesy of

“Sesame Street” episodes were usually centered around two different letters and one or two specific numbers. “The Count”, with his pointy nose, black cape, and monocle, would count everything, and lightning would strike, and he would laugh his evil laugh! Grover, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird or Snuffleupagus (or some other character) would close the show by saying, “this episode has been brought to you by the letters ___ and ___ and the number ___”. (Some of you will remember this, I am sure.)

Seeing as how I can recall this almost forty years after the fact, they must have done something right! “Sesame Street” is still around, too!  My four-year-old nephew plays games on the internet that use many of the same characters from the show I used to watch. However, a few new ones, including monsters such as Elmo (first appearance as a baby in 1972), Telly (first appearance in 1979), and Zoe (first appearance in 1993) have been added to the “cast” as “Sesame Street” evolved.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic were the three R’s that were taught to children of all ages many moons ago.  They were the three R’s that I learned, introduced to me first through television, via “Sesame Street”.  This show truly made (and still makes) learning fun, and uses a lot of repetition.  Repetition enables learners to store information in their brains in their long-term memory.  I am living proof.

That is why, whenever you are learning something for the first time, you need a lot of repetition.   Children AND adults alike can benefit for a long time using this method.  Yes, your kids will drive you crazy when they are repeating something over and over again, and you may get annoyed with them, but think about what is really happening.  They are learning!

Adults should learn to operate in the same manner whenever they are trying to do something new.  Do it once, do it twice, do it a third time, do it under supervision, do it on your own, and then do it again! Whatever you are trying to do, keep doing it until you do it right!  Then do it again! Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It will eventually “stick” in your memory.

Repetition is key.  Just don’t learn the words to “This is a Song That Never Ends“.  You will go crazy. (How many of you already know the words? Raise your hands! Are you still sane?)

Ok, question time: Wasn’t it nice to recall a memory from your childhood as you read this post today? (I know some of this content triggered something…) Did you enjoy the pictures? (This is my first post with pictures in it.) Did you like anything about your reading experience today? 

Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to stop for a moment to leave me a comment, share a memory, or tell me something…. I appreciate it!

(If you haven’t yet noticed, I reply to all comments.)


18 thoughts on “Repetition Helps People Learn!

  1. Jodie says

    Seeing that picture of Mr. Dressup really brought back some childhood memories for me. It was one of my favourite tv shows when I was a kid.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      It is good to remember our early years; a little bit of nostalgia is necessary in this day and age!

  2. rlloydmyers says

    I really like your website, Lorraine. You’ve done a great job and I’m enjoying taking a look around. Very impressive…oh and thank you for the endorsements!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Well, cooking and cleaning are two different things. We cannot expect ourselves to be perfect in every area of our lives. Besides, you probably have other talents…

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks Linda! I just changed a few things to make it even MORE reader-friendly, and I am open to further suggestions…. if you have any!

  3. Very nostalgic Lorraine. I remember Romper Room and Mr. Dress up. And I actually like singing this is the song that never ends.

    As for repetition, I know some parents expect their children to remember what they are told after the first time yet as adults they still can’t remember to clean up after themselves. Just a thought.

    Bye for now. Keep up the fantastic posts crazy lady.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thank you for your support, Darlene. You make a good point. But do you make a good bed?
      I value your input. I can’t tell you how many times I giggled to myself. Thank God I was alone, or I would have been locked up in the loony bin for sure!

  4. elainemanders says

    You’ve done a good job with your bio. It’s interesting that you like math and yet write. I’m a math and science junkie, yet I write fiction.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      There are some people in this world who are 1. Left-Brained = these are your basic analytical types who are good at math, science, physics, and accounting. 2. Right-Brained = these are your artists: lyricists, poets, writers, painters, and sculptors. 3. Middle-Brained = these are people like me (and you) who fall under both categories equally. I have actually taken psychology tests to determine what “brain type” I was. I fell right down the middle. This makes sense, since I like math and accounting and dislike physcis and science, and love reading and writing. Of course, there are also people out there who are “hare-brained”! (*ha ha)

      • elainemanders says

        I’ve known a few people who were hare-brained. I worked as an accountant before I retired. Don’t know why you don’t like physics and science, though. I watch all the science specials on TV. BTW, I hate housework and my house looks like it.

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          While I was attending high school, my favourite science teacher, Mr. Zanata, died. He was the only person who even remotely got me interested in it. He was a young, vibrant teacher who I seemed to learn from, and I think his death impacted me. I never took another science class again. I often wonder about things, though, and think I missed out on a lot of experiences. I like it when my Facebook friends share cool stuff with me, as I get interested in some of it… As for the housework? I try to live by the motto “there is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place”.

  5. says

    I loved the pictures, loved Sesame Street, I’ve never heard of Mr. Dress-Up, but loved Captain Kangaroo. You didn’t mention Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood? 🙂

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