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Last Updated on: March 25th, 2019

Welcome, everyone! I’d like to invite you to post your links to your blogs by doing so in the comment section of this post! I’d also like you to post your Twitter handle, too! (If you are on Twitter, that is!) You might gain some new followers if you do! (I’ve been meeting a lot of new and interesting people lately, and am growing my followers bit by bit! I’m getting good at tweeting properly, relevantly, and usefully, too!)

Here is my old Twitter pic/screenshot:

twitter pic for post

Here is Twitter screenshot/pic a few months later:

This is a screenshot of my Twitter stats as of November 21, 2014.

Here is Twitter screenshot/pic a few months later:

 Twitter pic as of Dec 2015

In a few sentences, tell us:

  • what your blog is about
  • what you offer others on your website
  • your Twitter handle

There are two things you should know, too, before leaving me a comment…

The first thing you should know is that I’m hoping to engage people a little further out here in the blogosphere, and create my own little group of awesome bloggers that can interact with one another, who will also become part of the discussions that may happen in future blog posts!

Note that you can choose your level of participation, too. Jump in and participate when you feel like it, with no pressure from anyone, and sit back and observe when you want to, too!

I know that many of you would like more engagement with others, and this is your opportunity to meet someone new, who just might have more knowledge and experience than you, or who might happen to be a really interesting person who you’d like to connect with.

I know that I am looking forward to meeting some new and awesome people! 🙂


The second thing that you should know is that, in exchange for this free promotion and introduction service to each other, I am requesting that you grab my free ebook to join my mailing list! That way, we can stay in touch, get to know one another, and, most importantly, you can learn from me through my blog posts!

I generally only post once a week, usually on Mondays.

If you just want to promote yourself, and then never read anything I write in the future, that’s totally up to you. I’d also like you to share this with others on your other social networks. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word, so that I can get to know your “friends,” too!

My Blogs

Laying It Out There is my personal/author site. On it, I share recipes, true stories about my life, some of my poetry, book reviews, and information about self-publishing.

The Blind Writer is another site that is mine. The Blind Writer offers bloggers and writers direction in moving their writing forward, improving their writing and productivity, and improving their vocabulary.

I can’t wait to introduce all of you awesome people to one another this way! 🙂

Let the meeting and promotion of awesome people take place! I’ll start! This is a digital business card for Lorraine Reguly.

Who I Am

My name is Lorraine. I’m a freelance writer for hire, an editor (also for hire), an author, a blogger, and a blogging coach who can help you with your online blogging journey. Hire me to help you figure stuff out! My consulting services are worth every penny!

My expert advice has been sought out by many bloggers. As a result, I’ve been featured in MANY round-up posts. A list of these posts can be found on my portfolio page.

More about me…

I’ve written several short stories, won a short story competition, and am working on other books. So far, I’ve published Risky Issues.  You can learn more about this book by reading about it on Amazon. Ebook Cover - Risky Issues by Lorraine Reguly


I also have several mottos. One of my mottos is “Dare to be different!” I believe you should embrace your uniqueness, and love yourself for it. Don’t worry about what others will think of you!

Do you think that people who have changed this world wanted to be the same as everyone else?

N-n-nope. They dared to be different, and they became successful!

You can learn more about me easily.

Visit my websites or find me on social media.

You can also read more about me through this guest post I wrote: RAPE DRUGS AND PROSTITUTION – ONE BLOGGER’S JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.

My Social Media Profiles:

Twitter (@lorrainereguly)

Google + (Wording Well profile)

Google + (Author profile)

Facebook (Writing and Editing Services)

Facebook (Author profile) Facebook (friends and family)




YouTube 🙂

Now go follow my awesome blog (by grabbing my free ebook) or by whichever method you are most comfortable with, and then tell us about YOUR awesome-ness! 🙂

I’ll start with the free ebook!
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367 thoughts on “Post Your Links Here To Promote Yourself and Your Blog!

  1. Wow, this is a great way to be a part of some potential communities of bloggers.

    I have started a travel blog named bulbulonthewing -
    The blog focuses on travel guides, travel stories, and travel tips. My aim is to inspire people to travel the world now as life is too short.
    ANUKRATI DOSI recently posted…7 Amazing things to do in Pushkar

  2. says


    Thanks for allowing me to promote my blog here. Nice to see kind people like you out there 🙂 I run a personal blog with my own photos and poems. Drop by if you want and have a read, hopefully you find something you like.

    The site is:

    Thanks Again,


  3. Lorenza says

    Thanks in advance Lorraine!

    My blog link is and it’s titled Life and stuff.

    I’ve been blogging for almost three months now. I write to inspire and motivate others plus my dog Buffy writes about doggy issues. I try to make his posts more humorous to keep a balance. I have a Twitter account but no one from there reads my posts. Maybe i still need to learn the art of tweeting lol. I prefer readers following me on Google plus. They can click Google plus follow link on my site. Will definitely follow you.

  4. Hi, Lorraine!

    My name is Michael Pozdnev and I am the founder of

    I’ve been involved in the sphere of online marketing for a long time. I have seen and have done different things 🙂

    I want to share my knowledge and learn from others. To help and to ask for help. To establish relationships and make friends

  5. John says

    Thanks for having this site! I JUST started blogging like 48 hours ago. It’s gonna be mostly politics, so not really fun stuff but important.

  6. Lindsey Prince says

    I’m not entirely sure if this is the kind of blogging advertising you do, but I would appreciate the help! My name is Lindsey Prince, and me and my husband recently got married last week. We have been placed in a very difficult situation recently. I have been unable to work, due to my health problems. I am anemic and have kidney failure. I have been able to keep these issues in check for the most part, but they have all started getting worse because I cannot afford proper care or food right now. I recently moved to South Carolina to marry my husband, and we were planning on getting our own place and I was going to join the Air Force. I was able to work a part-time job at a local cafe as a server/hostess. My husband works construction with SLOAN. The schedule worked out well for us at first, because I was able to drop him off at 6:30am, then go into work during the day and pick him up at night. Our truck that we’ve been making payments on broke down on us, and is going to cost us upwards of 1,400 to fix that. I have been unable to work because I no longer have a way to get to work. He is able to make it to his job still because a coworker of his has graciously been giving him rides to and from. The flooding we had here recently put him out of work for a couple weeks at all, digging our financial situation deeper. We are having to stay with friends and pay a steep rent, plus utilities, along with all the other payments we are trying to make. We are in a rut, and can’t seem to catch a break. With all we’re having to cover already, we haven’t been able to keep anything aside for the truck or my medical needs. This is not at all how we envisioned the beginning of our marriage to go. We need help for the truck, an apartment, and some for my medical care. We would be eternally grateful to any help we can get. Thank you so much.

  7. Reece Ward says

    My girlfriend just made this blog because she has a real passion for the things she want to tell. She means the world to me and wants to make blogging something serious. Shes nearly 17 and I can guarantee she’d love if you checked out her brand new blog. Bearing in mind shes new to blogging.

  8. Lorraine,
    Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out about my blog.

    I’m an award-winning illustrator of many things and I just recently started a blog about my art called Carefree Artist ( It’s whimsical, random, funny, silly, sometimes serious, and above all original. And, while it does have links to my books and etc., it is free of third-party advertisements.

    You can also find me at as well as on Facebook ( and Pinterest (

    Thanks again and best of luck with your blog and career!

  9. Dajana says


    I find you are very helpful and generous for doing this.

    I saw in the comment section many great blogs, and the thing you are doing for us is just amazing. I will follow you, for sure!

    My website that I am trying to promote is

    We try our best to entertain and inform on a daily basis. With just a little of help, we could be great!

    Thank you once again for this amazing thing you are doing.

    My Twitter is dbewitched.



  10. lyubov says

    Hi, Lorraine. I am so happy that i discover your blog and thank you for this great opportunity. I am relatively new to blogging and write about art and crafts. i love to learn about craft history in a different category and learn about people. I have an opportunity for crafters on my site to be featured : and would like to know if you would have any suggestion on how to reach more people to participate in this little adventure.
    Please join me
    Facebook :
    tweeter :

  11. says

    Hi Lorraine. I really need help with my blog. I have been running it now for a long time i seem to have a bit of viewers but not a great amount.

    My blog is to help others with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance’s. I thought of starting up a blog after i thought i had alot of gluten free recipes as i have loads of experience in the kitchen as ive been diagnosed with the disease since i was 8. I also know alot about the disease so am usually able to answer peoples questions about it

    Help and viewers will be much appreciated.




  12. says

    I had my blog for quite some time, years in fact. I blog on and off, and write topics that I thought I would like to share with my readers, such as movie reviews, personal opinions or just YouTube videos that were inspiring and interesting. It is a pleasure to get to know of you through your detailed Liebster Award Official Rules Post, Lorraine. I was always curious of the awards that the bloggers (that I follow) were nominated.

  13. Michelle says

    I’ve read and enjoyed several of your posts so I thought I join in.
    I’m Michelle from Perth. I’ve recently started a blog about living in Western Australia with my beautiful beagle Annie. I’m including stories of our life as well as reviews of pet friendly hotels, cafes and events.
    I’m new to blogging so I would welcome any suggestions for improvement.
    You can join me at:

  14. Michaela says

    Hello!! I am Michaela, a newbie blogger from Surrey, UK. I recently started a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog in order to share thought processes and opinions on these topics. It is also to get the creative juices flowing, develop my writing style, and interact with others. So far really enjoying it 🙂

    Thank you Lorraine for providing this platform to share blogs! 🙂

    See links below if you are interested in reading/following xo

  15. Aditya says

    hallo. i am from Asia, Indonesia. i want to learn english speaking. i want to learn sharing with blog. and my blog is timeslib. i want to share my opinion to all people in the world. someone can help me? to give me a suggestion for my blog, my language, or my opinion? thanks before 🙂

  16. Hello, my name is Shannon Gilmour and I’m a Christian indie author. I put together this blog for those who are hurting, who have serious questions about something that seems to be a taboo subject; suicide and depression. I’m a christian crisis outreach mentor helping others with their struggling issues.

    Thank you for the ability to link to this important issue here, and all the best to you and your endeavors.
    ~Shannon from

  17. Amanda Matheny says

    I am also adding this blog to my big list of blogs to check out and revisit. I don’t have tons of time so I might just be popping by periodically, but I’ll definitely be back.

  18. Amanda Matheny says

    My name is Amanda and I blog at I thank you for allowing everyone to put ourselves out there and connect with others. My blog is primarily on parenting, although frugality, safety, health, education, and other topics which are closely related to parenting are covered too. I also have a section specifically for money and budgeting related articles, and a section for reviews, and I sell my handmade needlepoint crafts in a small store on my site. You can find me via the following links to my social networks.

    Friend me on Facebook:
    Like my Facebook fanpage:

    Those are the sites I am most active on. I have some lesser used profiles but since they haven’t done much for me, I haven’t been super active on them. You can find me as craftyfrugalmom on almost anything I am on though. Just call me Crafty Frugal Mom, lol.

  19. Hella says

    Hi there! I’m Hella, 17 years old and a Dutchie, born in Amsterdam.
    I’m currently in my last year of pre-university and I’d like to keep track of all the highlights in my life.
    I’ve visited some great countries, visited great places and like to share my experiences with you, to show the beauty of several countries and places, which are worthwhile to me!
    Have a great day 🙂

  20. says

    Hey everyone, i’m 17 years old, and started a blog 3 days ago about my creativity. i want to inspire people. and help them do the same things. and chase their own dreams. i just started it so i could use a lot of feedback! let me know what you think and what you would like to see.

    Love y’all.

    Julie Eva


    The name of my blog is “Bits and Pieces by TheIntelligentMan”. I created an online presence that had to spill its guts in an intellectual manner after “He” had seen enough. I have spent some time observing and thinking about a lot of things that bother me. Bits and pieces serves as a platform to express myself, to a wide audience, on the issues that people hardly attend to. At first I thought no one would take it seriously since quite a number of people would rather view an image than read an entire article. However, I came at it (expression public issues/concerns) from a different angle. The articles are basically a monologue from a helpless logical “man” with very strong opinions that encourage you to think outside the box. Some of them are humorous but still not lacking the main intention, to engage you in a thoughtful conversation. These articles make up the bits and piece of our everyday life that we all have taken for granted at one point or another. I found an intelligent way to make reading “cool” again and all the pieces come with positives that can be added to life. Follow me @TheIntelligentM

    • says

      Bharathi, I’m technologically challenged! Perhaps we could swap services some day. I could edit copy for your website and, in return, you could do something for me… Interested?

  22. says

    Hi! I only just started a blog on Weebly so it’s all new to me still. I love to write and post pictures – my blog is mainly about cats and specifically my Siberian cat 🙂 I love reading other people’s blogs too 🙂 thankyou!

  23. says

    OK. everyone I just started a blog for fun. It is very basic right now but I am improving the site as I learn more about coding. I plan I posting about anything I find cool, interesting or innovative. The current theme seems to be engines and cars as that is my field of work. However I am planning on doing posts about cool eco/smart home products and gadgets. Please share since I am just starting out I really need to bump up my viewers.

  24. Jessica says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for this, it’s a very cool kick-it-forward networking initiative, awesome!

    I am a latina mom who is working on getting my eco-friendly open mic cafe up and running. A few short months ago, I added a Blog section to my site and MY OH MY am I addicted to blogging! I wish I had more time for it, as of now, I post only once a week.

    The blog is informative, intelligent and covers culture, arts, travel, Puerto Rico, green living and sustainable living. I would love to start doing some product reviews (will see how I can get this started). Blogging is a learning curve for me, trying to get noticed so thanks for this. Here is the link to my blog, would love to get feedback:

    BTW, read some of your poetry, very captivating material 🙂 I also have a Poets Corner on my site where poets can share some of their work (no subscription needed).

    Also, would LOVE to get nominated for the Liebster Award if anyone feels we are worthy (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)!

  25. Joffry Brusse says

    It’s almost time to start my adventure.
    The 24th of November I will travel to Sweden to be part of something unique and extraordinary. I’m going to help building the world famous Icehotel! I will work for a month in order to help creating something special which will only last a couple of months after we’re done.

    From October to December, 40 artists, builders and light designers gather in Jukkasjärvi to create a world unique art project made out of ice and snow.

    Please feel free to visit my blog:

  26. says

    wow this is so incredible to see that you want to get blogger’s more connected!
    I think its an amazing thing to do and build on the community we have!
    I really appreciate this and am already enjoying reading through your blogs!

    my blog is:

    Im a typical fashion student gone blogger; however, getting known in the fashion industry can be a killer!
    Also ive only just re designed my blog which is a little scary to reinvent yourself but hey!

    Thankyou for the help and promotion and thankyou for the incredible blog!

  27. Siddharth says

    Wow this is a great initiative. It would be lovely to get to know so many people through a single post. This is like a platform within a platform. Very interesting indeed…

  28. Olivia says

    Please visit my new teen advice blog:
    I’d really appreciate it if you left a comment or asked me an advice question. 🙂

  29. Anum Zaidi says

    Hey Lorraine!
    How are you? I hope everything is good at your side!
    I love the way you have introduced yourself! It is so hard to find fun-loving yet hard-working people like you these days!
    So here is a little introduction about me!
    My name is Anum Zaidi (Anum in my language means a gift). I am doing undergraduate in Economics. I have just created my own blog, so technically I am inexperienced in this blogging field. My blog is
    It is about life lessons and also my take on life! It is a very simple and honest blog! All my posts are humble and sweet.
    I would appreciate if you could just take a look at my blog, maybe share it with your friends and also give me advice on any chance that my blog requires! Thanks a lot.
    Kind Regards.

    • says

      Anum, after a quick glance at your blog, I am wondering why you are posting a picture separately in another post from the text. You should be including the picture in the same post as the text!

      Perhaps pick up a copy of my ebook, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, for a few more pointers. 😉

  30. Walter says

    Hi Lorraine,

    I think its great what you are doing for blogging newbies here. Wish I discovered this place earlier when I was starting out. I have a blog that runs timeless content, mostly about personal development. Anyone who wants to awaken their full potential, live consciously and generally explore a more holistic view of their life can check it out:

    Happy blogging everyone!

  31. Elena says

    Hi Lorraine, it is very nice of you to create this group. I would like to join the community and stay connected. I’ve traveled a bit and ended up with so many photos! Though of like putting them together and sharing the experiences.
    have a look at

    I would appreciate any feedback!


  32. kate Strouts says

    Hello Lorraine

    I realise I am very late to post on here – but lets give it a try! I am just learning about blogging – 2 posts so far, no idea if anyone has read them (how do I know that?) I am just posting on my google+ account. How do I tell people where to find my blog? Wow there is so much I don’t know! My blog is about gardening. I work in a garden centre and I muse on the questions that we get a lot – and answer them.

    • says

      Kate, you should be able to tell how many people are reading your posts by looking at your stats.

      To get read, you need to promote your blog on social media sites.

      There is tons to blogging… too much to say here… but one thing to do is to comment on others’ gardening blogs, so that others will see your comments and visit your blog.

  33. Aeterna says

    I run a little blog about Astrology where I post forecasts, insights and most importantly give FREE advice to my readers. Anyone can drop me a line either anonymously or via mail and have a mini-consultation. : )
    Thanks for the opportunity to promote ourselves. : )

  34. says

    Cici Shops lets you know about the best places to find unique gifts, a new style, and extraordinary toys. Each post is about one site with pictures, short commentary, and prices. Site posts are tagged with price range and the kinds of things found on that site.
    Twitter @CiciShopsHere

    My blog also lets you contact me and I would love your feedback. It’s only two days old.

  35. Hi Lorraine,

    My name is Lisa Walters and I have a blog called Damsel in a Dress. I am a twenty five year old living in Newfoundland, Canada. I started writing my blog last December while I was off work on sick leave. I have been going through some rather major health problems in the last few years and the doctors keep switching my diagnosis pretty much every other week. I write with a humourous air about what it is like to be young with a debilitating disease, and especially what it is like to have health problems without knowing what exactly is happening to you. I have always turned to online support while facing health obstacles but in the last year or so I have found it very difficult because when you go undiagnosed but you do have a disease it is hard to know which corner to turn to for that help. That’s why I started my blog – to let other people in situations like mine know that they are not alone and that there are many others out there who live daily in that limbo between illness and diagnosis. My blog of course has posts not related to my health, as no one is made up of just their disease alone!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog with you and your followers!

  36. Sam Adeyinka says

    Hey madam Lorraine, it’s nice to be on this promote page. It’s been a while I wanted to do this and this is I think the best time to.

    Not too waste much time.

    So my name is Sam Adeyinka, and I’m a writer, a thespian,an interviewer, and a blogger/contributor on so many other blogs, which my three blogs – Blogging Whiz(, Pro Motivator, and Techy Tyrants happens to be a part of.

    Guess myself and are you are already following on Twitter but for the sake of those that are not yet following, here’s my Twitter Handle: @samuelkermis or

    I blog about many different things, from my personal experiences to my experiences as a writer, to my latest discoveries. I sometimes interview authors or experts in their field, help others, and am honest and caring.

    I am on different social media sites, and love interacting with other great minds. I write motivational literature, and my first book will be live anytime soon.

    I am outgoing, friendly and have been through a lot. This post on my other blog might just give you a glimpse: January 1st | A Day Never To Be Forgotten!

    If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know my blog posts are interesting, informative, and unexpected, since you’ll never know what I’m going to blog about next! I like to keep things interesting! Variety is the spice of life, you know!

    One of the quotes I live by is “Dare to be different in a world trying to make you everybody else!” I’ve since realized that men who make the difference are those who dared to be unique and not try to be just like everyone else. And if I have achieved anything in life, it would be solely because I dared to be different and leaned first-hand on the experiences of those that has gone ahead of me.

    Thanks for this distinguished opportunity to promote myself. 🙂 And I copied you blatantly and have just created something like this too on my blog. I will appreciate a comment ma’am. 😀 (Guess I have this same drive just has you)


    • says

      Hi Sam! I don’t mind that you are offering the same thing to others on your blog. I think it’s great that you want to help promote others, too! 🙂

      Good luck with your book and your many blogs! 😀

      I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding, don’t you think?

  37. Manis says

    Hi, I’m Manis. I recently started a caffeine energy blog, . We also offer transdermal caffeine, creatine and ascai berry energy patches. Save $2 on your next order + free shipping with promo code ‘wideawake’ . Thanks 🙂

  38. Bonzi says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for chance to share. I always look forward to reading you blog. If you or your followers like discussing the news, politics, or current event please drop by my site and sign up. I am always looking for good conversation.

  39. Cheyanne says

    Lorraine, thanks for this amazing opportunity!

    I’m the blogger behind Dash of Healthy!

    On my blog you can find healthy recipes that I have developed, as well as tips for living healthy and chemical-free! There may also be a post about some of my traveling adventures, as well as home renovations, and everyday-life-related things!

    Thanks again, and I look forward to networking with you all!
    Cheyanne recently posted…Girls Trip To Berlin, Germany

    • says

      Nice to meet you, Cheyanne! Your blog sound interesting. I need more healthy foods to eat, so maybe I’ll have to check out some of your recipes. 🙂

  40. Coirnne Walker says

    Hi Lorraine
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you and promote my bog TheLifeScout

    I blog about fashion, decor, food and all manner of things that may move me or interest me. I love to celebrate the little pleasures in life whether it be a movie night at home, buying a new polish, dinner party with friends or walking my pup.

    Thanks for such a great blog!
    Coirnne Walker recently posted…De-Stressing

  41. Hello; My name is maxwell, max to my friends; and mr. midway to some people online. I am the blind son of carnival owners who makes his living helping people sell their new and used amusement equipment and related items. The blog covers new additions to the site, challenges of being a blind entrepreneur, announcements about important sales made, and hopefully answering questions and educating people about the amusement industry as well as what its like to be blind. My blog is my youtube page is I have links to my profile on the major social media sites on my home page. if you connect with me or follow me i will connect or follow you back. feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to getting to know you. Best of luck with your own blogs, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…My first google video hangout tune in next week

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Denise, it’s nice to meet you! I followed your blog via Networked Blogs. I also think it’s wonderful that you’ve recently rescued a kitten!

      And I love how my mouse cursor turns into a kitty cat! How did you do that? Please let me in on your secret! That’s so cool!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Ross, thanks for posting your links.

      I don’t do free website critiques, but I’m happy to offer these as well as my writing and editing services to you. Please contact me via email if you are interested. Thank you.

  42. says

    Hi Lorraine, I am a brand new born again blogger (I think my blog graveyard is currently up to 5 or 6) and try to blog about fashion for curvier ladies, how to love and accept one’s body, and little ways to sneak a little bit of healthy choices into our lives. My blog is and anyone can follow along with me on my adventures on Twitter @curveistheword. Thanks!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Isaac, you’re welcome! I can always use more motivation in my life, so I’ll be sure to pop over there and check it out. 🙂

  43. says

    I’m Mathurini, thank you very much for such a great idea and wonderful post by the way. I’d love an award or two for my blog but hey ho we shall see!

  44. I am a children’s book author and adoptive mom. I recently published my first book Long Tail, Short Tail, about transracial adoption. I’m currently working on my second book, Chasing Joey, which includes true stories from my infertility/adoption/preschool mom experience (some sad stories, some hilarious). I just started a blog that tracks some of the more funny experiences from my second book. It’s like a sneak peek. 🙂 You can follow me on Twitter for book giveaways @rachael_snead There’s actually a giveaway right NOW for liking my FB page! All likes will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Long Tail, Short Tail. I follow/like you back, too. For more info check out my official website

  45. david schuller says

    Hi Lorraine and thanks so much for this opportunity.
    I am a 59 yr young guy from Pgh Pa who’s been in the carpentry, home remodeling industry for over 40 years. I got my 1st computer 4 yrs ago and started dabbling with the internet, but knowing nothing I didn’t get very far.
    6 months ago I lost my job and decided to give it another go since I know a little more now than I did 4 years ago.
    Since I know a great deal about carpentry and home remodeling, I decided to start a blog called Fix up This House.
    Some of my posts are informational and motivational and others provide instructions for how to fix some common household problems.
    A few months ago I started getting ideas for a few articles concerning worry. This is also something I am very familiar with since I was an excessive worrier for many years. I couldn’t put it on my site so I started a Blogger blog called worry free today.
    I deeply appreciate people like yourself and Ashley who are so willing to share. There are a lot of vultures out there willing to take your money.
    Thanks again
    twitter @davidsch54

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      I SOOO hear you, David. Thanks for sharing all that with us! I think it’s wonderful what you’ve done – and thank you for the compliment, too. Yes, Ashley (aka Mad Lemmings) is a great guy who’s got a big heart and brains, to boot! 🙂

  46. Thank a lot for this opportunity to make mention of my blog, Lorraine.

    The Franchise King Blog is the longest-running blog in franchising.

    I started it in 2006, and it’s become very popular among people that are interested in learning more about owning a franchise business.

    It’s also read by media folks, reporters etc.

    One more thing: franchise industry professionals are subscribed to it although some of them don’t like what I have to say.


    Here’s the link-

    The Franchise King®, Joel Libava

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You are welcome, Joel. I’m happy to do it and it’s my way of giving back to the community that has helped me in the past year. “Paying it forward” is a concept more people should act on, in my opinion. The world would be a better place if more people helped one another.

  47. winkandasmile says

    I’m a single mother & a disabled veteran from the 1st Gulf War. We lost my sons father in 2005, also a Navy Veteran. I blog about a non profit business I started recently to help other veterans in need. I create a brand new cupcake each day, explain the inspiration& post a picture.

    I struggle daily with pain and some PTSD. But baking for me is therapeutic, and giving back to my fellow veterans, well there are no words to express my emotions.

    I hope you’ll all follow my blog and check out my website for my current cupcakes, we accept donations and I ship anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. I offer vegan, gluten free & sugar substitute options and special orders. Everything us homemade from scratch, including any decorations & I try and use local ingredients found at the Farmers Market & local small businesses.

    I can’t wait to meet everyone & make new blogging friends!

    I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving & I am sending you all many blessings!!


  48. says

    Thanks for doing this!
    My blog is called #fuzyonblog
    It is mainly in Turkish but one can find some English posts that are about Turkish living. By the way, the Google translator on site might come handy for interested readers.
    My site is mostly to inform Turkish speakers on various public health issues. One may also find other topics such as book reviews, travel, social media, technology, volunteer work, my own write-ups, etc. mostly in Turkish. Check out my site >>

  49. Hi, everyone! I’m Kathy Steinemann.

    My blog shares information for authors, short fiction, book reviews, and occasional eclectic posts.

    My books span several genres. They include collections of travel tips, English-German dual translation short stories/poetry, IBS information, and the Sapphire Brigade series.

    Sign up for my once-monthly newsletter to receive exclusive or advance-release freebies.


    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Kathy, it’s nice to meet you! Everyone likes the idea of freebies, too! 😉

      p.s. I just followed you on Twitter!

  50. says

    I am a new blogger, and just started my blog this week (last week of October, 2013). The name of my blog is: Garlic Celery Carrots: Adventures in Urban Farming. I’m documenting the efforts of my husband and I as we learn more about sustainable agriculture, and expand our garden. We live in central Indiana in the US. Here’s a link:

  51. Kaufman's Kavalkade says

    Hello, I am @thewanderinpoet currently on Twitter. I am all the nom de plume’s listed on Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew actually.

    Yes, there is a crew, 18 of us. I just handle the Social Media. The rest are members at City Data Forum, and don’t like the racism, hate speech etc they see expressed on that Forum despite their Terms of Service.

    I do more than just report on that stuff though, I make a nuisance of myself on Twitter, and write poetry, hopefully funny stuff, and give whatever lessons I have learned on Twitter on my new series, Letters to Conrad.

    I have a master list of WordPress bloggers on Twitter, which are Twitter Followers only. If you’d like to be added, follow me, and I will add you to the list.

    I also have a list of WordPress bloggers who are on twitter, but don’t follow me. If they eventually follow me, I add them to the Followers list. If they don’t follow me, I will eventually unfollow them due to Twitter’s ratio rule.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      So nice of you to post your links! I’m actually following you already – both of your accounts (the one listed here and the one that is linked to from your blog)!

      Please add me to your lists! Thanks! 😀 Since you’re a Twitter junkie and an avid reader, you’d probably like to enter a giveaway – check out my most recent post and learn how you can use Twitter to enter MULTIPLE times to win a copy of Nightmares! You can also check for the hashtag #NightmaresBookGiveaway to find out more! Whatever’s easier! 😉 You decide!

      I hope others get to know you, too! Many people subscribe to the follow up comments, so they will receive notification that you posted your links here. But I guess you already know that… 😀

      Nice to see you here!

  52. says

    Hello Lorraine! I just commented on Donna’s interview and giveaway post and am now here! What a lovely lady you sound like and what a very generous, lovely way to build community with other bloggers. I really do thank you for this opportunity. I don’t have a Twitter account yet but perhaps I need to look into this. I do have a Google Plus account, but not sure if this is the right link or not! I’ve literally only just started this account so not sure if I’ve even done it right!

    I started blogging in January as a way to document my new writing journey but is isn’t a ‘niche’ blog. Like you, I do write some poetry, but I was really nervous about sharing it at first! I have dabbled in poetry all my life (although I’ve never studied it) and I never dared let it see the light of day!

    My blog, A View From My Summerhouse, is where I share my stories from my past and weave them into the present. Through a series of circumstances over a period of many years – got divorced after a 22 year marriage, moved back to the UK from California after living there for 17 years (I’m British, my ex is American and my children were born in America, apart from my eldest son who was born in the UK but was 3 when we left), lived as a single mum to three children before remarrying 7 years ago, re-entered the workforce and retrained as a legal secretary in probate and conveyancing in my mid forties, then lost my job at the same time as my daugther’s diagnosis with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 18, 2 years ago – I came to writing full time, phew!!

    All my life I have wanted to write. When I was faced with this situation and in becoming my daughter’s full time carer as well as just plain ‘mum’ I made some major changes in my life. With my husband’s full support I decided to use the time at home to at long last pursue my writing career.

    I had already signed up to a creative writing course with The Writer’s Bureau because I had no clue how to prepare and submit manuscripts to editors. Much to my ongoing amazement, I have now had two articles published in Prima magazine and Your Cat magazine, as well as a short story, also in Prima, and I recently won a flash fiction competition on another blog! I still can’t believe it!

    I have also had a book burning deep within me most of my life. It is a memoir from a three year period in my young life when I was married to an American GI who died of leukeamia when he was 21. I know I have to tell his story but it is not an easy story to tell.

    Blogging has given me a community that I never thought existed, having met so many wonderful, talented, generous and such kind people from all over the world. I’ve made some amazing new friends. The support that we can give each other in this sometimes lonely writer’s world is invaluable, and once again Lorraine, I thank you so much. I really look forward to following your blog 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Sherri, it is so nice to meet you! I have already checked out your blog, and left you a few comments! I love your writing style and voice. You’ve been through so much; I feel close to you already. You’re very open and honest – much like myself. I feel the start of a friendship!

      When you are ready to, you WILL tell your/his story, BTW. The toughest stories to tell are often the most important ones. 😉 Hang in there!

      Writing has certainly been a great outlet for you, as has blogging. I can relate!

      I’m soooo looking forward to seeing more of you! Thanks for stopping by – and for re-blogging Donna’s post.

      I’m so excited about the GIVEAWAY!

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          You’re welcome Donna – I expect many more “views” on this post next week. People are recuperating from partying last night and it IS Friday, LOL!

      • Neha Ahire says

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  53. manpreet says

    Heyyy! I am Manpreet from India!!! This is a very good idea for connecting with bloggers around the world.. I Blog about Fashion, food, fitness, Style 🙂 🙂 I am a Psychology major in university … Do stop by my blog .. Thank you. Much Love xoxo!!!

    My Blog:

  54. Thanks for your interest in “Sous nos Couettes”. We’re now following your blog.

    If you want to sharpen your international sense of humor, we do also have an English version called “Tails from Paris” :

    Thanks for sharing if you enjoy it too …

    Here is our FB page :

    We’re also on Twitter :

    Best from Paris, France

    Alix, Roxane & their bald, bold & funny (at least he pretends to …) Dad

  55. Hi Lorraine!
    I love this idea! It’s so nice to help connect everyone together! Thanks for inviting me to post. I blog mainly about young adult books and my life as a teenage reader. Paperbacks may be going extinct, but I still have a whole zoo full of them on my bookshelf! I’m still a novice when it comes to blogging, so my posts are still scattered. It’ll be interesting to see how Stealing Pages grows…
    My blog:
    Twitter: @stealingpages

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Growth is amazing to watch. Ask any of my readers! When I first started my online journey in January of this year, I knew nothing. I had no social media accounts, either. Now I have followers, connections, and FRIENDS. I love being online!

      So happy you stopped by, Erin! I love your energy and warmth, and your bookmark fetish! LOL (Yes, I read your post!)

      Off to Twitter now to connect with you there! 😀

  56. Lorraine, thanks for the invite; obviously I’m a bit late to the party! I’m a writer and blog about my own process with writing and publishing. I’ve been both traditionally-published and self-published and have 11 books to my credit, 10 novels and 1 non-fiction. I’m also a regular contributor to the superblog Indies Unlimited. I like to do all I can to encourage other pre-published writers, helping them find their way through the quagmire of publishing companies, services and scams. My blog is here:

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Melissa, you are a true inspiration to other authors! I’m so happy that we met and formed a great relationship. I particularly love your motto, “Cooperation, not competition!” It is the mindset that I wish more people had.

      Thanks for posting your link; I hope you get some new visitors!

  57. Snow says

    Hi! I’m gonna have a Christmas giveaway on my blog. If you like you could check em out! Thanks and spread the good news! 😀

  58. says

    Hello Lorraine! My name is Gail Monte and I just started following your blog! I look forward to getting to know you! I am a mom and a wife to a pastor. Our son is 5 and we finalized his adoption last year. We have also been foster parents to our sons siblings.

    My blog is fairly new- it is

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog with you! 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Nice to meet you, and congratulations on adding to your family. Now you can be a part of the “online family” here! 🙂

      Thanks for following my blog, Gail!

  59. Hi there Lorraine. Thanks for the invite to post here about my newish blog, I really appreciate it.
    My name is Michelle Davies-Stuhmcke. I come from the land down under in Australia. My blogsite is at I love looking at and taking photos. Now I’ve just started writing a Memoir about our recent sojourn through Europe to share with everyone. The memoir is also a way to keep our holiday alive for a little while longer. My Dearly Beloved (D.B.) enjoys it too. I just love meeting new people and sharing ideas. I’m finding travelling and blogging can both become quite addictive! I’d love to meet you all so come please on over and say hello to me at
    Thanks a lot Michelle

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Michelle, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for your comments on other posts – and for following my blog!

      I hope my other readers will enjoy your travel blog! 😀

  60. Hi Lorraine,
    What a great site! I actually stumbled on it by following another blog on WLC. I’m new to the blogging world so I try to visit a lot of different ones. I am also an author but I blog about a little of everything. I am an avid reader and dog lover that enjoys laughing almost as much as breathing. I don’t think I’d survive without doing both…often! I belong to several writing forums and groups but am not familiar with any that’s main focus is on blogging. I’d love to get some that you find helpful and fun. I have signed up for your newsletter and am following you on Twitter. My Twitter name is mk_clinton so you’ll know who I am when I show up unannounced. My blog/website is please stop by for a visit.
    Thanks! M. K Clinton

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      It’s nice to meet you, MK! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing; I’ll be looking you up on Twitter and will definitely check out your site!

  61. says

    Hey Lorraine!

    Thank you for the opportunity for us bloggers to get a chance to network and grow! I’m a new blogger and I appreciate it all.

    Twitter: @fabulousperks

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You’re very welcome. Bloggers Helping Bloggers is a great group to join in LinkedIn. That’s how I met so many great people! 🙂

  62. thewriterssocial says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Love this idea and just wanted to let you know we found you and supported your tweet on

    My company is a private social network and a marketing platform for bloggers. We allow our members to post articles, videos, photos and other types of content for self promotion then we help promote that content on other social sites. I would love for you to check out our site and tell us what you think. It is a free service for all writers and bloggers.

    Thank you for your time.

    Thomas E. Ortiz
    The Writers Social

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thomas, this is awesome! Glad you found me, and happy you decided to post your link here. I’ll definitely check it out, and I hope others do, too! 😀

  63. says

    Hi Lorraine. Thank you for this opportunity! I have to say I am learning a lot from the few posts I’ve read on your blog already (the Liebster Award..and now I learned where the “Like” and “Follow” buttons are).

    I am a new blogger with the current goal of staying anonymous while blogging random stuff. My primary blog is Improv Artz (, where you can learn about DIY projects and random creations that I have come across. For example, I needed a belt hanger, so I made one from coat hangers and posted what I did to make it. I also stumbled across an interesting food event where a company created country’s flags out of food and shared them…more ideas for decorating food?

    I am also one of the contributors to a writing/comic blog (, which really is just random! We don’t really have a theme going yet, but maybe we will at some point. Suggestions are welcome~

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You are welcome. Exposing our blogs to more people is needed when you’re a new blogger. I’m happy to help, which is why I wrote this post! 🙂


  64. Hi Lorraine,

    What an interesting idea. I have been blogging sporadically on other topics for a few years, but I just launched a new blog to discuss my life with an ADHD husband and two ADHD children. I’m hoping to reach out to, connect with, and maybe help others living with ADHD. The blog is part therapy, part information and part entertainment.

    I’m a thirty-something part time professional living in the United States. I have two kids, ages seven and eight, a cat and a dog. I love gardening, animals and nature. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Thank you!


  65. RamisaR says

    My name is Ramisa and I am an ordinary girl. I also like writing. But my blog mainly consists of things I want to say, words I’d like for the world to hear, and truly focusing on the important parts of life. Other than that, I also offer free resources for writers, students, graphic designers, etc (I love promoting helpful products!) And I also blog about beautiful things: music, art, literature, etc.
    Hope you stop by! ♥

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Nice to meet you! I already stopped by. 🙂

      I hope our paths cross again!

      If you become a regular commenter on my blog, I reciprocate comments (usually).

  66. says

    My name is Lisa and I just found this site. I write inspirational poetry and have published two books so far. “Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul” and “Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate”
    I am married. We have three kids and foster girls. We live in the beautiful state of Alaska where the spirit of men and animals roam free.
    I enjoy writing, blogging ,reading and walking.
    I do have a blog:
    This is where I hang out to write about my life in Alaska and other things that interest me like writing, college and spiritual things.
    I am on facebook, twitter and linkedin, piniterest

  67. Tiare says

    Mahalo! How generous and kind of you.

    I came across your blog a day or two ago, and have since been catching up on your articles. You’re a great writer with so much to share.

    If you ever feel like visiting, you can find me at Aloha!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      It’s great to meet you, Tiare! Thank you for the compliment. Feel free to add your thoughts, feelings, and opinions to any of the posts you read. I love getting comments!

      It’s always nice to discover new blogs and meet new, friendly people. 🙂

  68. says

    Hey Lorraine! Really awesome stuff-let me just say that you’re on my blogroll now 😛 😀

    As far as I’m considered-I’m a sixteen year old teenager from Bosnia & Herzegovina and just recently started writing a blog.

    My goal is to make my country more known off among foreigners-but through a little “different” writing style 🙂

    Much regards,


  69. CeeLee says

    Reblogged this on Swim In The Adult Pool and commented:
    Having had the opportunity of chatting with Lorraine last week, I can attest to her being a wealth of information on writing and successfully navigating the bewildering maze of how to’s for beginners to both the blogging and writing communities. Do yourself the favor for finding her, you’ll be so glad you did!

    On a personal note, thank you so much Lorraine, for both your patience with me and the power/net issues. I still very much want to finish our conversation and hope you feel the same. 🙂

    Sincerely yours,

  70. Connor Rickett says

    Good idea Lorraine! Nothing motivates user engagement like the opportunity for self-promotion! 😉

    If you’re interesting in writing tips and random writing-related posts from a professional ghostwriting (or especially hiring one), check out my professional blog,, or if you’d rather read about my real life adventures, fictional stories, and assorted randomness, I have a, well, less professional,/em> personal website at I’d sure love to hear from people.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi again, Connor! I am already a subscriber of yours, as you know, and I appreciate the support that we give one another. I hope you meet some more interesting bloggers here!

  71. Arleen says

    Hi-Lorraine, First Happy Birthday.
    This such a nice gesture of you to let us write about ourselves. Since you are part of my blogging group, I try to comment on your site.

    I have a woman owned business that has been selling promotional products since 1991. I was one of the first to have an internet based advertising specialties company in the early 90’s. Companies purchase my products to build their brand recognition.We are an Internet company that sells logo merchandise to help with marketing campaigns. We have a staff that will help you select the promotional items for your marketing needs as everyone’s needs is different. My motto for my company is service, service and more service.

    My main site is Working with social networking I have added a blog site, Facebook:, Twitter: I am active on LinkedIn and also Google+

    I am so happy that I have joined blog communities as it is all abut helping one another.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Yes, Arleen, I think that helping each other out, even when you *aren’t* really *that* interested in reading what the other person has to say, sometimes but you do just to support them! 🙂

      I try to get to everyone each week, but sometimes miss…as we all do. I generally reciprocate comments, though, and that usually keeps us going back and forth with one another!

      I like that we have connected, too! 🙂 Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m looking forward to tonight!

  72. says

    Great way to promote your blog and other’s blogs! My blog started out as a personal finance blog; it’s still based on that but now has evolved into a “pursue your passion” type blog where the main goal is to take control of your money so you can do what you want in life!

    twitter: @YLTL

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi Dan! Thanks; I cannot take credit for this idea, though. I have seen it done on three other blogs.

      I just started following you on Twitter!

      I love the pictures you and your wife include in your posts, and I like hearing about your travels. The beaches, the elephant, and the tigers – up close and personal – are awesome! 🙂

  73. Hi Lorraine, I started my blog just a few months after you started blogging. And what fun it has been to meet wonderful people, including yourself and many of those who are commenting on here!

    I am a freelance writer and a sociology hobbyist who likes to dabble in various literary works and is passionate about RV living.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi Aleshia! Good to see you again! Are you on Twitter? You should post your handle here so that others can follow you! I’ve met some great people already as a result of this post. Have a look-see and see who you might like…

  74. Lorraine, what a fun and kind idea!

    I’ll make this quick. I’m a writer of psychological suspense and realistic short stories. My twisted book blog is called What do I know? and it can be found at

    I post twice a week on topics related to literature.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Jeri, you are another one who reciprocates comments, too, via Bloggers Helping Bloggers, and I like that you do this!

      I hope you find some new people here to interact with! 🙂

  75. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says

    Hi Lorraine!,
    What a Kind & Generous thing to do for others!
    On my *Little Recovery Blog* at: I speak out on Addicted Compulsive Gambling–The Disease, any type of Addiction, and about Mental & Emotional illness & disorders as I suffer a few. Trying to *SHATTER the STIGMA* around these issue’s….

    I also have a Writers/Author Blog at Where I entertain a *Weekly Guest Blogger* and *My 2 Book picks a Month*…..The TWO New books this month are AWESOME……*Read The Chocolate Bar* By: Agathe von Kempan, which she had seen with her own eyes and lived Daily History as a Refuge under Hitler’s Rule.
    The 2nd pick is written by a Former Contestant of The CBS Show, “Big Brother-season 8” & Former Mrs. Oregon Queen, *Kail Harbick* and her New Book: *Chasing The Crown*…..

    Being a 1st time Author, and Freelance writer & blogger surely DON’T pay the Rent, so RIGHT NOW, I’m offering in trade for a $25 Dollar Donation so I don’t become Homeless and have to give my to cats away, I’ll *SPOTLIGHT* your BLOG, WEBSITE, or Business Website on Both my BLOGS…..My Fundraising Link is: I ONLY Have till Sept 1st 2013……

    God Bless, Author, Catherine Lyon

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi Catherine! Welcome back!

      I hope you get to keep your place; I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems.

      Perhaps some of the kind people here will take you up on your offer! Unfortunately, I’m not able to, since I live on a limited income at the moment… 🙁

      For some inspiration, you should go read Darlene Nemeth’s blog. She recently lost her house, and had to move her two granddaughters (whom she raises) to another place. Her blog is

      • Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says

        Thanks so much Lorraine! I really do appreciate your kind words. 🙂 I’ll go see Darlene’s Blog!
        God Bless, Catherine

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”
          “This, too, shall pass!”
          “Everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know what the reason is, but everything happens for a reason!”

          I’m not sure who said the first two. I said the last. 🙂 Cheer up, and be thankful for what you already have, not for what you don’t.

  76. Fearless Leader says

    I have been following Lorraine’s blog for several months now. I gotta tell you that she has embraced the Blogging World with great fervor and excitement, and has jumped in with both feet. I am glad to have her as a Blogging friend.

    Now…I am the Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde. My blog is “Dumbass News” (

    If you like stupid stuff, you’ll like my blog. ‘Dumbas News” is all about the stupid stuff that stupid people do. Please be advised that the content and language of the blog is Pg-13 and sometimes R-rated, so be sure to keep the kids away when reading it.

    I hope you’ll stop by soon! And be sure to leave a comment!

    Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi, again, Toby! Your kind words mean a lot to me, and I have to thank you again for all the support you have given me and my family.

      Toby fell in love with my little niece, Baby Sam, who has eye cancer. He also has been super about sharing all my stuff on different social media sites. His blog tells of true accounts of the idiotic things that people do. Toby is a great guy with a kind heart. I don’t think he ever sleeps; he’s always on his computer, on different social media sites! 🙂

  77. Dena McKitrick says

    Hi Lorraine
    Thank you for inviting me here. I see that I’m going to come back time and again to peruse all of these blogs! What a great idea. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with others.

    I have several blogs because I am a bonafide “passion pluralite,” as it appears many others here are as well. It would most likely be more effective to pick just one or two and be consistent with them, however, that’s not how I am built.

    I am an artist/illustrator/graphic designer first. On my art blog I share how I’ve done art pieces, about what brings me joy, techniques for achieving effects, and this year the efforts of my “image-a-day” project: . Even though I have not posted as many images as the name of the project implies, I have worked on creating them most every day. I’ve been playing with combining my photography, paintings, drawings and graphic skills in Photoshop to create new designs for a new line of cards and prints on Serenity-Cards site – blog:

    I am also a writer and a poet. My most prolific blog is . I’ve been writing a short inspirational poem for my husband most every workday since we got married, and we’ve been posting them since 2009, I think. Part of that blog is a section called Friends of the Daily Napkin. I invite any of you poet’s that would like to share your uplifting poems ( and link to your poetry blog) to check it out. I do monitor and make sure that the poems are appropriate for general audiences, so I will have to moderate your submission, but I would love to help spread your poetry. I’ve not had a lot of people submit, but our site has had over 30K hits and I would love to expand on that.

    Please check out my blogs, or tweet me: I look forward to more connection.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Dena, it’s nice to meet you! Thanks for following my blog, too!

      I look forward to checking out your poetry blog. Us poets have to stick together! 🙂

      Welcome, and enjoy!

  78. Exponential growth is possible here, Lorraine. If you can inspire 10, 20, 50 people so thoroughly like you’ve done…why not 10,000?

    Anyone with a great blogging question should try to stump me on Twitter – @gregnarayan

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You make such good sense, Greg. I don’t know if I’d be able to respond to 10000 comments each week, though! LOL 🙂

      However, I’d love to try!!!

      Why didn’t you post a link to your awesome blog, Greg?

  79. Hi Lorraine, This is very cool, so here you go.

    I am a former Marketing & Sales Executive, now the Publisher and Executive Director for Finding Our Way Now LLC, researching, producing and creating all the content, illustrations and images for the company and website.

    I am by nature a storyteller & teacher. My work now allows me the opportunity to share the stories I used to teach lessons I learned in life and in the workplace through my podcasts and written short stories. All this has rekindled my passion for drawing which I use in my stories and podcasts. I love to cook, so it was natural that I would share all the fun & easy recipes I develop or find. I am lucky enough to live in the wine country. Partnering with multiple marketing and PR firms has allowed me the opportunity to share information about the various wines I find. Last but not least is my ever-popular art page where I demonstrate how I create my drawings.

    What makes this all the more interesting is I am dyslexic. So the act of writing for me is a serious challenge. It often takes me four times longer to create an article then it does for others without this disability. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge and work hard to overcome my dyslectic eye to deliver a quality & entertaining product.

    All of that said I look forward to you joining in on the conversion on 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Susan, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. You are definitely a person to be admired! 🙂 I hope you meet some new people here, too, and that they check out your blog, too!

      @Everyone: Susan is a regular reader of mine, and a member of LI, too, which is where I first met her. She, like me, reciprocates comments on each other’s blogs. This is just one of the things that makes her a cool lady! She’s smart and resourceful, too! 🙂 You’ll learn to love, in time! 🙂

  80. Wow. So many great blogs to search through here!

    Thank you for creating this forum to share our blogs!

    Here are my main ones: – helping women learn to love themselves through seeing images of real women’s bodies and also inspiring blog articles. – life tips you can use today to improve your life! – inspirational running articles – nothing like runnersworld.

    Thank you and I look forward to visiting everyone here and commenting at your blogs! Hope to have you visit me too!


    Thanks! Kris

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Welcome, Kris! It’s great to meet you! Looking forward to visiting you on your blog! 🙂 Enjoy everyone here, we’re a superb lot of people!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi Kris! I’m looking forward to checking out your blogs (not the running one, though, since I barely walk…) and I’m already following you on Twitter! Welcome!!! 🙂

  81. says

    Hi Lorraine,
    Great Idea for a post and I love to promote myself. Your blog is great, by the way and your bio is phenomenal.
    Everyone, My name is Robert C Price and I’m an aspring writer. I still have the 9-5 job for now, but I know soon I’ll do my own thing, so it’s only a matter of time. I am the keeper of a blog called From A Clogged Mind ( There, I write poems, short stories and musings that come from this clogged mind of mine. Please stop by and take a look and tweet me @RobertCPrice. I’m on Facebook @ Have a great day everyone.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Ana! You’re a legend in the blogosphere, and I’m guessing that’s why you didn’t want to “promote” yourself on my *little* blog? LOL

      Feel free to reply with specific links you’d like to draw some of us *newbies who’ve never heard of you* to! 🙂

  82. ctfranklin28 says

    Hi Lorraine!

    Thank you for the opportunity for us bloggers to get a chance to network and grow! We all appreciate it.

    My blog, This College Dropout ( is mainly a book blog which chronicles the reading, writing, advice, and resources learned from an almost-graduated college dropout who ended up a freelance marketing assistant with a primary specialty in working with indie/self-published authors. (That’s why you will probably see a lot of indie books on the site!)

    Continued success…
    Charles Franklin
    PS You have come a long way since we have first communicated, Lorraine! I’m so proud of you and wish you the best!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Charles, you make me blush…

      Thanks for the compliment!

      It brings me pleasure to connect people with one another! Human interaction in times of such technological domination is essential if we are to flourish… don’tcha think?

  83. bawells says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks very much for the offer, but I won’t take you up on it as I object to having to join a list to take part, sorry.

    I have subscribed to your RSS feed so I can keep up to date with your new posts but joining “another” list is not something I’d do to leave a comment.

    Thanks for adding a link to my “promote yourself” post, please feel free to come over and do so. You don’t have to join my list to do that 😉

    All the same, I wish you the best of luck Lorraine 🙂


    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Barry.

      I’m learning by experimentation. I’m still somewhat of a newbie blogger!

      But…I’m trying. You have to give me credit for that! 🙂

  84. Steve Myring @molchesterltd says

    Hi Lorraine, great blog! My business and blog is all about servicing web based companies around the world with SEO and online marketing needs, peopke think that if they spend ‘000s on a website that they will get new customers, thats not the case as that expensive website might not show up in organic search results in Google. Thats where we come in, we optimise each site so that they move up the rankings and start to see visitors arrive at their site through natural search.

  85. Glynis Jolly says

    My introduction probably won’t be as long as most but here goes…
    As you can see, my name is Glynis. In reality, I’m a housewife. With this said though, I am also an aspiring writer. I’ve had several blogs in the past 8 years. I’m guessing that the number is 8 but I could be wrong. Only 2 of them have had a definite niche. One was all about blogging. The other one was centered around personal growth. Although my current blog’s tag line is “my attempts to start writing seriously”, it’s content can go in many different directions.

    After these 8+ years of blogging, my advice to new bloggers is NOT to spend money on your own domain. The hassles that go with it will prevent you from what you want to do, blog. Having a sub-domain instead may be more beneficial anyway because of the instant access to other bloggers.

    Speculations Impressed @
    Twitter handle: GlynisJolly1

    P.S. Thank you for this opportunity, Lorraine.

  86. Bee says

    I do follow your blog, I have been busy of late with work and a few personal things and trying to keep up.My blog is about starting a new life experiencing a new grasp on imagination in writing. Also Photography. my blog is

  87. Hi Loraine, glad to be here and share in your lofty idea. Purplerays is about spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement. It digs deep into the meaning and essence of life, without prejudice, bias or I-know-it-all attitude.
    The guiding philosophy is: Truth is like gold, it will still be gold whether in the hand of the Pope, the Dalai Lama or any other religious leader.
    For this earthlife I bear the names Udo Jonathan Ndah. But, Purplerays is not about me so, my personality is almost completely overshadowed by the concept of the blog. The blog is given a life of its own!
    Twitter: @purpleraysblog

  88. zenschoolforcreatives says

    Hi Lorraine,

    I am pleased to meet you!

    Thanks for this great offer and the opportunity to read your blogs as an added bonus!

    I love to be succinct with my writing with only pertinent points revealed so here goes.

    My name is Christine, I live in Australia and am the creator of the Zen School for Creative People. I have had my own arts practice for many years and am still studying at tertiary level. My school talks about Zen philosophy with regard to making artwork, gives quotes,and step-by-step “how to” tutorials on painting and drawing.

    I have an e book in progress, write blogs, articles and do workshops here in Australia.

    My philosophy is about breaking rules, striving for impulsiveness, vigor, flexibility and confidence in your artwork.

    Thank you for helping others! I am really looking forward to reading your interesting posts.
    My URL is I do not have a twitter handle but am on Facebook and Instagram.

  89. Hi Lorraine, I subscribed to your blog not long ago. I think I found you on LinkedIn, but I could be wrong.

    A little about me, well I’ve been married for 43 years. We have three grown daughters, who have blessed us with eight grandchildren. I also love animals. I have four inside cats (the oldest is now seventeen) and two dogs. All my pets are rescue animals and they are now my babies.

    I began writing seriously in 2008. I’m now a published author. My first book, “Nightmares”, was published in May 2013 by MuseItUp Publishing, a small press in Canada. The book is a young adult paranormal/mystery novel. I just completed the second book of what I hope will become a series and it is now with my editor.

    I do have a blog and I write about various stuff, some personal, things on writing, bits of my book or what I’m working on. I don’t post as often as I should. I’m hoping that will change too, when I retire in a couple of years or sooner if my book sells a million copies. 🙂

    Author page:
    Profile page:
    Twitter: @02DMcDunn
    LinkedIn, and Goodreads.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hey, Donna Jean! (Or is it Donna? Or does it matter?) Thanks for becoming a part of my online “family”! It’s great having you here! 🙂

      • Thanks Lorraine and thank you for inviting me. You can call me Donna or Donna Jean. I’ll answer to both. All my social media areas and my book are under Donna Jean McDunn. I like to keep things simple and consistent just in case someone wants to find me.

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          Ok, DJ it is, then. Just kidding, Donna Jean!;)

          I’ve answered to “Hey, you” on more than one occasion…but, then again, we all have, at some point, haven’t we? LOL

          Welcome, Donna Jean!

          I answer to Lorraine, but have used Lorraine Marie on several occasions. I’ve decided to stick with Lorraine. It’s just easier. For now, anyway!

  90. CeeLee says

    Hi there Lorraine,

    I’m Christine Lee but you can call me CeeLee
    (easier to yell when mad, so say reliable sources).
    I’ll repeat Deevra’s thank you, as it’s a really nice thing you’re doing
    and much appreciated. 🙂

    My blog is Swim In The Adult Pool at: http://
    Despite what the name might suggest, LOL it’s not what you think!
    It’s a blog geared towards life with adult ADHD and all of the fun that entails.

    Parenting, relationships, snafus, you name it. Life isn’t easy with adult ADHD,
    I attempt to tell the lighter side of it. Because at the end of the day we all have problems.
    And we all need a giggle or two, even if it’s at my expense and usually, it is 😉

    My life is under the firm rule of Murphy’s Law and my mind is the stand up comic.
    Volatile combo and packs quite the punch to the unwary.
    Operating under the theory of anything that can happen, and generally does, it’s never dull at my house. Not living in the boonies and dwelling uneasily among rednecks. I’m acclimating slowly though. Snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies though, I draw the line at.

    Dealing with a rip roaring case of ADHD, a redneck other half with a fondness for yelling “Yeah!” for as of yet, unknown reasons and a son who goes by Duckling, yeah it’s always interesting.That’s one kid determined to give me white hair before I want it, possibly through Nerf gun fire.

    It was because of Duck actually, that I started blogging in the first place. I wanted to show him that you can succeed at what you love, despite life’s oppositions. I wanted him to see and understand why trying is so important and what fun it can be in doing just that.
    He needed a hero, but I apparently suck at that so instead, I am his inspiration for laughter. Eh…can’t win them all I suppose.

    But writing, I’ve done that my entire life. I know the thrill of getting what’s inside your head out and making it just right, so others can share in it. I know how not writing is as easy for me to accomplish as not breathing. I know that I’m doing what I love. I just want to see how far it can take my dream of getting published. So far, just like the magic 8 ball might say,
    “That remains to be seen.”

    I’m good with adventure, so I’m still pecking and dodging Nerf gun bullets. The mean ones with suction cup end that are licked by a Duck prior. 🙂

    Thank you again for the chance for me to babble a bit.

    M twitter is at:
    But you usually can find me at the adult pool. 🙂


    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hi, CeeLee! It’s great to meet you! You’ll fit right in with the rest of us! Welcome!
      Oh, and I just sent you a tweet. Also, I think you’ll benefit from @Maxhansen’s twitter guidebook, too. Check him out, go to his blog and grab it for free! He’s super-smart and shares his knowledge freely!

      • CeeLee says

        Thank you so much for the add and the help.
        As a total noob, I’ll take all the resources I can get! 🙂

        I just followed Max on Twitter and will be finding that guidebook ASAP. With Twitter I can-well…LOL
        See above! 😉

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          Sure thing, CeeLee! Anytime you have questions, I’ll try my best to help you! (If you are super-stuck, and I can help, that is!) 😀

            • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

              Me, too! There are some really good great people around here! If you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be, and join the Bloggers Helping Bloggers Group. You’ll meet tons of fabulous peeps!

              • CeeLee says

                That was something I was debating.
                I wasn’t sure whether that was something
                I could do with any results (tech challenged)
                but I’m willing to try 🙂

                You have really made my day brighter,
                It’s hard to find what you’re looking for
                when you don’t quite know what it is
                that you’re looking for in the first place. 🙂

                Yeah, say that 3 times fast 😉

                • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

                  It’s not that hard. I did it, and I’m the most non-techie person I know!

                  Happy to have made your day. Now mine has been made. 🙂

  91. Hi Lorraine,

    I was just on Barry Well’s post where he was “ranting” about comments and I followed your link over here. After looking for your most recent post, I discovered this. This is so nice of you to let us get some free promotion. We’ve been connected online for a while now but I hadn’t signed up for your updates. So, mission accomplished.

    I blog about WordPress, SEO, Social Media and any other interesting tips that I believe can benefit business owners and entrepreneurs to build their brand and promote their business online.

    My blog is and my Twitter handle is @KeepUpWeb. I’m also active on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and several other social networking sites.

    I have two favorite sayings when it comes to networking online. One is “We can all learn from each other” and the second is “Everything you do is either a relationship builder or a relationship destroyer”.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I hope to meet some new people here!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Yes, I read Barry’s comments rant, and am grateful that I have chosen to moderate my comments, too! In fact, this blog has its own “Commenting” page (as I am sure you’ve noticed).

      Another saying I’d like to add is one that indie author Melissa Bowersock is famous for, which is “Co-operation, not competition!” I think that this attitude is one of the best, especially in the blogging and writing worlds! We should be here to support one another, and band together, regardless of our differences. 🙂

  92. says

    Thank you for this opportunity, Lorraine.
    A little about me: I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother, but you can read all about that on my wordpress web page. Although I have been writing and journaling for over 40 years, I recently decided to pursue writing as a career. I started my Blog in December 2012.
    My blog is very eclectic. I write some of my own musings, follow several memes, dabble a little in poetry, have an ‘Aromatherapy’ section, book reviews, and short stories. I’m currently working on two novels, but you want find them on my webpage, just yet. You can have some fun figuring out which short stories I am turning into novels.
    Besides reading and writing, I love to garden, play with my dogs and cats, and, of course, being a grandma.
    I look forward to learning and sharing with all of you.
    Twitter: @dmauldin3

    You can find me on most social media sites.

  93. says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you for the open invitation; such a kind idea. I just discovered your blog last week, so please don’t think me presumptuous for participating. Besides, I always enjoy meeting fellow writers and discovering other blogs.

    My name is Erica Hayes and I’m a professional copywriter based in Seattle, Washington. After years as a cubicle-dwelling copywriter, I went freelance in June 2012. However, as I went freelance after being laid off, I didn’t have the right tools and knowledge to make it work right out of the gate and I’m back in a cube. On the bright side, it’s the best cube I’ve ever had. 🙂 When this is over, I’ll be back (and better prepared) for full-time freelancing.

    I’m quite the bibliophile and read, on average, 3-4 books at a time. A couple of weekends ago, I walked out of Powell’s Books (one of America’s largest new and used bookstores) with 22 new reads. It took me less than an hour to pick them all out. A new record!

    Other happy addictions include chocolate and rubber duckies, of which I currently have 27.

    My blog, RubberDuckyCopywriter, focuses on dealing with the emotional ups and downs of being a creative professional in general and a writer specifically. With the occasional sprinkle of useful information and booknerdness. (Hey, writers need to read, too.)

    I usually post once every 12-14 days and try to keep it to when I have something useful to say because I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who flood people’s inbox and WordPress readers with useless information. A trickle will do. 🙂

    Twitter: @JustDuckyWriter

    Note: Twitter is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment but when it’s back up and running, I promise to come back and help spread your word. Again, thank you for the open invitation.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      It’s great to meet you (again), Erica! Looking forward to interacting with you further! I think you’ll like the other commenters here; we’re a fabulous bunch! The more the merrier, too! Welcome! 🙂

      • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

        Deevra… um… shouldn’t that be a tweet to Erica??? LOL

        Glad to see connections are being made! YAY!!! 🙂

  94. Deevra Norling says

    First of all Lorraine – this is a wonderful and generous idea! Thank you for giving people a chance to introduce themselves and meet other bloggers! 🙂

    Right, so a wee bit about me-self! I live in Cape Town, South Africa and in 2012 quit my job as a brand manager to pursue a career in writing. I only got going on it in April this year (so that’s only about 5 months). It has been a huge learning curve and I continue to learn something new every day. The freelance road is not easy – it takes a lot of work and hustle. But I do enjoy working for myself and not answering to a boss!

    I have an adventurous spirit and love travelling, exploring new places, trying new foods and meeting different types of people. The world fascinates me!

    I am also a huge animal lover and am the owner of a VERY spoilt grey tabby cat called Magic! Animals is my other passion and I do want to find a way to get more involved with that as well. For now though I’ve been concentrating on getting the writing side of things up and running.

    Apart from that I love winter, reading, music, spending quality time with friends and have an unabated addition to chocolate!

    I look forward to meeting new people here, making great connections and sharing ideas, suggestions, etc. and helping others.

    My blog at the moment is focused more on my experiences along this freelance road and hopefully that helps other writers along the way. Please do subscribe and keep in touch. I don’t have a weekly schedule of blog posts at the moment – I write when I have the time and when I feel I have something useful to write about. So you will not be bombarded with too many emails. 😉
    Twitter: @deevranorling

    I am also on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook (although my FB account is really just for friends and socialising).

    Take care everyone! 🙂

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