I’m Having Surgery Today

This is a picture of one of my doctor's examining rooms.

This is a picture of an examination room at my doctor’s office.


I had other plans for a post today, but felt like I had to tell you all what’s going on, just in case.

You see, I’m having surgery today.

No, I’m not joking.

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Christmas Was Celebrated on My Grandpa’s 100th Birthday This Year and I’ve Got Many Pictures to Prove it!


My grandfather, Samuel L. Stewart.

My grandfather, Samuel L. Stewart.

My late Grandpa, Samuel Lawrence Stewart, wanted to live to be 100 but fell short by a mere two years, eighteen days. Yesterday would have been his 100th birthday. You can see a better picture of him via his obituary, which also reveals a bit more of his life. 

My grandpa was a twin. On the night that my grandpa was born, his mom, my great-grandma, gave birth to two babies, a girl and a boy. Laura, his twin, was born healthy. The doctor told my great-grandma that my grandpa wouldn’t live through the night because he was sick. Ha. He sure proved that doctor wrong! He outlived everyone in his family!

This is a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Stewart after Grandma Helen moved into Pinewood Court, an old folks home.

This is a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Stewart after Grandma Helen moved into Pinewood Court, an old folks home.

My Grandma Helen

My Grandma Helen, with my son in the background.

My Grandma Helen

My Grandma Helen

My Grandpa, relaxing in his home.

My Grandpa, relaxing in his home, dog-sitting!

My grandparents, on my sister's wedding day.

My grandparents, on my sister’s wedding day.

The family, together at my Grandpa's house, one Christmas years ago...

The family, together at my Grandpa’s house, one Christmas years ago…

The family, in the back yard of Uncle Mark's house.

The family, in the back yard of Uncle Mark’s house, years ago…

To accommodate everyone and their Christmas schedules, my family decided to celebrate Christmas by having on my Grandpa’s 100th birthday this year.

Let me tell you, we had a blast! We ate, drank, laughed, played, reminisced, and were just plain merry!

It was especially great for me this year because my son and I were re-united. 😉 I have never been happier!

I took tons of photos, too, and want to share my special day with all of you. 🙂 Enjoy! Read More

Have You Experienced Soundless YouTube?


This is a funny, cute video of my nephew Ali (Alistair). He’s Sammi’s only brother, and is three years older than she is.  Although he has nothing to do with my story, I felt like including this YouTube video of us shopping because he liked the dancing Mickey Mouse.

Thanks to my recent discoveries, I can now hear Mickey Mouse talk.

For the last few hours, YouTube has been soundless for me. If finally figured out why I couldn’t get any of my YouTube videos to play, and why I thought I had no sound on my laptop.


Writing Is Therapeutic and Helped Me Cope With Being Raped



Most of this post was intended to be a guest post on The Gift Of Writing, but Claire didn’t think it fit her audience well, so I revised it and am sharing it with you since it is a true account of my views and experiences and also fits quite nicely with my True Tales Tuesdays posts! Besides, it was already written, and I didn’t want it to sit, unread, on my computer when it was meant to be read by others! 😉 Although it mentions a few personal things, it also speaks of a tragic event I endured – being raped.

I was raped when I was a virgin, two months before I turned 15. It took me years to deal with this, since I was devastated and didn’t speak about it for years. When I finally sought counselling, I learned several coping strategies. Writing was one of them.

I have always found writing to be therapeutic. Whenever I have to make a major decision, I make a pros/cons list and weigh my options. If my emotions are running rampant, or my thoughts are turbulent, I write out what I’m feeling and thinking. I get an indescribable sense of satisfaction from the mere act of taking pen to paper – even though we live in a technological era where computers and word processors are so much easier to use, especially in the editing process. Read More

One of My Blog Posts is now a PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare!


At the beginning of August 2013, I wrote an article that explained the Top 10 Tips For Making A Good Impression.

At the beginning of October 2013, I found out that a teacher added a link to my site for his students to refer to. When I was notified of this backlink, I decided to send him a thank-you note (email). He responded to me, and told me that “it was the most helpful site I found for my students”.

Talk about a nice compliment!  I was honoured to be chosen!

Since the blogging and marketing “pros” advise turning posts into podcasts, videos, presentations, etc, I decided to turn the aforementioned post into a Slideshare presentation using my newly purchased PowerPoint program. I really enjoyed creating this. For a non-techie like myself, I feel a great sense of accomplishment!

Of course, the technology has already been created for me, and all I have to do is a few simple things with the click of my mouse. Easy-peasy stuff — anyone can do this! No wonder Slideshare is becoming so popular!

As always, I’d love it if you share this AND/OR left me a comment. You know how much I love comments! 🙂

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