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Today we are going to talk about blogger outreach, and a specific tool you can use to do some networking. It’s called Ninja Outreach.

What is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is a special outreach and networking tool that can help you in many ways, whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer, or an aspiring author. This post will provide a few ways you can use this tool. The following has been prepared for this post on Wording Well by David Schneider, one of the co-founders of Ninja Outreach. You can also get TWO WEEKS of Ninja Outreach for FREE. Get Two Weeks of Ninja Outreach for FREE


If you’re a blogger, you’re likely focused on one thing – traffic. And how to get more of it. I’ve read a lot about traffic generation, but the strategy I come back to over and over again is the Skyscraper technique by Brian Dean. The skyscraper technique is straightforward, but difficult to execute. It involves researching a great topic, writing a killer article, and reaching out to people who could be interested in promoting it. Bloggers are relatively adept at coming up with great content ideas and writing killer articles – it’s the prospecting and outreach that’s foreign. This is where NinjaOutreach can help. Let’s say you’re writing an article on 10 New Email Marketing Strategies. Once it’s done, you need to find authors who are writing about email marketing strategies who might be interested in sharing or linking to your post. If you search Google, you’re just going to come back with the top domains like Forbe, or products like Zapier. On the contrary, Ninja Outreach is going to show you blogs who are actually writing about these topics, like Matt. NinjaOutreach_image00NinjaOutreach_image00 Additionally, it will often include their contact information and relevant statistics so you know you’re finding quality stuff.


Freelancers are less concerned with traffic, and more focused on getting clients. Pitching clients can also be very tedious business. Again, our inclination is to go to Google and spend hours looking through businesses, trying to find points of contacts, and firing off emails. In addition to being a blogger outreach tool, NinjaOutreach finds business websites. So, if I was a freelancer primarily in the fashion niche, I could run a search for fashion agencies. These agencies might be interested in working with me directly, or have clients who are. I would see results like this: NinjaOutreach_image01 Again, a useful point of contact, contact and location information.

Aspiring Authors

You’re an author. You’ve just written a short story. Now you want to get the word out — but how? One method is to work with bloggers and do a giveaway. For example, you can offer up a few free copies of your book, to their audience, in exchange for exposure. But who’s doing giveaways? Ninja Outreach allows you to filter by special posts such as giveaways, guest posts, sponsored posts, and product reviews — so you have a good idea of who’s doing what. Here’s an example from the parenting niche of a popular blog that does sponsored posts and giveaways. You can click through to see the example. NinjaOutreach_image02

A Walk-Through

To showcase the actual process of how to use the tool in these different scenarios, I also put together a special video for Lorraine’s audience of running the search, as well as some of the other features that are available.

Okay, back to Lorraine… Watch Another Video

From here on out, the rest of this post was created by me, Lorraine Reguly, owner of Wording Well. However, David made another video about Ninja Outreach, for the general public. Watch it here.

Price Comparisons

Other tools exist but don’t do the exact same thing as Ninja Outreach. These tools include: InkyBee and Buzz Stream (who has a tool for link building and another for social media). Let’s compare prices of these three tools with that of Ninja Outreach: InkyBee’s Prices: InkyBee_prices BuzzStream’s Prices for Link Building: BuzzStream_Link_Building_prices BuzzStream’s Prices for Social Media: BuzzStream_Social_Media_prices Ninja Outreach’s Prices: NinjaOutreach_prices

Download the Chrome Extension

You can learn more about the Chrome extension in the article that explains what new features have been added to it.

Be an Outreach Ninja!

What do you do for blogger outreach? Share in the comments!

You can also get TWO WEEKS of Ninja Outreach for FREE.



Get Two Weeks of Ninja Outreach for FREE


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  1. Thanks, Lorraine.
    Ninja Outreach is an excellent tool crafted by a very creative mind. The online market undoubtedly needed something like this — not to mention that it’s far more affordable than similar tools.


  2. Jenn says

    I am interested in Ninja Outreach for blogging purposes. I am always looking for help in the blogging area!

  3. Dave says

    Thanks for running this content Lorraine! We’re happy to be able to give away some licenses to your audience and can answer any questions.

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      You’re welcome, Dave. Thanks for asking me to participate!

      Thank you also for my complimentary year of access to Ninja Outreach, and for being available to answer any questions my readers might have.

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    Hi Lorraine,

    Let’s see if I can get this comment thing underway! I’ve already done more than half of those entry requirements so what’s left is to tweet this!

    I’m interested in checking this Ninja Outreach tool for freelancers!

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