Blog Post 101: Do you remember LBT? LBL? LBC? (Life before…)

Last Updated on: February 21st, 2016

my mom's tablet

My Mom’s Tablet is clearly well-used!

Most of you know me as a serious writer. Today I’m having a bit of fun. Come join me for a laugh or two, and then go get your job done. 

The other day, my mother and I had a discussion about her tablet. She is addicted to it! Seriously. It’s now come to the point where I refer to things as LBT.

No, this does not mean I’m trying to talk about a BLT in a dyslexic manner. Nor am I referring to Bi-Lesbian-Transgendered people.

Nope, LBT is known around here as Life Before Tablet. (Can any of you relate?)

In my case, I think I’d have to say LBL is more apt. Life Before Laptop. Soon this will be something I simply cannot recall. Life was so much simpler, then. . . now I’m editing posts on Dear Blogger that have to do with code, of all things! CODE! Can you believe it? (Yikes is right!) We all know how non-techie I am. . .

But I digress.

Over at the parents’ house, in LBT, my mom used to work on puzzle books to keep her mind razor-sharp.

In LBL, I used to read novels galore. Now my time is spent consuming blog post after blog post (after blog post) and ignoring my latest Lisa Jackson purchase. It’s funny how technology changes us. I’m not so sure I like it.

Yes, I’m kidding – to a certain extent. It seems like technology is addictive. I know that I’ve grown to love blogging, but isn’t is harmful to be spending so much time in front of a laptop?

And what about tablets? Ma loves hers. How safe is it for her eyes? You can see from the picture how well-used it is; it’s literally covered with finger- and thumb-prints! (She was really addicted to some bubble game. . . and now she miraculously knows how to download episodes of Murdoch Mysteries. I don’t even know how to do that. I’m not a touchy-feely type when it comes to technology, although I have to admit that my sister gave me her old Kobo reader and I’m really enjoying the light weight of it compared to the brick-like feel of a thick novel.)

“You have to learn to embrace technology,” my sister says.

“Uh-uh.” I pout like a five-year-old, as, in all my stubborn glory, I shake my head vehemently.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Don’t care. Don’t wanna know.” I stomp my foot to make a point, and see the whites of her eyes as she rolls them heavenwards.

Yes, this was me a couple of years ago. Seriously. Well, pretty close, anyway. Today, I’ve done a one-eighty. I’m reading it up on my Kobo, blogging all over the place, and laughing at my mom who can’t remember LBT.

And yet, she gets so amazed at my nearly two-year-old niece, Sammi, too, when Sam grabs her tablet and says “Buppy” in her innocent little voice. (Buppy is Sam’s version of Bubble Guppies, her favorite show in the world!)

Buppy. LBT. LBL.

Gosh, no wonder texting is so popular. We’ve become a lazy society. We’re content to sit with our devices and play, waste time, or (in my exclusive case) learn. At least I’m doing something productive! (Shh. I’m rationalizing. Leave me alone.)

Maybe in your case, it’s LBC. Life Before Computer.

Whatever your acronym is, do you remember what your life was like before? I’m curious to know if any of you have these issues. Surely I am not the only one who has embraced technology with semi-open arms, am I?

Tell me your stories in the comments. I’m going to adjust the settings so that they’ll show up right away, without my approval. And feel free to respond to one another’s comments. If you dare.

Yes, I’m trying an experiment before I take the plunge and move my blog. Which, if all goes well, should be happening within a couple of weeks. *Fingers crossed*

Then I’ll have to remember what life was like BIGMS. Before I got my site. Not before I wrote a big manuscript. Although you may want to share your stories about those days, too. 😉

And thanks to all of the wonderful people have shared their knowledge (or at least were willing to help) the other day when I pled for information. (I am still a bit unsure about questions #1 and #2 if you feel like taking a peek and maybe offering up an answer.)

Now, I think maybe I’ll go have a BLT while I try to remember more of my LBL before I forget completely.

And I’m off to edit something Greg’s got up his sleeve about code. Coding images, to be exact. Should be educational, at the very least!

And I used his latest productivity tip to get this post done.

Do you remember your LBC? Your LBL? Your LBT? Don’t forget to share your stories!

See you soon. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Blog Post 101: Do you remember LBT? LBL? LBC? (Life before…)

  1. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Of course 😉

    I don’t think it’s officially ‘LBT age’ yet – at least not for any one of my generation (and perhaps a few more generations down the line) since tablet is a fairly new invention….perhaps in 3-5 years?

    Now, LBC…that’s something I don’t know..I have known computers all throughout my life.

    As for addictive, yup, technology is addictive. I do agree with your Sister – we should embrace technology, but we should also reconsider our life style when the technology we use starts to create more problems? E-waste for instance.

    Then there is pollution and poisoning during the manufacturing/production process of these devices.

    Not to mention the effect on the young.

    Kids are addicted to these things (not good at all! Young children need to get out and play, not stay inside and play on tablets).

    Why do kids need smartphones?

    I am a 20 year old, and I don’t really feel like I need a smartphone (although I did get one last week…..I am still ready to switch back to my old phone. Unfortunately that requires further payment! Downgrading requires further payment..can you believe that?).

    I really think we (as a society) are making a big mistake…especially in the western world. It’s good that kids are provided well, but if you give them too much comfort, they will suffer later on (They start to focus on the luxuries of life, instead of enjoying what they have…and ultimately, they may end up living a less fulfilling/satisfying life).

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You make a really good point about the e-waste, Jeevan. This concerns me, too.
      And I agree that children should be outside playing, getting fresh air and enjoying being a kid and socializing with others the same age, instead of being cooped up inside with a tablet for a friend.

      LBTRTW. Life before technology ruined the world. Now there’s a concept to consider…

  2. hi Lorrain; I have gone from manual type writers to electric from Dos to windows and now to mac from books in regular print large print then on flexible discs cassette tapes and now a digital audio player. and many of my blind friends now use iPhones and android touch screen phones like champs. the national library service for th blind now even has an app where i could listen to books on tape on my smart phone if i had one. so i think i am at th point of lbspangtgo. life before smart phone and not going to get one. well my phone can talk enough to tell me who is calling and let me send texts but i am horrible at texting. thanks for th giggles and good luck with the code, max

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Glad you had fun with this post, Max. I enjoyed it, too. And I definitely need the luck with coding and editing coding posts!

      Love your long acronym, too. *wink wink*

  3. says

    What a great post, Lorraine! enjoyed it so much – and it did make me laugh so thanks! 😉

    If i were to have an acronym, it would be LBF – life before freelancing. ha-ha – it doesn’t have to do with the technology angel as you suggest in your post but still, i think it counts as being able to work entirely online from anywhere IS a direct result of technology!

    I look at children today – they too usually have a smart phone, or a tablet (some have both!) at very early ages. I had my first computer at 22 (and that was only because it was smarter to have it at home rather than going to computer cafes to type up my school paper (or something) – is it called school paper? I was in the university – anyways.

    I look at the children today and i remember how we all played outside until late; our moms coming to look for us as it is getting dark. oh, oh – or how i waited at home by the phone for someone to call me? ha-ha – that i still remember but vaguely; but it;s better to remember it vaguely than never to have experienced it…

    As much as i don;t like change, i embrace it (more often than not)

    thanks for the great post again, Lorraine! 😀

  4. Jeri Walker-Bickett says

    My acronym would be LBSP… life before smart phone. I probably use my iPad the least of all my devices just because my phone is always handy for quick checks of this or that. I specifically bought a PaperWhite so I could avoid online distractions while reading. Anymore, I try to make the effort to say away from the computer and too much device distraction from Friday night through Monday morning. I hate the way I feel if I spend too much time online.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      My son has a smart phone, but I don’t. I would probably spend a lot of time running down the battery on it if I did…

      I like my laptop, though, and I know I spend waaay too much time on it.

      How do you feel when you spend time online? Can you be more specific? Enlighten us, Jeri!

  5. jr cline says

    I’ve been hooked on computers since the PC became available. My career has been built around them. I do limit my time on computers and smart devices. I’m definitely addicted.

  6. says

    To me the big era change was LBI – LIfe Before Internet, or perhaps before search engines. I see your point about becoming addicted to the technology, but as long as we can’t eat, sleep or do other unmentionable activities on our tablets and laptops, there’s still hope for humanity!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Good acronym, and good attitude, too.

      I feel sorry for the people who stay on their computers so long that they can’t even get up to perform basic body functions. I’ve seen a talk show where containers for *ahem* pee are used by some people. Ugh. Imagine that! How addicted do you have to be? Gross.

      LBI for me was, oh so long ago that I can barely recall it…

  7. says

    I can barely remember my LBC. I remember that I did clean house, cook, exercise, and write in my journal more than I do now. I’m still in the BLW (Blogging, Learning, and Writing) stage right now.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      I used to write more using a pen and paper in my LBC!

      What are your biggest problems with blogging right now, Debra?

      • says

        It is the technical things that I have problems with. I have found some really good wordpress pages that walk you through step-by-step on nearly anything one would wish for a blog. I just haven’t taken the time to sit and read them. I am totally focused on my writing right now.

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